Types of UPS / Online UPS Vs Offline UPS / Best UPS models

UPS is considered as an emergency unit for some of the electrical appliances especially for the personal computers/desktop computers. In addition to that, for Wifi and other small appliances that requires an emergency power during the interruptions. The working of ups systems varies according to the type of system that is built.

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Types of UPS based on technologies
Line Interactive ups inverter for home/pc/office use
Switch on/off in a line interactive UPS?
How to buck/boost line interactive UPS?
Offline Vs Line-Interactive UPS
Which is the best online ups?
Online UPS vs Line Interactive UPS
How to choose UPS for home/office?
How long UPS backup for power cuts?

Different types of UPS based on technologies

The modern UPS come up with three different technologies based on the working nature of an Uninterrupted Power Supply. They are:

  • Standby UPS (Off-line UPS)
  • Line-Interactive UPS
  • On-line UPS
Standby UPS(Off-line UPS)Line-interactive UPSOn-Line UPS

What are off-line UPS (standby UPS)?

It is also known as the Voltage Frequency Dependent (VFD). The standby UPS is simply defined as that the load equipment is always powered by the mains power supply and if the power failure takes place, then the equipment is switched to the UPS temporarily. It provides an effective way of protection during the power outages.
There are no requirement of this standby UPS all the time round the clock. Because, it is required only when there is a mains input power supply.
Hence, the equipment to be protected has to be connected directly to the incoming power supply board.
Standby is nothing but the readiness for duty or immediate deployment of UPS when there is a requirement. It comes into existence only when the main fails to supply power.
During the occurrence of voltage surge or fluctuations in the mains power supply, the offline UPS supplies power to the electronic devices.
The UPS supplies power with the help of battery backup within it and it is pocket friendly for the users.
It is best used for non-critical devices because it could not support any other disturbances of mains.

How an offline ups works?

As mentioned before, the load is always provided with the power from the main supply, and simultaneously the battery within the UPS is charged during the normal operation. When the mains power outage occurs, then the switching operation takes place from the mains supply to the battery within 25 milliseconds, where the battery is already charged and being ready for the operation. The entire switching operation takes place in a short period of time. The design of an offline UPS could not able to protect the other disturbances that tends to occur in the mains. Hence it is suitable for the light load equipment.

Suitable line-interactive UPS for PC/home/wifi/office

Line Interactive UPS is also known as the Voltage Independent (VI) and is very similar to the offline UPS system. But it comes up with an additional feature of providing protection like an automatic voltage stabilizer to minimize the occurrence of voltage fluctuations.
It maintains the inverter to be in line with the supply and helps the battery’s current path to be changed when there is problem of power outages.
This type of UPS provided with the multi-tapping autotransformer which is a special type of transformer that can able to increase or reduce the coils of wire and even can vary the magnetic field by increasing or decreasing it and the output voltages accordingly.
The line-interactive UPS can able to withstand the under voltage or over voltage surges without in-taking the battery power which was charged already.
The auto transformer power tapping’s being done automatically for the compensation of power loss. It can cause an interruption in the output power because of the UPS design which in turn makes the connected load to the UPS for making an alarm for a period of time.
Generally the auto transformer is designed for the input voltage ranges of 90 V to 140 V. But if the input voltage goes below or above the prescribed limit of the transformer range, then it switches to the battery in it.
In an under voltage condition, the UPS will consume more amount of current than the normal state. Similarly, in an over voltage condition, the UPS will in-take less current.
The line-interactive UPS design is being well suited for the larger light load equipment such as servers, small motor appliances, etc.,

How the Line-Interactive UPS works?

With the help of line-interactive UPS along with an automatic voltage stabilizer which is connected to the load can be able to safeguard the loads against the variable voltage by rising or lowering the voltage, when the mains supply deviates. It is being provided with the automatic transformer tap positioning when there is a problem in the mains supply. The switching period of the design in the line-interactive UPS during the problem is reduced to around 5 milliseconds. It provides an efficient working module and gives an excellent output by the longer backup time compared to other two models.

On-Line UPS

Online UPS is meant to be known as Double Conversion method or as the Voltage Frequency Independent (VFI).In this case, the electronic equipment to be powered by UPS is directly connected to the UPS, not to the direct Main power supply.However, irrespective of the availability of power or not, the UPS is connected to the devices all the time round the clock.
The UPS is connected to the main load all the time or until the battery gets in the UPS gets fully charged.
The online UPS supplies power to the connected devices only when the devices turned on. Before this, the UPS has to get the battery to be fully charged.
The online UPS system having the facility of rectifier which converts AC power main supply to DC power which can be stored by the battery within the UPS. Then the inverter that converts the DC power back to AC power which can only be supplied to the electrical load equipment.
The batteries within the UPS are always connected to the inverter which is being ready for taking up the power at any time. Hence it will solve the mains power supply.
The online UPS all best suitable for all the critical heavy loads. This type of UPS ranges from 700 VA to several-MVA systems.

How the Online UPS works?

When there is a problem of power failure or in terms of other disturbances that tend to occur, the rectifier will be turned off and the inverter take up the role of supplying power from the battery to the externally connected equipment. The designs of these online UPS are provided with the automatic pre-setting of this type of switching over of power supply from rectifier to inverter mode when there is a requirement. The conversion of AC to DC power will cease the power problems and other disturbances of the incoming main power supply. All it works to provide the reasonable backup time for the loads to be operated (running load).

Best Line Interactive ups inverter for home/pc/office use

UPS models Charging Time Backup Time Price & warranty
APC bx600 c 600va for home/PC with battery

Approx. 6 hrs. Approx. 20 minutes for full load APC upsunder priceRs 3500/-Up to 2 years warranty
Running load (360W) : 1PC + 1 connected load (for home/PC)
APC bx1100 c 1100 va ups for 2/3-PC/office

Approx. 4 – 6 hrs. Approx. 20 minutes for full load UPS under price 6500/-
Warranty up to 1 year
Running load(660W): 2-3 PC + 1-2 connected device (Home/Office)
iBall Nirantar 621 ups for PC/CCTV cameras

Approx. 6 hrs. Approx. 40 minutes for less than half load UPS under price 2700/-
Warranty up to 2 years
Running load (360W) : 1 PC + 2 cctv cameras (for PC/CCTV)
APC 1kva line interactive ups for tv/wifi with batteries

Approx. 7 – 8 hrs. Approx. 5-8 minutes for full load Ups under price 12500/-
Warranty up to 2 years
Running load (600W) : TV+set top box+wifi (for TV/WiFi)
iBall 622 ups for pc/wifi with batteries

Approx. 6 hrs. Approx. 40 minute for lesser than half load iBall ups under price Rs 2600/
Warranty up to 1 year
Running load (360W) : 1 PC + 1 Wifi router (for pc/wifi)
Intex protector 725 ups for Wifi/PC

Approx. 6 hrs. Approx. 10minutes at full load Ups under price 2600/-
Warranty up to 2 years
Running load (360W) : 1 PC / 1 Wifi router (for Wifi/PC)
V Guard sesto 600va ups with battery for pc

Approx. 6 hrs. Approx. 10 – 15 minutes V guard ups under price Rs.2900/-Warranty up to 2 years
Running load (300W) : 1 PC + 1 printer (except laser)
Zebronics u725 ups with inbuilt battery for PC/Wifi

Approx. 6 hrs. Approx. 10-15 minutes at full load Ups under price Rs. 2500/-Warranty up to 2 years
Running load (360W) : 1 PC + 1 Wifi router (for pc/wifi)

Best UPS for PC/Home/TV/Wifi routers in India – 2020

Is it possible to switch on/off in a line interactive UPS?

It’s easier to do switching of the transformer on the line-voltage side due to lower currents on that side.

How to gain buck/boost in a line interactive UPS?

To obtain the buck/boost feature, all that is needed is two isolate switches so that the AC input be able to get connected to one of the two chief taps, while the load is connected to the other, thereby executing the main transformer’s chief windings as an autotransformer.

Note: Battery can nonetheless be charged during “bucking” an overvoltage, but not during “boosting” an under voltage, since the transformer output is just too low to charge the batteries.

There arises confusion between the offline and line-interactive ups systems. Have a look into the following similarities and dissimilarities:

Offline Vs Line-Interactive UPS

Properties Offline Ups Line Interactive Ups
Other name Voltage Frequency dependent (VFD) Voltage Independent (VI)
Working Power is supplied only when the input mains off Power is supplied only when the input power is off with voltage stabilizing feature
Advantages Low price, efficiency – high, compact in size High reliability, high efficiency, voltage conditioning from the mains
Disadvantages During brownouts battery is used, absence of protection for voltage variations / fluctuations Working nature and features reduced for the higher capacities of ups models and doesn’t protect against all the power issues
Review Ideal application for small home appliances and is not widely used now-a-days Ideal applications for home/office/PC/Wifi/servers and harsh power environments

Which is the best online ups?

What you should look for? Microtek online ups for up to 1kva with batteries APCsine wave online ups for up to 6kva for IT fields
Specifications 1 KVA/800 W
(1000 va/800 W)
6 KVA/5400 W (6000va/5.4KW)
Battery requirement 2 No. of 12 V batteries (in-built) 16 No. of 12 V batteries (not included)
Features Intelligent LCD display system
High frequency double conversion method
IGBT & micro-controller based
Protects against surges/noise
Uses double conversion method
Intelligent battery management system
Backup time Up to 1.5 hrs. runtime Up to 4 hrs. runtime
Best suitable
running Load
PC/home/WiFi/TV/CCTV/ small office use Many number of PC & Wifi systems with CCTV cameras
Pros High Reliability with static bypass option & Ferrite rings reduces the EMI noise Suitable for complete IT field where it requires UPS
Cons Frequent checking has to be done regularly UPS doesn’t include batteries within the system
Under price 15200/-
Approx. up to 1 year
Under price 51000/-
Up to 2 years warranty
Buy the product
Related FAQs for the best online ups

FAQs related to the best online ups

Q. Which is the best option of online ups to be installed?

A. If you are looking for the home purpose, you can surely go for the Microtek 1kva online ups. But, for office solution, definitely apc 6kva will be the best option.

Q. Does the apc 6kva online ups require the battery for inclusion? If yes, how many?

A. Yes, you need to buy the batteries separately. No. of batteries you need – 16 Nos.
There are two different modules of online ups is available Amazon online shopping zone“Ups with batteries & Ups without batteries”

Let’s have note on it with short description.

Factors UPS With batteries UPS Without batteries
Best online ups
upto 3kva capacity
Microtek DSP motors – 3kva sinewave based
12V/7Ah 6-No. of batteries
Microtek 3kva sine wave ups without in-built batteries
Best online ups
up to 1kva
Microtek E2 1kva sinewave ups with batteries
(2 batteries of 12/9Ah required)
Features An inbuilt battery which reduces the separate
battery searching and buying process
The suitable battery can be purchased according to your requirement.
Advantage Cannot be replaced once the battery life is out of range Manual search for the suitable battery model will be increased
Disadvantage With battery system cannot be replaced by the user.
Company replacement is only available if fault occurs.
Without battery system can be replaced or tested periodically by the user if any fault occurs

Difference between Online UPS and Line Interactive UPS (Offline ups)

Online UPS Vs Line Interactive ups

Properties Online UPS Line interactive (Offline) UPS
Power On/Off Always On Turned On when main fails
UPS main parts AC to DC converter, battery & Inverter Battery, battery charger & Inverter
Working Power is supplied to load through all the UPS parts Power is supplied only during the absence of input main power
Main purpose
the respective
Whenever there is a frequent high voltage fluctuations When the cost is taken to an important note
Nature of ups Voltage Frequency Independent (VFI) Voltage Independent (VI)
Workability High performance Low performance
Reliability Stable output Unstable output
Requirement of
Battery used in higher rate Low battery usage
Price High Low
Pros Voltage distortion will not minimize the performance of the UPS Do not require any cooling agents or process
Cons Need to reduce its temperature all the time with the special cooling arrangement Voltage distortion will gradually reduce the performance of the UPS
Best models of ups inverters
Home/PC up to
1 kva rating
Microtek E2 1kva sinewave online ups with batteries APC bx600 c IN 600 VA for PC/home use
Ups for
APC 6kva online ups for IT fields/ offices APC bx1100 ups for upto 1.1 kva (1100 VA)

Best 5 UPS for Home / Office with Batteries in India – 2020

 How to choose the right UPS for home/office use?

Exactly you are at the right place to know about the choosing factors for the best UPS. Basically you should be aware of few things and then only you can able to choose the best among the list.

What are the devices that you require for the UPS backup power?

You must be well known about the device for which you want to connect the appliance for power backup. If you are working with the personal computers or laptops regularly, then you will need a UPS for PC/laptops. So, that even if the power supply interrupted, your works on the PC/laptops will not be erased off. You can able to work continuously for few more minutes and hence the data can be saved.

The UPS gives variable backup runtime for specified loads and the UPS models varies for different ratings. Therefore, it is very essential to know the exact load rating for the home/office appliances according to your requirement.

Following is the list of load and their respective capacity approximately.

Device Power consumption Device Power consumption
Personal computer 120 W Home entertainment 320 W
TV 70 – 250 W Gaming console 210 W
Laptop 100 W Laser printer 200 W
Wifi router 10 W Surveillance system 100 W

How long do I need UPS backup during power cuts?

Be sure about the timing for how long you need your device to run on backup power once the main power supply goes off. According to this timing your ups system for home/pc/wifi applications can be varied.

Case 1. Somebody will require ups battery system only for few minutes to make the data stored in the device if the power goes off suddenly. For this purpose, only an ups with limited backup is more enough. (APC bx600 600va upsfor home/pc can be used).

Case 2.Some may require the system should not be interrupted until they would like to complete their tasks on the system. In this scenario definitely, ups at higher rating should be preferred. (APC bx 1100 1.1KVA upsfor home is suggested).

Detailed calculation for ups/inverter battery system is all available in this page.

The other important features that you to see while planning to the ups inverter batteries are as follows:

  • Inbuilt and Replaceable Batteries – check for the availability of batteries that is inbuilt or not within the UPS or inverter systems. Make sure that it is not necessary to replace the whole inverter or ups system completely for the issue made by battery in the system.
  • LED Indicators – It plays an important role for ensuring the exact status of the device working module.
  • Batteries with Automatic Self-Test – an important feature that the batteries come with. It reduces the manual checking process of the batteries.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) – Usually, the initial version of ups doesn’t have the voltage stabilizing feature. But the newer updated one is having the voltage regulating feature.
  • UPS Backup time – The ups has to be chosen out based on your requirement of how long time you need your appliance / device to run during the power outages.
  • Power conditioning of the UPS– this will reduce the power surges, spikes and other minimal disturbances that occur in the electrical power lines.


Comparatively, the most widely used and the best models of all the types of existing ups are the line interactive type. It is the only model used for all the commercial purposes for home/pc and printers/Wi-Fi routers/office/TV/CCTV cameras and all. Line Interactive ups will be the best model, not only based on the working nature but also in terms of the cost effectiveness – affordable. We always would like to give you the best products from our end of research. Hope the above content given you the details, in all aspects.