Is stabilizer required for AC?

Is stabilizer required for AC

Power problems are the most common and high rated issue that affects our electrical power lines. If the electrical power lines get affected, every individual will get power problem in your own residential areas that affects your home electrical appliances like AC, TV, fridge, washing machine, etc.,

Comparatively AC is the most expensive of all the other electrical appliances which are used in your home. During the times of power problems, the power supply to the residential areas will get varied which in turn affects the electrical appliances.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of power issues. Voltage fluctuations due improper wiring, low/high voltage supplies, quality of the material, lightning surges etc.will tend to supply unstable power to the home which in turn affects the appliances and even leave them into a permanent damage of the appliances. So there you require a stabilizer for protecting your valuable appliances from the unexpected conditions.

Choosing a stabilizer is not a big deal; but choosing the best stabilizer for your AC with respect to the tonnage of AC play an important role here. Similarly try the best stabilizer for TVs and other electrical appliances.

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“Here below we have given you the detailed description regarding the importance of the requirement of stabilizer for AC.”

How stabilizer makes the operation trouble free?

Stabilizer buying guide

  • Undisturbed power supply when the voltage fluctuates

During the conditions of voltage fluctuations (high or low voltage supply) beyond the specified range, causes destruction to your Air Conditioners. A trustworthy voltage stabilizer will help your AC, an optimized output voltage supply by stabilizing the variable voltage supply.

  • Trouble free start up during the voltage fluctuations

When the voltage fluctuations occurs, the compressor (the main part of your AC) of your AC is having a chance of facing the start-up trouble. Thence the efficiency of the Air Conditioner will be affected. There you will require a stabilizer for boosting the unstabilized supply voltage to the stable voltage.

  • Reduced high power consumption

When there is a drip in the voltage supply, the operation of your AC will be disturbed, it causes AC to consume power more than the actual requirement for delivering the cooling effect. The reliable best stabilizer for your AC will reduce the power consumption problem.

  • Increases the lifespan of the AC

The voltage fluctuations causes damages to the electrical components of the Air Conditioners. The electronic circuits will get damaged and may not work properly. Thereby it may result in the risk of collapsing the whole appliance. Thus, it reduces the actual lifespan of AC. By installing the best suitable stabilizers, the scenario will not exists thus the lifespan increases.

  • Safeguards your AC parts

Sudden switching on/off of your Air Conditioner during the unstabilized power supply can affect the compressor (the main part of an AC). Thus the ITDS (Intelligent Time Delay System) ensures that the stabilizer will safeguard the compressor with the help of time delay system.

Is there is a requirement for stabilizer for modern AC with stabilizer free operation?

  • stabilizer free operation
    The modern AC come up with the updated technology of introduces the stabilize free operated technology which minimizes the usage of stabilizers for AC. The Air Conditioners with an inbuilt protection system against the power problems can able to stabilize the fluctuating supply voltage.
  • It comes with a specified voltage range – It means that the AC can able to work constantly only in the specified range.
  • If your locality suffers from the higher state of power issues, then there you will definitely require a stabilizer for the stable operation.

Hence, it has been come to a clear point is that; though the stabilizer has already come up with an inbuilt stabilizers that protects the AC from the external disturbances as well as the variations in the power supplies.

“Hence, there will be a requirement for stabilizers only if the mains supply variations traverse to the worst case.”

Why we need a different stabilizer for 1.5 and 2 Ton AC?. All of us clearly know that 1.5 ton ac and and 2 ton AC are completed different, like wise we need a different stabilizer for both 1.5 and 2 AC. so That I have listed out the best AC stabilizers for 1.5 ton and 2 ton ac stabilizers.I will explain you clearly in coming topics.

1.5 Ton AC stabilizers-[Requires 4 Kva stabilizers]

2 Ton AC stabilizers-[Requires 5 Kva stabilizers]

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