How does the single booster differs from the double booster?

single booster & Double booster stabilizer

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Best single booster stabilizer for 1.5 ton AC

To overcome the problems that occur in the electrical power lines, we use stabilizers for our home electrical appliances. Generally we go for the option of using stabilizer for AC, TVs, refrigerator, etc., individually, or we will go for the option of using the best mainline voltage stabilizer to protect all the electrical home appliances within a single device.

When you are planning to get a stabilizer for your Air Conditioners, there you must go for the best stabilizers for AC according to the tonnage capacity. In AC stabilizers you will be having a boosting option options.

  • If your having a normal power supply problems, there you can use the single booster stabilizer
  • If you are facing the electrical issues at a worst case, there you can go for the double booster stabilizer
  • If the power erratic goes for even more worst case, then triple booster stabilizer will be a better option for you.

“Let us tell you what is the single booster and how it differs from the double booster? Also, we will suggest you the best single booster stabilizer for your 1.5 ton Inverter AC. “

What is a single booster stabilizer?

The stabilizer which ensures the safety of the connected appliance (Especially AC) at the rate of normal power problems. If your locality is affected by medium power line issues, then you can use the single booster stabilizer which boosts the supply voltage when there is a drip in the power lines.

When there is a fall in the voltage supply (low voltage), then the voltage should be increased by the use of boosting operation of the stabilizer.

Comparison of single booster & Double booster

single booster vs double booster

“The following comparison table will let you know how the single and double booster operations of the stabilizers differ from each other.”

Single Booster Stabilizer Double Booster Stabilizer
If the voltage drop is normal in your locality, there you can use single booster stabilizer. If the voltage drop occurs to a worst case of the normal condition, then you can go for double booster stabilizer
The usual boosting operation takes place It doubles up the boosting operation of the stabilizer

V Guard VWI 400 – Best Single Booster stabilizer for 1.5 ton Inverter AC

As mentioned above, if your Inverter AC get affected by the voltage fluctuations at the minimum rate, there you can use the single booster stabilizer. Once you are decided to buy a stabilizer go for the best option of V Guard VWI 400 Single booster stabilizer for 1.5 ton Inverter AC.

V Guard VWI 400 stabilizer

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  • V Guard VWI 400 voltage stabilizer can able to withstand the load capacity of about 12 A. It comes with the heavy duty capacity model.
  • To reduce the problem of causing damage to the equipment when there is a sudden switching activity takes place, the stabilizer comes with the ITDS (Intelligent Time Delay System) which is having the ability of 3 minutes +/- 20 sec delay.
  • To withstand the consequences of temperature rise or overheating of the stabilizer or the connected AC due to the overload or faults in the appliances, an inbuilt thermal overload protection system is provided within the stabilizer.
  • It can able to consume more power with the help of conducting nature of the copper winding material, thus improves the power factor.
  • It come up with the various salient features of wall mounting facility with an elegant design for you interior.


There it is available at an affordable price. It ensures that the efficiency of electrical appliances will not be collapsed. If your residential is facing the power problems at a higher rate, then you can go for the option of using double booster stabilizer for the 1.5 ton Inverter AC.

Why we need a different stabilizer for 1.5 and 2 Ton AC?. All of us clearly know that 1.5 ton ac and and 2 ton AC are completed different, like wise we need a different stabilizer for both 1.5 and 2 AC. so That I have listed out the best AC stabilizers for 1.5 ton and 2 ton ac stabilizers.I will explain you clearly in coming topics.

1.5 Ton AC stabilizers-[Requires 4 Kva stabilizers]

2 Ton AC stabilizers-[Requires 5 Kva stabilizers]

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