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microwave oven vs otg


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OTG comes with two coils at both top and bottom so can use either top or bottom coil based on the food we choose to cook. OTG helps to cook for a large size family since the temperature gets control by thermostat. OTG requires time to change the temperature either cool or heat in case of making many items at a time.While working on OTG needs more concentration and have to be safe since it consumes more power . Glass, ceramic, silicone, and even metal can be used to cook in OTG.

Oven Toaster Griller

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When comparing to microwave oven OTG is slow in process of cooking since OTG has to heat up both the  coils for baking.

Microwave Oven vs OTG which is healthy

Microwave oven is the best choice ever where it generates the friction between the molecules of food so that it maintains the nutrition value of food which is more important for healthy life. OTG comes with an heating filaments which directly produces heat to the food for cooking

Microwave Oven vs OTG Baking

Based on temperature and timing OTG works where OTG heats up both top and bottom coil for baking and for Grilling will heats top coil alone so OTG consumes more time to complete cooking process when comparing to microwave oven.

Which is better Microwave Oven or OTG

In case of reheating Microwave oven is best since it takes only a minute to heat But in OTG it is very difficult since it has to heat up both the coils will takes sometime.


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In case of making tasty food like cake OTG is best since it heats up both the coils at top and bottom so it fries both inner and crust at outer layer of food.In microwave oven food will gets prepared by microwaves.

But in both Microwave or OTG making rice is very difficult.Plastic vessels should not use in OTG only stainless steel or metal vessels can be used .Even metal vessels should not used in microwave.

So Finally for good tasty food prefer OTG and for fast reheat prefer microwave.When comparing to OTG .microwave oven has more advantage and helps us to make food faster .In food making process two things were important Toasting and heating,Microwave oven heats food and OTG Toasts food.


In case of making PIZZA without any confusion go for OTG because separetely no need to use pizza stone just with an tray can make pizza with heavy hot base.Microwave oven is helpless in case of baking since it doesn’t provide required heat for making food so OTG is best for making pizza.

Microwave oven heats food by microwaves i.e., electromagnetic waves.Microwave oven is mainly for heating purpose and also defrosting.Microwave oven is best for bakers..!!!

OTG can be used for many purpose such as bake, grill and toast.

Microwave Oven for heating

some people can have an confusion on Microwave oven which uses microwaves for heating whether it is good or not for Health.Microwaves are nothing but the radio waves,Microwave oven uses 2.5 GHz radio waves frequency.These frequency range radio waves in microwave oven gets absorbed by water, fats and sugars and then gets converted into heat which is used to heat up the food in microwave oven and plastics, glass or ceramics doesn’t absorb these range of radio waves so should not these particles to heat up the food.

Comparison based on price and Electricity

When comparing based on price,prefer OTG since it costs less when comparing to microwave oven but OTG requires extra set up charges for plug and use appliance.But Microwave oven requires any additional charges.

When comparing based on Electricity,OTG and Microwave oven consumes same level of electricity.But doesn’t consumes more power.


When thinking about heating and timing Microwave oven is the best choice since heats up more faster.

For heating purpose doesn’t prefer toaster because it doesn’t have an fan to distribute heat over all food items .Microwave oven distributes heat evenly in the food items.

OTG comes with Temperature controls since it maintains temperature automatically based on the food item being cooked But in Microwave oven manually has to set the temperature for cooking which is difficult for the unknown users.

Limitation of OTG

Only small food items can be cooked in OTG like small cakes  But takes more time to heat up the food item. OTG doesn’t  distributes heat evenly for food making but cannot make rice items in toaster.

Limitation of Microwave oven 

Microwave ovens cannot be used to make crispy food and for baking .

Difference between Microwave oven VS OTG

OTG comes with baking pan so that can toast bread easily and for grilling and can cook only small quantities using toaster.Microwave ovens can be used for basic cooking.It comes with features of timer and temperature controller.
Toaster comes with small size so that can easy portable and doesn’t requires additional set up.It consumes less power since it uses coils to convert electricity into heat which is to heat up the food item in toaster.
Microwave oven heats up item inside and outer layer of food will be cool.


Microwave side effects

  • Microwaved blood kills patient
  • Microwaves unsafe for baby’s milk
  • Motherly instincts are right

OTG side effects

  • kidney problems–urinating more or less than usual
  • stomach pain, gas; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; or headache


Microwave oven will be in two types based on purpose ordinary and conventional .For just heat food,water and tea or some others can use ordinary oven .For Grilling ,Baking go for conventional microwave oven.


OTG Can be used for many purposes like toasting, baking, grilling and broiling.Microwave oven mainly for Heating up food, cooking or boiling objects.


For busy working women microwave oven is the best choice because it cooks very faster and more delicious which is the best advantage of microwave oven .Microwave oven doesn’t make the food tasty as OTG gives taste to food.But for Grilling and baking OTG is more preferable.In very less time microwave oven provides required temperature.

Even OTG cannot use to cook more variety of foods but will takes more time to cook.

If you love to cook food faster go for microwave oven …Best brands of Microwave oven LG and samsung and it costs around 11k – 12k..

For crispy,delicious food for small family can go for OTG…

Buy and have an healthy life!!!!


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