Best Stabilizers for TV in India

Power problems are most common and pretty high in the power lines of our Country. They tend to affect our electrical systems drastically. Moreover, it degrades our Country’s economic status to a lower level. Despite these general consequences in our Nation, the power issues will also create a huge problem domestically in every individual’s houses; especially on the electrical appliances.

The common electrical home appliances that are being affected by these problems and in the requirement of stabilizers are:

  • Air-Conditioners,
  • Television,
  • Refrigerator,
  • Washing machine,
  • Others: Treadmill, Microwave Oven, Personal Computer, Laptop, etc.,

The voltage fluctuations or surges in the power lines, leads to an increase or decrease in the power supply from the mains. They are technically termed as over-voltage or under- voltage accordingly. Among those electrical appliances, if your TV got affected, then the other devices that are connected to it can be easily damaged. (The other connected devices like Set Top Box, DVD Player, Home Theatre System, Gaming Consoles, etc.,) Moreover, it tends to harm you because of the variations in the power supply or shocks in the electrical circuit. Hence it is important to safeguard your TV.

“Prevention is always better than cure”

It is always efficient in being aware of the Televisions and doing necessary precautions for your safety measures. To prevent all those issues, Voltage Stabilizers are required. It is used to stabilize the fluctuations or variations in the power supplies and it delivers the balanced standard voltages to the Televisions. There by you are in need to choose the best stabilizers for your TV. So, here we will let you know all the details, you are searching for.

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  • Microtek Voltage Stabilizers

    Why do we require/need Voltage Stabilizers?

    TV stabilizer voltage fluctuation

    Have you got stuck in the question of, why do we need a stabilizer at home for our electrical appliances? Our suggestion for you: Yes, definitely you need a stabilizer at home for your valuable electrical appliances to safeguard them and prevents from unexpected harms during the Voltage fluctuations and occurrence of surges in the supply.

    As mentioned above, voltage fluctuations are common and pretty high in the power lines of our Country. They affect our valuable electrical appliances critically, even leaving them into a permanent damaged condition. So now you would like to know the reason for this kind of voltage variations, Right? Yeah, here we will let you know the reasons for voltage fluctuations:

          • Improper wiring – wire connections to the house / inside the house
          • Overload – the load connected to the power supply more than its capacity
          • Sudden switching on/off conditions of the high powered appliances
          • Improper earthing connections
          • Short circuits between the power lines
          • Lightning strikes – it may lead to the sudden voltage rise in the power supply

    Thus, it may lead to an economic loss; so we are in need of stabilizers to manipulate this condition.

    Voltage Fluctuations: The change in the magnitude of voltage is usually referred to known as the voltage fluctuations when it goes beyond the range of steady state voltage prescribed by the standards. The normal voltage of single phase power supply system in our country is 230 V. If it is deviated from its range, the scenario referred to as the voltage fluctuations. The deviated voltage value ranges from 170 V to 270 V. There we need a stabilizer to adjust the deviated ranges.

    Surge Protection: It is also known as Spike guard, which is used to protect your appliances from surges (spikes) occurs during the lightning strikes or short circuit conditions.

    How does the stabilizer works during fluctuations?

    tv stabilizer voltage fluctuation

    Voltage Stabilizer is actually a voltage regulator that is used in our houses to give a constant output voltage even if the backend power supply fluctuates for the above mentioned reasons. It makes use of servo-mechanism which is also known as negative feedback that helps in controlling the tap positions of an inbuilt auto transformer with the help of an electromagnetic relay which helps in generating the desired output voltage.

    It continuously detects the supply from the mains, and stabilizes the fluctuations that occur in it. It ensures the safety of your valuable appliances and makes its operations trouble- free.

    Normally, the consequence of fluctuations leads to the variations of power supply into two distinct conditions: under voltage / over voltage. With respect to these conditions the operation of the stabilizers varies accordingly Boost operation / Buck operation.

    FactorsBoost OperationBuck Operation
    ConditionUnder VoltageOver Voltage
    DefinitionIf the voltage range is reduced below the standard voltage supply, then the boost operation takes place in the stabilizer that turns the reduced voltage to the actual range.If the voltage range is raised above the standard voltage supply, then the buck operation takes place in the stabilizer that turns the increased voltage to the actual range.

    Do we need stabilizers for modern LED/LCD/Smart/Plasma/FHD/UHD TV?

    stabilizers for modern tv
    So, you got cleared about the importance and its uses of stabilizers for your TV at home. Now, there is a point that, the modern flat panel of LED/LCD TV comes up with an inbuilt SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) which regulates the input voltage to a stable one. So, you will come to another question, do I really need a voltage stabilizers for my flat panel LED/LCD TV?

    No, you need not require the stabilizers for your modern LED/LCD/Smart/FHD/ UHD TV. They can able to work in the ranges of 110 V to 290 V and hence the circumstances of both the under/over voltages will not harm them. Because, those LED TV have inbuilt SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) to manage the abnormal voltage ranges. SMPS: It is an electronic power supply, which is incorporated with the switching regulator to make the conversion of electrical power efficiently. It actually transfers power from DC or AC source to DC loads. But at one point, your TV can get damaged due to Power Surges, which is happening at unexpected moment due to the occurrence of lightning or if the power line is damaged. Hence to protect your LED TV from those surges and also from the extreme high voltage fluctuations, you need to install the voltage stabilizer with surge protection.

    Best Brands of Stabilizers for TV

    After knowing all the requirement and importance of the stabilizers, you will be confused while choosing a best brand of stabilizers available in the industry. To save your time and to be aware of the fake details, we have done a research on the brands of stabilizers in all aspects. Just have a look at them, and choose the one best suitable for yours.

    “Here is the list of best brands of stabilizers for TV in India and their specifications”

    SpecificationsV GuardSysproMonitorEverestMicrotek
    Load capacity Range (in Ampere)0.7 A – 6 AUpto 3 AUpto 3 A0.75 A – 2.5 A0.7 A – 2 A
    Input Voltage Range(in Voltage, V)90 V – 290 V160V – 280 V140 V – 290 V170 V – 270 V90 V – 300 V
    Output Voltage Range (in Voltage, V)Stabilized OutputStabilized OutputStabilized Output200 V – 240 VStabilized Output
    Available Protection facilitiesHigh voltage cut-off, built in thermal overload protectionUnder/Over voltage protection, Built-in thermal overload protectionUnder/Over voltage protection, High voltage cut-offUnder/Over voltage protection, Built-in thermal overload protectionUnder/Over voltage protection, Auto Start, Built-in thermal overload protection
    Winding MaterialCopper/Alumi niumCopperCopperCopperCopper/Alumi nium
    Wall Mounting facilityYesYesYesNoYes
    Special FeaturesMains turn-on delay, primary switching technology, line noise & spike protectionMains turn-on delay, Surge/ Spike SuppressorReduced power loss, less heat generation & better power factorToroidal Transformer- advanced safety, noise free, IC controlled electronic circuitSave Power Technology, Silicon Based Transistors, Low & High cut-off Protection
    Applications (depending on their models)LED/LCD/3D
    /Plasma TV upto 70”, DVD/DTH,
    home theatre
    /LCD/Plasma TV upto 75”, HD or SD/DTH,
    home theatre, gaming console, blu Ray Player
    /LCD/Plasma TV upto 65”, HD or SD/DTH,
    home theatre, gaming console, blu Ray Player
    upto 75”,
    home theatre
    upto 65” , DVD/DTH,
    home theatre
    Cabinet MaterialABSABSABSABS
    Time Delay (in seconds, s)4 s – 6 sIntelligent time delayInstant start
    Approx. Price (in Rs.)Under 5500/-Under 3500/-Under 3500/-Under 2500/-Under 10100/-
    Warranty (in years)3 – 5 years2 – 3 yearsUpto 5 yearsUpto 5 years2 – 3 years
    Weight (in kg)Under 5 kgUnder 5 kgUnder 4 kgUnder 5 kg1 kg – 3 kg
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     V Guard Voltage Stabilizers for LED/LCD TV up to 32”/47”/70”

    V- Guard Voltage Stabilizers
    It is the India’s No.1* Stabilizers which comes with state-of-the-art-technology for providing the protection to our home appliances. The best technology is being offered by them with the features: of automatic restart, turn-on delay, time-delay system, high & low voltage cut-off protection for the electronic appliances. The load capacity of the Stabilizers usually comes up to 2 A. V-Guard stabilizers available with a wide range of capacities according to their specific applications for TV, ACs, refrigerator, microwave oven, treadmill, music system, deep freezer and mainline stabilizers for general purposes.

    There are a number of models in V-Guard stabilizers. For your clear identifications we have segregated the list according to the size of TV.

          • V-Guard stabilizers for upto 32” TV
          • V-Guard stabilizers for upto 47” TV
          • V-Guard stabilizers for upto 70” TV
          • V-Guard stabilizers for CRT TV
        • V- Gaurd oltage Stabilizer & sizes

    V Guard Voltage Stabilizers for up to 32” TV

    The best suited stabilizer in V Guard brands are mentioned below in the following table. It is described in the precedence from the left to right of the columns. These are applicable only for the modern TV up to 32” and come up with the warranty period of up to 3 years. Among all, the best suited stabilizer for 32” TV is “V-Guard Mini Crystal stabilizer”. Though you are ok with the product, we give some more details about other V-Guard stabilizer models that are suited for 32” TV.

    “The Stabilizers suitable for 32 inches (82 cm) Smart/3D/LED/LCD TV in V-Guard”

    SpecificationsMini CrystalMini Crystal SupremeMini Crystal with 3 pin socketMini Crystal SmartVG Crystal Supreme
    Capacity (A)It can withstand for the load upto 1.3 AUpto 2 A
    Applications/ can be used forLED/LCD/3D TV upto 32″ (82 cm) + DVD/DTH/Set Top boxLED/LCD/3D
    TV upto 32” (82 cm) + Set Top Box + Home Theatre
    + gaming console, Blu Ray player
    Winding MaterialCopper is the coil used for winding – good conductor of electricityAluminium winding
    FeaturesHaving a high efficiency of greater than 95%LED IndicatorGenerator compatibility, primary switching technologySeven Segment Digital DisplayControl is Analog IC based, LED Indicator
    Warranty (years)Upto 3 yearsUpto 3 yearsUpto 3 yearsUpto 3 years1-3 years
    Price (Rs.)Under 1500/-Under 2000/-Under 2000/-Under 2200/-Under 3000/-
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    V Guard Voltage Stabilizers for up to 47” TV

    Though, the modern LED Tv come up with stabilizing capacity inbuilt within them, it is necessary to use a separate stabilizers for your TV. It is because to overcome unusual happenings like, surges and the fluctuating voltages beyond the range of specified limit in the TV.  Here is the list of stabilizers in V-Guard suitable for your TV up to 47” (120 cm). These can be able to withstand the load range of up to 3 Amps and are designed with the copper windings which saves the power usage. They are having the warranty period of about 3 years. Among the following models, “V-Guard crystal plus smart voltage stabilizer” is the best suitable stabilizer for you 47”(120 cm) LED TV.

    “The Stabilizers suitable for 47 inches (120 cm) Smart/3D/LED/LCD TV in V-Guard”

    SpecificationsCrystal Plus SmartCrystal PlusCrystal Plus Supreme
    Capacity (A)It can withstand for the load upto 3 A
    Applications / can be used forLED/LCD/Smart/3D TV upto 47″ (120 cm) + DVD/DTH/Set Top box + Home Theatre System
    Winding MaterialCopper coil is used for winding which is a good conductor of electricity
    FeaturesIt also supports gaming console/Blu Ray Player instead of home theatre systemIt also supports gaming console/Blu Ray Player instead of home theatre systemAdvanced IC technology used. Ensures reliable output voltage
    Warranty (years)Upto 3 yearsUpto 3 yearsUpto 3 years
    Approx. Price (Rs.)Under 3200/-Under 3000/-Under 3200/-
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    V Guard Voltage Stabilizers for up to 70” TV

    Now-a-days modern TV comes with the larger size of about 70”. It is specified that, these TV can able to manage and balance the fluctuating voltages. But the specifications are in a limit. Hence if the supply voltage tends to go off from the specified range, then the TV cannot able to withstand within the range. Hence you require a voltage stabilizer over there for your TV.

    The Stabilizers suitable for 70 inches (178 cm) Smart/3D/LED/LCD TV in V-Guard”

    SpecificationsDigi 200 SmartDigi 200Digi 200 Supreme
    Capacity (A)It can withstand for the load upto 6 A
    Applications / can be used forLED/LCD/Smart/3D TV upto 70″ (178 cm) + DVD/DTH/Set Top box + Home Theatre System
    Winding MaterialCopper/Aluminium
    FeaturesDigital Display. It also supports gaming console/Blu Ray Player instead of home theatre systemDigital Display. It also supports photo-shoot machine instead of a home theatre system.Advanced IC Technology LED Indicator
    Warranty (years)Upto 3 yearsUpto 1 yearUpto 1 year
    Approx. Price (Rs.)Under 4500/-Under 4000/-Under 4000/-
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    V Guard Voltage Stabilizers for CRT TV

    However, there is a huge emergence of modern TV, some of you are still using the old model CRT TV. Here we have given you the list of suitable stabilizers for your CRT TV in the best brand of V Guard voltage stabilizers

    “The Suitable Stabilizers used for CRT TV in V-Guard”

    SpecificationsVGD 20VGD 30VG 30
    Capacity (A)Upto 0.7 AUpto 1.3 AUpto 1.3 A
    Applications / can be used forOne 63 cm TV or 53 cm TV + DVD/DTHOne 73 cm TV or 63 cm TV + DVD/DTH & music systemOne 73 cm TV or 63 cm TV + DVD/DTH & music system
    Winding MaterialCopper/Aluminium
    FeaturesFail safe circuit, built-in thermal overload protection, high-low voltage cut-off protection, Auto restart, Time delay
    Warranty (years)1-2 yearsUpto 1 yearUpto 5 year
    Approx. Price (Rs.)Under 1500/-Under 1500/-Under 1750/-
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    Syspro Voltage Stabilizers

    Syspro Voltage tv Stabilizers
    The company uses the latest technology and implements the electronic products that protect the electrical appliances for our safety. They are in belief of a saying “String towards perfection” and they are following it seriously. The company’s policy and ethics based on “quality & customer satisfaction before pricing”. From this you can get to know that, the products are manufactured with high quality.

    These stabilizers are manufactured with:

          • the inbuilt thermal overload protection
          • time-delaying technology

    On an important note, copper is used for winding material, which is a good conductor of electricity leads to the better power factor.

    “The most widely used model is thatsyspro voltage stabilizer for 42” LED TV

    Unlike v-guard, syspro is having fewer models based on the customer requirements. Here is the list of models available in syspro voltage stabilizers for TV. Pick out the best one that suits your needs.

    Suitable model of stabilizers in Syspro Brands:

    Specification sSyspro Turbo Plus StabilizerSyspro Turbo StabilizerSyspro Commande r Voltage StabilizerSyspro Garrison StabilizerSyspro Axvolt Stabilizer
    Capacity (A)Upto 2.3 AUpto 3 AUpto 3 AUpto 2.3 AUpto 2.3 A
    Applications/ can be used forLED/LCD/Sm art/Plasma/3 D TV upto 75” + DVD/DTHLED/LCD/Sm art/Plasma/3 D TV upto 65” + HD/SD,DTH + Home theatre system, gaming console, Blu Ray playerLED/LCD/
    Smart/Plasm a/3D TV upto 45” + HD/SD, DTH
    + Home theatre system, gaming console, Blu Ray player
    LED/LCD/Smart/Plasm a/3D TV upto 45” + HD/SD, DTHLED/LCD/Sm art/Plasma/3 D TV upto 42” + HD/SD, DTH
    Winding Material 

    100% Copper winding – Good conductor of electricity for better power factor


    Built-in thermal overload protection, Best Time-Delay Technology, high-low voltage cut-off protection, LED Indication, Surge/Spike Protection-compatible with generator

    Special FeaturesLatest IC Technology, Wall mounting facilityRR Copper for transformer windingIC Technology, Intelligent time delay- for balancing compressorComes with Anchor fire resistance socketsMade of Plastic material
    Warranty (years)Upto 2 yearsUpto 2 yearsUpto 2 yearsUpto 2 yearsUpto 2 years
    Approx. Price (Rs.)Under 2300/-Under 2000/-Under
    Under 1200/-
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     Monitor Voltage Stabilizers

     Monitor Voltage Stabilizers
    Monitor stabilizers can able to withstand under wide range of voltage spectrum and it comes up with the elegant design. Though, its having only a single model for TV, it can able to fulfil all your requirements within that. It can be able to withstand load of about 3 A. Copper is used for the winding purpose for generating lesser amount of heat, thereby obtaining a better power factor.

    “The detailed description of this model inmonitor voltage stabilizer for 65” TV” .

    Monitor Stabilizer for TV:

    SpecificationsMonitor Voltage Stabilizer
    Capacity (A)Upto 3 A
    Applications / can be used forLED/LCD/Smart/Plasma/3D TV upto 65” + HD/SD, DTH + Home theatre system, gaming console, Blu Ray player
    Winding MaterialCopper Winding – Good Conductor of electricity-less heat generated-better power factor
    FeaturesHigh Voltage cut-off protection, functions under wide voltage spectrum (140 V – 290 V), compact and elegant design
    Warranty (years)Upto 5 years
    Approx. Price (Rs.)Under 3000/-
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    Everest Voltage Stabilizers

    Everest Voltage Stabilizers
    One of the trust-worthy companies in the field of power conditioning equipment is Everest for about 2 decades. It is said that, they are trying to achieve 100% customer delight at all times. Very few models available in these brands and that suit your needs. The stabilizers come up with inbuilt thermal overload protection and are incorporated  with  the intelligent time delay system. The Everest stabilizers are user-friendly which comes with  an LED status indicator to demonstrate its performance.

    Features are:

          • It can be used upto 72” LED TV
          • Advanced IC Technology is used
          • Micro-Controlled Operation

    Here is the list of models in Everest brands for different TV sizes.

    Suitable Stabilizers for LED/LCD TV in Everest Brands:

    SpecificationsEverest ECC 100Everest 1.3 kVA Mini Ultra StabilizerEverest ELS 600 Mini Ultra Voltage StabilizerEverest ELS 100 Stabilizer
    Capacity (A)2.5 A1 A1 A1.2 A
    Applications / can be used forLED/LCD/Smar t/Plasma/3D TV upto 72” + HD/SD, DTH +
    Home theatre system/ DVD Player
    Smart/Plasma/ 3D TV upto 32”
    upto 32”, Music System, Home theatre, gaming console, Blu Ray Player
    LED/LCD/3D/Sma rt TV upto 72”+Home theatre system, gaming console
    Winding Material100% Copper100% Copper
    FeaturesLow/high voltage cut-off protection, built-in thermal overload protection, spike protection
    Special FeaturesNoise free, advance safety- Toroidal Transformer(Ger man Technology)Instant start facility, 40% current saving techniqueSaves current for 40%, less noise, thermal sensorSolid State Circuit Technology
    Warranty (years)5 years2 years2 years2 years
    Approx. Price (Rs.)Under 1600/-Under 1400/-Under 1450/-Under 1800/-
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     Now-a-days very few are using the CRT TV. For their safety of appliances, the specially made Everest EPS 30 model of stabilizers is manufactured.

    Everest Stabilizers for Old Model CRT TV

    SpecificationsEverest EPS 30
    Capacity (A)Upto 750 mA
    Applications / can be used forOld Model CRT TV
    Winding MaterialCopper Winding-Good Conductor of electricity-less heat generated-better power factor
    FeaturesSaves current upto 40%, detachable power cord, double
    Aluminium inner port, ABS Cabinet Material
    Warranty (years)Upto 5 years
    Approx. Price (Rs.)Under 1000/-
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    Microtek Voltage Stabilizers

    It is the most preferred and awarded brand of India. The voltage stabilizers are based on the concept of Save Power Technology. It provides preferably high performance better reliability during the period of frequent power shut down. The special features of Microtek Voltage Stabilizers:

          • Low & high cut-off protection
          • Intelli auto-start
          • Silver caked

    Very few models of microtek stabilizers for TV are listed here with their specifications. They are available for various TV sizes.

    Suitable model for your LED/LCD TV in Microtek Voltage Stabilizers

    SpecificationsMicrotek EMT-0790Microtek EMT-1390Microtek EMT-2090
    Capacity (A)1.3 A
    Applications / can be used forLED/LCD/Smart/Plas ma/3D TV upto 72”
    + HD/SD, DTH +
    Home theatre system/ DVD Player
    1 LED TV upto 48”
    (122 cm) + DVD/DTH
    One LED/3D TV upto 65”(122 cm) + 1 DVD/DTH or 1 LED/3D
    TV upto 42” & HTS+DVD/DTH
    Winding MaterialCopperHigh Grade AluminiumCopper/Aluminium
    FeaturesVoltage Range- 90 V – 300 V Low/high voltage cut-off protection, under/over voltage protection, Wall Mounting-easy to install, Auto restart
    Special FeaturesSave Power Technology Intelli Auto-Start
    Silicon based Transistors Silver Caked Relay
    ITM Intelli Thermal Management
    Warranty (years)3 years3 years3 years
    Approx. Price (Rs.)Under 1400/-Under 2000/-Under 2500/-
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    Microtek is the best suitable for Mainline stabilizer:

    Mainline Stabilizers: There is no need to connect stabilizers for your electrical devices separately. You can able to handle all in one circuit using the mainline stabilizers. It helps you to safeguard all the heavy home electrical devices within a single unit.

    “If you would like to go for detailed list for the best selection of mainline stabilizer for your home, just traverse to this pageBest mainline stabilizers for your home”.

    Microtek mainline stabilizers are the one which is preferred by most of the users. Here is the specification of it.

    SpecificationsMicrotek EML-3090
    Capacity (kW)7 kW – 8 kW
    ApplicationsUsed as a Mainline Stabilizer
    Winding MaterialHigh grade Aluminium
    FeaturesVoltage Range – 90 V – 300 V Save Power Technology Intelli Microchip based design Low/High cut-off protection Silver Caked Relay

    Auto start

    Warranty (years)Upto 2 years
    Approx. Price (Rs.)Under Rs.7800/-
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    How to choose the best stabilizer for your TV? – Buying guidance

    TV Stabilizer Buying Guide
    Voltage Range = should meet the minimum and maximum voltage range of power supply
    Winding Material = should be a good conductor-reduces power loss-less hear generation-better power factor
    i.e., Copper or Aluminium
    Load Capacity = stabilizer capacity should be equal to the capacity of load to be connected
    Salient Features = Mounting facility, Time-Delay system,
    Cabinet Material = non-conductive materials
    Affordability = The price of the stabilizer is decided by its interior parts. The Stabilizers with number of models of various brand available in different price ranges. Though they are having numerous features, generally they are come up with affordable price.
    Compactness = Generally, you people used to select things depending on the compactness. Only when things best fit to your space compactly, you guys will prefer buy them. In that manner, the Stabilizers are the best fit your space even with the wall mounting facility.

    “While choosing the best stabilizer, the factors you should be aware”

    The meticulously chosen right kind of stabilizers can be able to get rid of all those mentioned problems. So be aware of choosing them. It protects your household electrical appliances from the undesirable voltage fluctuations to enter into them, thus making its operations trouble-free in all circumstances. Once you got the clear idea on the importance and need of stabilizers, you will be confused on how to choose a stabilizer?

    In general, choosing of stabilizers for all the applications remains the same, with few modifications in the specification standards according to the usage. Here we will let you know the important factors to be noticed while the stabilizers for your TV.

    Voltage Range

    The voltage supply to your house from the main has to be noted, so that the suitable stabilizer with the required voltage range would be bought. This is very important that each and every stabilizer brands or models vary with the minimum and maximum voltage input voltages to be stabilized. For instance, if your stabilizer having voltage range of 140 V (min) to 290 V (max), then if the voltage of your house ranges between 140 V and 290 V, thence the stabilizer will stabilize and produces a desired output voltage to your appliance.

    Hence the voltage range of the stabilizer has to be taken on a serious note. So that it can able to withstand the supply voltage including the fluctuating voltages.

    Winding Material

    The winding material plays an important major role in terms of the conductivity. Generally, for stabilizer winding either the copper or aluminium is utilized. Both copper and aluminium are good conductors of electricity. The good conductor of electricity reduces the power loss and extremely less heat is generated, which in turn results in better power factor. The rating of aluminium is less than copper. To obtain equal ratings, the cross-sectional area of the winding has to be increased. Thus the large-sized conductors results in equal ratings of the copper. Comparatively, with small variations copper is better than aluminium.

    Load Capacity

    The amount of load to be connected with the stabilizer has to be taken into an account. So that, the stabilizer model suitable for the load capacity can be chosen effectively. Initially, note down the required amount of power for all the appliances that are to be connected with the stabilizer. The sum total of the power consumed by all the appliances will give you the load of stabilizer in watts (W) which you have to choose.

    Salient Features

    Mounting : Whatever the precautions done, working with electrical power is always unsafe. So, the necessary precautions should be made by us. Here for stabilizers, it comes up with the wall mounting facility. It actually protects the kids from them and even stays away from the wet areas or carelessly dropping water on them.

    Indicators : Newer stabilizers come up with the LED indicators and digitized models. In LED indicators, the voltage can be regulated according to the power supply of the appliances. More accuracy and reliability can be achieved from the digital models. They also adapted to the load connected to them.

    Time Delay System: During small power cut-off, the stabilizer needs a time lapse, so that the flow of current will be balanced for making the further operations without any faults.

    Protections: Whenever the short circuit fault or any burning problems occurs in your device, the overload protection system takes place, and it turns off the stabilizer for its protection. The overload protection is usually inbuilt in the stabilizers.

    Cabinet Material

    The cabinet material plays a major role in protecting the electric circuits of stabilizers to work more efficiently and accurately without any external disturbances. Usually, the materials are made of plastic, ABS, sheet metal etc., Plastics and ABS are the materials broadly used in India for Stabilizers on commercial purposes.

    Plastics: It is electrical and thermally non-conductive material. It provides shock-proof and corrosion free facilities. Plastics are highly durable and water resistance.

    ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a common thermoplastic polymer. It is mainly used for its toughness and electrical insulation properties.


    The price of stabilizer is basically decided by its interior parts. There are a number of models of various brands available in different price ranges. Generally, you guys would like to prefer the model which you can afford financially. Though they are having numerous features, they come up with affordable prices.


    Generally, we used to select things depending on the compactness. Only when things best fit to your space compactly, you guys will prefer to buy them. In that case, Stabilizers are the best fit for your space and also it comes up with the wall mounting facility, which makes your installing process much easier.

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