Do’s and Don’ts safety tips for inverter , battery & UPS

“safety tips for ups inverter battery for longer life expectancy”

Do you have solutions for power problems in the electrical power lines at home or office? Definitely you would be having the alternate solutions for the power issues such as inverter, UPS and battery for storing power in terms of backup power. But, certain things have to be considered on a serious note.

You should be aware of knowing the factors such as maintenance tips, safety measures and do’s & don’ts according to each device. They are: Safety for ups inverter battery with their precautionary steps and maintenance for Inverters, inverter batteries, for UPS and the related queries.

Knowing the installation process and the do’s and don’ts for inverter systems is very essential and has to be known for maintaining the inverter at an excellent state for the purpose of safety tips for ups inverter battery precautions in terms of devices.

In addition to the maintenance and the buying guidance of ups inverter battery systems, it is very important that you should be aware of how to improve the life time of the batteries with the help of battery management system and BMS calibration process.

Inverter , Battery, UPS safety tips

In terms of the power problem solutions, an important note of safety tips for ups inverter battery systems for home/offices have to be taken to an account so that the system can be carried long way with better performance. Let’s have a look into the following points which were mentioned above.

Table of Contents

How to maintain Inverter  safely?
What is an inverter?
Why inverter used for home/office?
How to install inverter battery system ?
What are the safety tips for Inverter?
Safety tips for ups inverter battery maintenance
How to calibrate battery equalizing BMS?
How many BMS unit required for battery banks?
Safety tips for maintaining the battery
Safety tips for the UPS
FAQs related to safety tips for ups inverter battery

How to maintain the Inverter system safely?

How to install the inverter battery system at home

Owning an inverter is general for compensating the issues in the electrical power lines, but maintaining them with utmost care plays an important role on enhancing the life time of the inverter systems.

“Hence, it should be properly maintained and it has to be operated safely.”

Improper installation of the inverter will results in the damages, serious injuries or even causes loss of life.

“Hence we will let you know the following safety tips for ups inverter battery systems.”

What is an inverter does?

Inverter is an electronic device that converts the direct current (DC) to an alternating current (AC).

“Do you want to know why it is used for power backup”?

Why an inverter is used for home/office?

During the times of power outages

The inverter battery stores the energy in the form of chemical energy and is then converted into AC power with the help of inverter and is utilized then used for later purpose whenever required.

Installation of the inverter battery system at home

 How to install the inverter battery system at home?

How to install the inverter battery

“Following are the steps that should be pursued to install your inverter at home.”

Initially choose the best inverter that suits your load and the product requirement for home use. The inverter battery has to be selected

  • Inverter for home/office
  • Inverter with battery for home
  • Inverter with battery and trolley combo for home

– Proper ventilation has to be chosen in the home/office according to the space available at your place.

– The inverter and battery system has to be kept in the flat surface in order to maintain it safely as follows:

– The system has to be installed with proper ventilation and it has to be protected and has to be away from fire and water.

– If the ventilation is not maintained properly, the battery and inverter will get damaged as well.

– Inverter battery should not be kept directly exposed to the sun to avoid the frequent damages to the system.

– The inverter system has to be installed with proper wiring arrangements without any short circuit problems by well trained professionals from the company itself. It is one of the basic safety tips for ups inverter battery systems.

“The ideal temperature where the inverter battery should be installed

Between the temperatures range 50 F and 80 F”

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Safety tips for ups inverter battery

What are the safety tips for Inverter?

What are the safety tips for Inverter

Following are the safety tips for ups inverter battery with the important things whichever you need to do or no need to do with the devices.

Do’s with the safety tips for ups inverter battery

The inverter should be chosen with several pre-installed safety units. So that the system can be worked with better performance.

“Following are the best safety units that should be availed with the system”:

– Alarm beep sound indications have to be empowered during the times of fault occurrence.

So that the precautions will be taken at the right time, before any unwanted things to be happened”.

– Auto shut down feature of inverter will make the inverter system to get turned off when the stored battery power is low.

– The switching time of providing the main power supply for the load to the inverter power supplying has to be taken to the important note.

The amount of load should meet the power rating capacity (power consumption) of the particular inverter model.

Because, overloading of the inverter will make the system works imperfectly or get to damage it completely.

The ups inverter battery system has to be kept in the dry nature for good result.

Don’ts with the safety tips for inverter battery

– The battery inverter should not be kept where; it can be exposed to water, moisture or any other liquids that conducts electricity which may tend to cause harmful damages or even to death.

– Don’t place the inverter battery system in the environment of heating vents, near the radiations or other sources of heat.

It should not be installed in the place that is exposed to direct sunlight”.

– Avoid using the firing materials near the inverter battery systems where fumes or harmful gases will be cause severe damages.

– Do not overload the inverter with additional loads which consumes more power that gradually reduces the performance of the inverter and reduces the life time.

Follow all these points to ensure the safety tips for ups inverter battery systems.

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Safety tips for ups inverter battery maintenance

Safety measures for battery maintenance

Safety tips for maintaining the battery

– Battery is all responsible for the perfect and complete working functions of the inverter system for operating the connected load appliances.

“Hence, the battery should be maintained in a proper way that it should not affect our system and load devices as well.”

While choosing and buying the best inverter battery for home or offices, you should buy the systems, knowing the exact buying factors with respect to the inverter batteries.

Do you know how to increase the life time of the inverter battery?

– It is all done once you understand the technique and concepts of battery management systems and what it does for improving the battery life.

What is Battery Management system (BMS)?

– Whenever two or more batteries connected in a single system in series connection.

– The system get charges or discharges the battery at various ranges of voltages in the state of charging or discharging that emerges in the result of difference in the battery units.

“Due to the differences in the voltages, few of the batteries get charged more (over-charged) or less (under-charged) than the standard level

– If the charging and discharging of the battery bank is uneven, then it will results in the improper functioning of the system and could not supply the power to the system properly.

– Now, you should need to replace the affected batteries with the new one. Even now, the problem will not be rectified.

Hence, the technicians will suggest you to replace the complete battery bank which leads to more economical.

– Even after replacing the whole system, there is no guarantee of getting the voltage levels properly.

“Here comes the best option of using the battery management system (BMS)”

– BMS balances the imbalanced battery bank. Various batteries of different voltage levels are connected to the BMS.

– It supplies the voltage of overcharged battery to the undercharged battery and it equalizes all the batteries’ voltage.

– This is meant to be known as the equalization.

Now, all the batteries will have the same voltage levels. By using the display systems, the status of voltage levels can be noticed.

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How to calibrate battery for equalizing with BMS?

How to calibrate battery for equalizing with BMS

For this operation, there is no need of the mains power to be in the powered state.

Self-consumption of BMS is zero

Switches in the BMS

  • Switch 1: To equalize the voltage levels for calibrating
  • Switch 2: Up – To increase the voltage level
  • Switch 3: Down – To decrease the voltage level
  • Switch 4: Exit – After calibrating all the batteries it is pressed

The above process equalization will takes place in three different operating modes:

  • Charging
  • Discharging
  • Idle

How many BMS units required for my battery banks?

“Following is the table for the requirement of BMS units (Battery management system) for the number of battery units available according to the system voltages.”

No. of Batteries (No.) System Voltage (Voltage, V) No. of BMS units (No.)
2 – 4 24 V – 48 V 1
5 – 7 60 V – 84 V 2
8 – 10 96 V – 120 V 3
11 – 13 132 V – 156 V 4
14 – 16 168 V – 192 V 5
17 – 19 204 V – 228 V 6
20 – 22 240 V – 264 V 7
23 – 25 276 V – 300 V 8
26 – 28 312 V – 336 V 9
29 – 31 348 V – 372 V 10
Safety tips for ups inverter battery

Safety tips for maintaining the battery

Safety tips for maintaining the battery

When it comes to the precautionary measures in terms of safety tips for ups inverter battery systems regarding the battery maintenance, you will come to have the question of where the battery has to be kept and installed for safety tips for ups inverter battery precautions. Clarifications are mentioned below.

Battery has to be ventilated properly in the airy place and safe place as well that reduces the heating of the system while charging or discharging. Mean while, it reduces the requirement of water toppings.

– It should be used regularly. If, there is no power cuts, then you should discharge the battery manually and then recharge it on regular basis.

– Periodically check the water levels of battery systems and make sure that the water level has to be maintained in their limits. Most importantly, The battery has to be filled or refilled only with the distilled water.

– The battery has to be maintained properly in order to keep it away safely from the rust or corrosion. The terminals of the battery should be corrosion free and rust free for the better lifetime.

If it happens, then the corroded part has to be cleaned with the combination of hot water and baking soda. It will remove the corrosion from the battery.

Because, it will reduce the performance of the battery to a worse state.

– Make sure that you have kept the battery and surface of the battery on the clean surface and free from dusts. If, dust sediments, then clean it with the cotton clean clothes.

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Safety tips for the UPS

Safety tips for the UPS

Safety tips for the UPS

UPS – Uninterrupted Power supply is very similar to the purpose of inverter devices for home/office use. It gives an efficient backup power for the electrical devices such as personal computers/PC, laptops, desktop computers, Wifi routers/modems, TV, home entertainments, offices and ensures the appliances work safely.

Don’t get confused whether the systems UPS and inverter are same. No, they are similar but not the same. UPS differs from inverters.

Generally, it gives backup power only for short period of time according to the load usages.

If you are in need of power for longer time, you can take up the option of using solar ups which works more efficiently than others. Even it provides power for the whole day of 24hrs with the help of solar ups/inverters.

Hence, the ups systems should be maintained carefully.
Following are the few of the safety tips for ups inverter battery systems which you should consider while installing and using the ups system.

– Choose the best upsInitially, by knowing your load requirement, choose the best and right kind of ups system with all the expected features of the systems including the display and alarm sound indications.

– Choose the appropriate place – You should find the right place to install your ups system near the load appliances. It should not be exposed directly to the sunlight, radiations, water flow or the moisturized content. The surface should be flat and even which should not make the system to shake at any times.

“The temperature and humidity should be at normal ratings and should not exceed”.

– The ups should be kept open partially which helps in dissipating the heat instantly, thereby avoiding the over-heating state of the system.

– Regarding the amount of loads, it should be within the range of systems that it should not exceed the range of the ups capacity.

– The irregular working of battery may not ensure the working of ups in a right way. Hence, it should be replaced within the ups system (no need to replace the entire ups system), but should not be replaced by the user. It has to be done by the professionals.

– Regular charging and discharging of the battery is very essential for the better performance of the battery and the connected systems.

– The other important one is that, socket – which is used for protecting your electrical appliances from the surges. It is used only for the protecting purposes in terms of safety tips for ups inverter battery systems.

It is very essential to maintain the inverter and battery systems in a proper way.

Choose the best inverter and battery systems

– According to your requirement. Regular or periodical checking of the battery will ensure the status of the inverter battery system working in the better performance.

– If damages occur, then the battery or inverter has to be replaced with the help of working professionals.

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Related Faq's for Inverter battery & UPS

Q. How many BMS units required for my 60 V system with 5 batteries?

A. If you are using the 60 V systems, there you will need to connect the BMS systems for equalizing the variable voltage levels of the connected batteries.

    – But the number of BMS units will vary according to the voltage systems of your device and the battery voltage levels.

“For your requirement, you will need to buy only 2 units of battery management systems (BMS).”

Q. How to increase the life time of the battery?

A. By utilizing the features of battery management system the performance of the battery is improved and thereby increasing the life time of the battery increased with the help of BMS units.

Q. What should be avoided in terms of inverter?

A. Inverter shouldn’t be kept exposing to water or liquid surfaces, shouldn’t be placed in the heating environments and the firing or shorting materials should be kept or used away from the systems.

Q. How to balance the voltage levels of battery banks which is having unequal levels?

A. The feature of equalization will make the difference of voltage levels of various batteries to a balanced battery with same voltage levels.Equalization is a method available in the Battery management system.

Q. Why should we require the BMS?

A. Once, the levels of battery of variable voltages of battery systems got equalized, and then the battery works efficiently with good performance. This is gradually increases the life of the battery.

Q. How to connect the batteries if I am using more than one or two batteries?

A. There are two methods of connecting the batteries if there is requirement of more than one battery. Series and parallel are the two connecting methods of batteries.

“Here, you have to connect the batteries in series method.”

Q. Why should I stabilize the voltage levels?

A. The variable levels of voltages of different batteries will make the system works imperfectly and reduces the performance of the battery and inverter systems as well.

“So to avoid this state, stabilization is done for the batteries.”

Q. How to calibrate the battery using BMS?

A. Calibration is done with the help of 4 switches in the BMS . Press the switch 1 to equalize the voltage levels for calibrating; the switch 2 for increasing the voltage levels,

– Thereby switch 3 (down) for decreasing the voltage level and finally press switch 4 after calibrating all the batteries.

Q. Is it safe to install the inverter battery at room / kitchen?

A. Don’t worry about the place where you want to install the inverter battery for home at room/kitchen. Just be clear about the safety tips for ups inverter battery systems which we have given above regarding the place where the inverter battery has to be installed.
– It is safe keeping the inverter battery anywhere, only when you follow the points of proper ventilation, should be kept away from the flammable things, watery surface and proper outlets for dissipating the heat from the system.
– To get rid of watery surface it is very essential to keep the inverter battery in the trolley which carries the system effectively with neat and elegant design.

Q. How to maintain the battery life of inverter?

A. Follow the steps mentioned and maintain accordingly:

  • Install the battery with proper ventilation
  • Charging and discharging has to be done regularly without any fail
  • If required regular water toppings should be made regularly

Always keep it away from the places of water or moist and ventilate properly for the purpose of heat dissipation.



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