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Ceiling Fan for Maintaining Temparature at Home

Ceiling fan is most important appliances used at home. Fan will include features like saving electricity, sweeping a large surface area.Ceiling fan will cool down temperature are increase the temperature of room. Know a day’s each and even home will have ceiling fan.Here is the guidance to choose which is the best Ceiling fan for your home.Before you decide which Ceiling fan you want to buy and what are the best ceiling fan in India. Let us know something interesting facts about Ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fan

Types of Ceiling Fans :-

  • Ceiling fan
  • Standing fan
  • A/C
  • Hunter ceiling fan
  • Hampton bay

Ceiling fan vs standing fan

Ceiling Fan Standing fan
High cost Low cost
High air circulation Low air circulation
larger in size Smaller in size
It is fixed It is not fixed

Ceiling Fan vs AC

Type Ceiling Fan A/c
Power 15 to 95 watts 500 to 1,500 watts
Cost Cost is less Cost is more
Size Large in size Small in size
Maintains Easy Difficult
Area covered More Less
  • Ceiling fan is the best and cheapest fan to increase air conduction in home.
  • Ceiling fan will bring the temperature of its surroundings by 7 degrees and will make the home cool.
  • We have select fan according to budget, room size.Know a day’s fan come with a feature of light.
  • There are many types of fans available, we have to select ceiling fan which we like.
  • Know a day’s even ceiling fan come with a remote control, which will make your work easy and save time.
  • Lighting ceiling fan will change the atmosphere by brightening.
  • Selecting number of blades present in ceiling fan is also very important .we have to select number of blades according to the size of room.
  • Commonly we will use 3, 4 number of blades ceiling fan.
  • We have different brands of fan,in that we have select the best brands that will save power, which has good airflow.
  • Stand fans are carry able where ever we go we can carry fan. We can place stand fan to which ever direction we want.
  • We can increase as well as decrease temperature of ceiling fan, if it is cold then we can increase the temperature, if its hot then we can decrease the temperature.
  • Additional blades in a fan will increase the drag on a ceiling fan’s motor and slow it down, so we can get good air circulation.
  • Small size fan will have 18 inch blade and larger one will have 68 inch blade.
  • While selecting ceiling fan we have to even consider the color of wall where we are placing fan.

Hunter Ceiling fan vs Hampton Bay vs Harbour Breeze

Types of
ceiling fan
Hunter Ceiling fan Hampton Bay Harbour Breeze
Price High Low Low
Warranty Lifetime motor
Lifetime motor
Limited lifetime
Motor type Ac and Dc motor Ac motors Ac motors

Best Brands in Ceiling Fan 

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

  • Havells
  • Orient
  • Compton Greaves
  • Usha
  • Bajaj

These are some of the leading brands of ceiling fans, we have to select brand according to your satisfaction which ever brand we need. Above list are the some of the leading brands in India.

Ceiling Fan Buying Tips

Budget : According to your budget we have to look which fan is better to use.If budget is low we have to choose the fan with that budget only and also look for power consumption, if budget is high we have to go for costlier fan.

Warranty : It is important that you talk note which parts and repairs are included in the warranty of the model you are buying always go for longer warranty period

Finishing : Choose the one with the best design suitable for your total house, with a good finishing

Features : Additional features always will add more cost, so if you don’t need additional light are remote–control, then go for the model that fits your budget.We can control light with the help of remote.

Power consumption : Ceiling fan power consumption depends on the type  of fan we are using and the type of motor present in that fan. We have select fan according to your needs. Lighting fan will consume more power than normal fan because for lighting it will take more power and even large motors are used so it will take more power.

AirFlow : Airflow is the air that is distributed surrounding area. Proper distribution of air is very important. Airflow is measured in Cubic feet per minute (CFM), more the CFM value  airflow will be more. Generally a best ceiling fan will have airflow measured greater then 6000 CFM. Airflow will determine the efficiency of a ceiling fan. Flow of  air is very important to decrease the temperature of room, so airflow should be good. If the airflow of the fan is not go wast of talking that fan.

AirFlow Table

Good Airflow is 4000 to 5000 CFM
Better Airflow is 5000 to 6000 CFM
Best Airflow is greater than 6000 CFM

Ceiling Fan Guide

We can select according to this , take the square feet and then select the blade span. this list will make you easy to select best blades.

  • If room size is 75 sq. ft then go for 29’’ to 36’’ blade span.
  • If room size is 175 sq. ft then go for 42’’ to 48’’ blade span.
  • If room size is 350 sq. ft then go for 52’’to 56’’ blade span.
  • If room size is more than 350 sq. ft them go for 60’’ are longer blade span.

 Height and Drop Rod length of Ceiling Fan

Height (in feet) Drop Rod Length (in inches)
13 48
12 36
11 24
10 18
9 12

  Fan Size and Room Size

First, we have to know the size of room so that we can select fan easily. the most commonly used is fan size is 1200 mm airflow .the size of fan depends on size of room . based on size only we have to select fans. here are some list of fans sizes for room size.

Fan Size (in mm) Room Size (in sq. feet)
900 Less than 75
1050 Up to 100
1200 100  to 130
1400 130  to 150
More then 1400 Greater than 150

Maintenance of Ceiling Fan 

  • Ceiling fan does not need more maintenance, only little bit of care is enough to maintain the ceiling fan. Lubricate motors of fan regularly because for the smooth movement of fans. Know a days fans motors comes with a sealer bearings so for then less maintains is enough.
  • Some times fans make lot of noise that is because of vibrations. Fans have metallic containers that tends to vibrate less. Therefore, they last longer than the fiberglass fans. So we have change the ball bearings of fan to reduce the noise.  today fan comes up with a brush less DC motor, they makes less noise when compared to ball bearings motors.
  • We have to never interchange the blades of fan with others because fan come up with a set of blades, if we interchange it will not work so we have to be very careful about blades.
  • We have to clean fan blades regularly to prevent dust from setting on it, if blades dust then it will not function properly.
  • use switching electronic fan regulators  instead of rotating one so that we can save power 30%.
  • We have to clean the fan blades regularly so that we can maintain the fan at a very good conduction.

Benefits of owning a Ceiling Fan

Style statement : We have to choose a ceiling fan that adds a style statement to your home. We have to select a fan that suits your home. If we are selecting a fan for small distance then 3, 4 blades is better, if we select for large then 5 blades fan is best.

Lower energy cost : We have to select a fan that will save power, which will consume low energy so we can save electricity. If we are choosing fan for rooms then we have choose fan with lower motor capacity so that we can save power. If we are choose high capacity motor for rooms its waste because high capacity motors will talk more electricity, here choosing the best ceiling fan is very important,so that we can save electric bill.

Versatility from room to room : Ceiling fan is an appliance present in all homes. Ceiling fan gives different look for your home, different ceiling fan will give different look for your home.

Different Ceiling Fan :-

We have two types of ceiling fan that is summer ceiling fan and winter ceiling fan. Ceiling fan is mainly used to cool down the temperature, where as know a days we use the fan even to increase room temperature

  • Summer ceiling fan: where summer ceiling fan rotates in a counter clock wise direction, it will provide a cool air to surrounding and lowers the room temperature. In this fan air is moved upward direction so that it cools the surrounding temperature
  • Winter ceiling fan: where winter ceiling fan rotates in a clock wise direction, it will provide a hot air to surrounding and increases the room temperature. In this fans air is moved towards downwards so that it will increase the temperature of surrounding.

 Best 10 Ceiling Fans

this list will make us to select the best one,

  • Havells Nicola 1200 mm Ceiling Fan
  • Gorilla Energy Saving Ceiling Fan
  • Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan
  • Orient Electric Aero quiet 1200 Ceiling Fan
  • Havells ES-50 Five Star Ceiling Fan
  • Usha Technix Star Ceiling Fan
  • Superfan Super A1 Ceiling Fan
  • Orient Energy Star 47-inch Energy Saver Ceiling Fan
  • Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300 mm Ceiling Fan
  • Orient Areta Decorative Ceiling Fan

Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan 

havells nicola 1200mm ceiling fan
This ceiling fan is beautifully designed, where motors at an rmp of 330,it will talk 68 watts of power. It contains an aluminum  blades that gives strength to flow air. it contain metallic finish. Airflow is 255 cmm. This fan is bit noise. it consumes more power

Gorilla Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

Gorilla Energy Saving Ceiling Fan
This ceiling fan noise less, airflow is also good. It will take 28 watts of power. Airflow is 230 cmm. It will consume less power and its budget is also less. its noise less. It has aluminium alloy body a high – efficiency brush less DC motors. This ceiling fan contain remote control too which will make your work easier, remote is made up of plastic

Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan

Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan
Its one of the best ceiling fan in India. It is available in  several colors, so it will help us to select suitable color fan according to color of wall. it will talk 53 watts of electricity. Airflow is  218 cmm. This type of fans are noise less. This cell will not get heat soon it will maintain the temperature for longer period.

Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200 Ceiling Fan


Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200 Ceiling Fan

  • This product has high efficiency motors, so it will give us a maximum flow of air. The special feature of this product is, it has
  • 18-pole sturdy motor which will provide a smooth air  to surrounding.
  • It will take 62 watts of power, this fan will consume more power compare to other . Airflow is 230 cmm.

Havells ES-50 Five Star Ceiling Fan

Havells ES-50 Five Star Ceiling Fan
It will talk maximum of  52 watts of power. It has motor which help the fan to rotate in a speed of 350. Air flow is 215 cmm. Airflow movement is high, its little bit cheaper when compared to others.

Usha Technix Star Ceiling Fan

Usha Technix Star Ceiling Fan
This product is best for summer because this fans will cool the temperature, it will talk 43 watts of power. This product does not come with remote are extra fitting like light. Airflow is 220 cmm. More people will trust USHA when it comes to electric applications because this usha fan brands are very good. The motor of this fan runs at a speed more than 350 rotation per minute , so it’s a cheapest ceiling fan with the most durable features. This blades are kept in left angle so it will make proper circulation to each and every part of room. it will also produce noise while running

Superfan Super A1 Ceiling Fan

Superfan Super A1 Ceiling Fan
This ceiling fan look and style is very good with 35 watts of power. It will provide excellent performance for about 28 hours with out break. Airflow is 220 cmm. This fans comes with a superfan’s BDLC motors and aerodynamic blade design. This fan airflow is good without breaking down of air its one of the best feature of this fan. Less power consumption. Its bit noisy

Orient Energy Star 47-inch Energy Saver Ceiling Fan

Orient Energy Star 47-inch Energy Saver Ceiling Fan
It is made up of aluminium and powder, having blades that runs at a speed of 210 cmm. It has verity of colors in it,with 48 watts of electricity which will save thousand of your electricity. Orient summer clients comes  with off-white color , so it’s also called as natural pearl due to this reason. It has higher complication design, so cleaning is difficult.

Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300mm Ceiling Fan
This product has  high angle blades that cool the temperature fatly with 66 watts of power and speed of 235 cmm. The higher quality of these ceiling fan is by virtue of their high-quality motors so this will use more power. Airflow is very good. It complement your interiors because of its design.

Orient Areta Decorative Ceiling Fan

Orient Areta Decorative Ceiling Fan
This product comes with a 320 rps motors and uses about 68 watts of power. Its unique feature is,it contains a little curvier and width blades while compare to other fans with 68 watts of power. Airflow is 210 cmm. Airflow is 210 cmm. It’s larger in size so it cannot be selected for smaller rooms. It has a three layer canopy kind of structure. It doesn’t have along drop rod, its small in size so that it will not fit for a room larger than 200 ft.

Typical structure of ceiling fan

Best ceiling fans consists of a few basic parts, like drop rod, blades and light that will add a style to our room.  We have to choice Ceiling fan which saves power and remote control with will make the work easy.

  • Drop rod : we have to select ceiling fan having drop rod neither too close to the ceiling nor too for from ceiling because proper distance maintains is very important for the movement of fan. The high of ceiling determine the length of drop rod.
  • The blades of fan ,should be at least two to three feet from the ceiling and at least one feet away from the side walls.
  • Blades : Normally we will select 3 blades fan but even 4,5 blade fans are also presents. We have to select number of blades in fan according to space available. Number of blades will not tends to affect the fan performance. More number of blades more will be performance. blades should be placed around 12 to 15 degrees of tilt are else it will effect the efficiency of motor, because of that electric bill will increase
  • Light : know a day’s fans are coming with light which is the extra feature of fan, which will bring brightness to your home. This lighting fan will use more electricity than other normal fan. If we want light then go for light one are else don’t choose this light featured one.


1. What is different between 3, 4, 5 blades fan?
Their is only small difference between 3, 4, 5 blades fan, 3,4 blades fan will have motor capacity less and heat consumption less than 5 blades fans.

2. Can the fan also light my room?
Yes, know a day’s fans come with a light, if we want light means we have to select the ceiling fan with light feature. Light will increase the surrounding environment by brighting.                                                                 

3. Does ceiling fan size matter?
Yes, we have to select fan size according to size of room. if we select large fan for small room air circulation will be difficult. If we select small fan for large room then we will not get sufficient air because area will be large.

4. How do I choose a good ceiling fan?
Consider about power consumption, room size, good quality of fan and the place where we fix the fan according to that you select the best ceiling fan

5. We can keep fan over night on?
Yes, you can keep fan on overnight but it should be placed in certain distance.

6. Why do I get hot at night?
More heat is produced during night because surrounding environments warm.

7. Which is better fan or A/c?
A/c is better when compare to fan because A/c take heat from surrounding and cool that ever time,  but fan will only circulate the air present in room. So better to choice A/c, we will get fress air every time.

8. Which is better A/c are cooler?
Cooler is better because it will consume less power when compare to A/C. A/C will consume 1.2 to 1.5 units per hour but cooler will consume 0.2 to 0.3 units per hour.

9. How can I cool down room?

Close the windows and doors while fan is on. Put cotton sheets on bed. Focus fans your side so then your body temperature will be cool.

10. How do I choose ceiling fan for room?
The size of a ceiling fans, depends on the size of room. To get the square footage of the room multiply the length of room in feet by the width of the room in feet. then u will get the exact size to select fan.

11. What is ceiling fan RPM?
RPM stands for revolution per minutes. The high RPM the speed of fan is higher and lower RPM the speed of fan is low, so we have to choose ceiling fan with higher RPM.