Best 6 portable car battery chargers in India – 2020

“What happened now? Is your car battery have dead? – Car battery chargers is the best option”

You then, stuck in the hectic situation not knowing what to be done next. Don’t worry. We will help you get rid of these kinds of unexpected times. There are some of the ways through which you can solve your problem without contacting the mechanic technicians. It is very essential to get ready in hands with the emergency kits for your car all the time. Hence the difficult times can be avoided.

Car related emergency kits such as car battery chargers, jumper cables, flashlights, jump starter, solar battery charger, and similar products. Now, in this page, we will let you know the details of car battery chargers working, buying factors, list of best car battery chargers with their specifications, uses and their related queries. There are some cases whichever makes the battery of your car get drained quickly.

  • When you left the car with the lights turned on
  • When your battery worked for a long period of time
  • Even when you took your car for long drives frequently

There are chances of getting the batteries drained in the earlier stage. It is very important that the kit which you are using should be of compact and portable. Hence you can take it with you anywhere any time without any issues. Portability reduces the burden of carrying a product with you. Car battery charger should be owned only with the help of buying guides. Therefore unwanted consequences can be avoided.

Table of contents

What is a portable car battery chargers?
Best 12 V car battery chargers price list
12v portable,Rechargeable battery
Best 24volts 7 Amps battery charger 
3 amps 12 volt portable car battery chargers 
1.5 amps low cost car battery charger 
3 amps car battery charger,Digitronix
How to connect the charger battery?
How do car/bike battery chargers work?
 Which decides to choose best charger
Automatic vs manual car battery chargers
 Safety tips for car battery charger
Hazards of battery charger

What is a portable car battery charger?

Charger is a device that helps to provide energy for batteries for storage purpose which in turn helps in the future purposes. Especially rechargeable batteries make use of the chargers to store energy in the batteries from the main power supply. The battery charge draining process depends on some of factors such as DOD, charging cycles, rating of the battery, temperature of the batteries, etc. There are many brands that come with the portable options which enable the user to carry the charger anywhere at any time without any difficulties.

The charging time of the chargers are based on the type of battery which you are intended to charge with the charger. The car battery chargers are available in variety of ranges of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3… amps of different voltage ranges.

The charger comes with the three units: Charger unit, charging cables and terminal clips.

  • Charger unit-

    It comes with two power cords – one for receiving the input supply and other for charging the cable.

  • Charging cables-

    It is made of good quality with the best conducting material (especially made of aluminium or copper) and the outer is of insulated material.

  • Terminal clips-

    There are two terminal clips of red and black colours. Red is for the positive connection and black is for the negative connection.

Best 12 V car battery chargers price list in India – 2020

Best charger modelsVolt and amps rating of chargerApprox. price of chargers (Rs.)
Bosch C3 battery chargerUp to 12 volts 3 ampsUnder price 3500/-
Bosch C7 car battery chargerUp to 24 volts 7 ampsUnder price 6800/-
Digitronix B3A lead acid battery chargerUp to 12 volts 3 ampsUnder price 1100/-
Digitronix digital battery chargerUp to 12V 1.5 ampUnder price 1000/-
Digitronix car battery charger D3A_DAUp to 12 volts 3 ampsUnder price 1300/-

Bosch C3 car battery – Best 12v portable chargers for rechargeable batteries [car/bikes]

12V porable car battery charger-Bosch C3

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Bosch C3 car battery chargers under 3500/-

Charger Properties and their specificationsSuitable battery types and their specifications
Operating voltage (V)Up to 14.7 VBattery typeLead acid/VRLA/wet / AGM / gel batteries
Rated output voltage (V)Up to 12 VAh CapacityUp to 14 ah (for 6 V)
Up to 120 ah (for 12V)
Maximum charging current (Ampere)Max 0.6 A (Input)
Up to 3.8 A (Output)
Voltage (V)Up to 12 volt
Charging TimeApprox. 8-10 hrs. But, the charging time is based on the capacity and type of battery to be charged.
FeaturesFully automatic charging
Reverse polarity protection
No risk of overcharge
Spark protection
Charger materialShock proof cable
CompatibilityBest suitable for two wheelers, classic cars, caravans, boats, jet skis passenger cars up to 120ah (in case of 12 v batteries)
12 volt bosch C3 battery charger review

12 volt bosch C3 battery charger review

Bosch c3 charger is one of the best battery chargers that work for battery voltage of up to 12 volt. An efficient performance is being delivered from the chargers safely.
It is very easy to connect with the battery of the vehicles. It is one of the safest chargers available in the market. Bosch is the best brand one among the others in the industry.
The maximum voltage range of the charger’s withstanding capacity is that 12 volts. The rechargeable battery which comes is having the limited range can able to get re-energized with the help of car battery chargers.
Most importantly, ampere-hour capacity of the batteries has to be noted, so that the charger’s capability can be determined approximately. The car battery chargers come with all the features that are necessary with the operation of the chargers with various operating modes and stages.
Following are the protections encompassed with the charger for protecting the system in various aspects:

  • Reverse polarity featured
  • Short circuit protection
  • Protect ion against shocks
  • Over-voltage and over-charging protections
  • Protection against fires

The alligator clamps and the battery terminals have to be connected carefully in the same order without any changes with the sequence.

Suitable vehicles and ranges

– Battery types and capacity:
“Gel, wet, lead acid, AGM, VRLA/SMF batteries up to 12 volt & maximum 120ah” (in case of 12V batteries)
– Suitable Vehicles:
“Motorcycles, cars, vans, boats, jet skis, passenger cars, mowers, snowmobiles” which are provided with the above mentioned battery capacities.

  • Handled ergonomically, robust & reliable
  • Trickle charging
  • User-friendly
  • Dust free and splash proof available
  • High cost
  • Lithium ion batteries cannot be charged
Related FAQs for bosch c3 charger

FAQs for Bosch c3 battery charger

QHow long does the car battery charger require to get fully charged?

AUsually, the charging time depends on the type of battery and its capacity. Hence the timing varies from one model of the battery to another. But, approximately, the bosch c3 car battery charger takes up to 8 to 10 hrs. for it to charge the fully discharged batteries.

Q. Can I able to take up the car battery chargers with me, during the long travels?

A. Yes, the bosch c3 battery charger is very compact and is usually meant for the portability.

Q. Where can I get the car/bike battery charger near me?

AGenerally, the battery chargers for car/bikes are all available in the nearby automobile shops. If you are not available with the purchasing time; then you can make use of the online shopping through amazon with best sale offers.

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Bosch C7 24volts 7 Amps – Best battery charger for home

24V Car Battery Charger

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Car/bike battery charger under 6800/-

Charger Properties and their specificationsSuitable battery types and their specifications
Operating voltage (V)29.4 VBattery typeLead acid/AGM/wet/ gel batteries
Rated output voltage (V)Up to 12 VAh CapacityUp to 230ah (12V battery)
Up to 120Ah (24V battery)
Maximum charging current (Ampere)Max 1.2 A (Input)
Up to 7 A (Output)
Voltage (V)Up to 24 V
Charging TimeApprox. 8 hrs. The actual charging time is based on the type of the battery.
FeaturesMicrocontroller unit
Trickle charging available
Dust and splash proof from water
Automatic mode
Charger materialMaterial that protects from shock
CompatibilityBest recommended for bikes, cars (small/medium/large sized cars), trucks, vans, caravans, boats up to 230ah on 12 V batteries
7 amps bosch c7 battery charger review

7 amps bosch c7 charger review

The high quality bosch c7 battery charger is one of the most power charger that can able to charge the heavy duty vehicle’s battery. The charger withstands high range of capacities.
The charger unit is being controlled by the microcontroller with the efficient performance and controllable options and can be operated at ambient temperature 40 degree.
The charger is also enabled by the automatic charging method which turned on & off for the requirement of the charging process. Whenever the battery gets fully charged, then the charger is turned off automatically or enables indication to the user.
There is no need of any manual requirement for monitoring the charging time and let the battery to get full charge.
Charger comes with the four stages of operating modes: cold state mode, regeneration mode, power supply modes and reverse polarity mode.
Charger itself can able to analyse the voltage range of the batteries and get set with the appropriate ranges automatically. Easy to connect and detach with the batteries and main supplies.
Battery charger comes with the trickle charging mode which enables the reduction in the heat generation during the process of charging. It makes the battery to get charged slowly.
The charger protects the system from:

  • Dust and water splashes
  • Reverse connection of cables or terminals
  • Overcharging / overheating

The charging time depends on the capacity of the capacity of the batteries.

Suitable vehicles and ranges

– Battery types and capacity:
“Gel, wet, lead acid, AGM, VRLA/SMF batteries up to 12 volt & maximum 240ah (in case of 12V batteries) and 120ah” (in case 24v batteries)
– Suitable Vehicles:
“Motorcycles, cars, vans, boats, jet skis, passenger cars, mowers, snowmobiles and heavy duty vehicles” which are provided with the above mentioned battery capacities.

  • Reliable & robust
  • Intelligent monitoring systems
  • Automatic charging systems
  • Cannot charge Lithium ion batteries
  • Very high cost
Related FAQs for bosch C7 battery charger

Bosch C7 Charger

Q. I am using alto model car with 60ah battery. Is this charger suits for my requirement?

A. Yes, the bosch c7 charger is the best suitable for your requirement. For reduced cost, you can go with the model of bosch c3 charger for car/bikes.

Q. How long will it take for the battery to get full charge?

A. For 12volt batteries of up to 240 ah capacities, the cattery takes up to 8 to 9 hrs. approx. for the complete charging process. Charging time will get reduced, if the capacity of the battery is lowered.

Q.Does the c7 charger works for my 24volt smf batteries?

A. Yes, the highly recommended model for the 24 volt sealed maintenance free batteries are that the bosch c7 charger for cars/bikes/trucks/caravans/jet skis.

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DigiTronix b3a 3 amps 12 volt – Best portable battery charger

12V - 3 Amps portable battery charger

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3 amps car battery charger under price 1100/-

Charger Properties and their specificationsSuitable battery types and their specifications
Operating voltage12 VBattery typeMaintenance free / VRLA
Rated output voltage14.5 V (approx.)Ah CapacityUp to 40 Ah
Maximum charging current (Ampere)3 ampsVoltage (V)Up to 12 V
Charging Time It depends on the capacity of the battery ranges. Approx. it takes up to 8 hours for charging the battery
FeaturesSMPS based technology
CCCV charging technique
Reverse polarity protection
LED display for indication
Charger materialABS plastic body for insulation
CompatibilityBest suitable for the vehicles such as bikes, tractor, small cars up to 40ah which supports 3amps charging current
Warranty periodUp to 2 years
3 amps – 12 volts car battery charger review

3 amps – 12 volts car battery charger review

The charger makes use of SMPS based technology for providing the better performance regarding the charging unit and improves the efficiency with respect to the charger unit.
The 12 volt charger takes up the maximum current of about 3 amps in terms of the charging current and it works perfectly within the range.
The charging method of Constant Current, Constant Voltage (CCCV) works efficiently which provides the constant current initially to the battery until which it reaches the maximum voltage of 14.5Volts and then the constant voltage is fed directly to the battery with the cccv method of charging.
The charger has the ability to make the battery to get fully charged even when the battery is in the state of completely discharged state (dead battery).
The product is available with the three parts of charger unit, alligator clamps and the charging cables. All together makes the complete battery charger kit which helps you in the right time at the immediate case.
The charger supports most of the battery types of wet, dry, gel, VRLA (SMF) batteries up to the limited ampere hour capacity of 40Ah of 12 volt batteries.
Charger is provided with the following protection systems:

  • Protection against reverse connection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overvoltage/overheating protections

LED display unit of the charger helps you to know the charging status of the battery. If the charger is connected with the battery, it glows brightly; if the battery is fully charged, then it appears to be dim.
The insulated cable designed with the ABS plastic body material which is having the capable withstanding the high temperature and able to protect the cable from melting against the overheating of the charger.

Suitable vehicles and ranges

– Battery types and capacity:
“Lead acid, AGM, VRLA/SMF batteries up to 12 volt & maximum 40ah” (in case of 12V batteries)
– Suitable Vehicles:
“Motorcycles, small sized cars, tractors” which are provided with the above mentioned battery capacities.

  • SMPS technology
  • CCCV method of charging
  • ABS plastic body
  • Low capacity rating
Related FAQs for digitronix 3 amps charger

Q. What is meant by trickle charging?

A. Trickle charger is a kind of low current charger which incorporated with the trickle charging mode. Used to charge low capacity batteries for effective output. Trickle method of charging the battery is that the charging mode of battery at standard rate without making any hurry for the battery systems.

Q. How long does the charger takes to complete the full charge for my 20ah battery?

A. The charger takes up to 7 to 8 hours on average count for charging the battery to attain the complete charging the state.

Q. Where do I get the car battery chargers near me?

A. The portable car charger is all available in the nearby automobile spare part shops. But, to reduce your burden on buying the charger searching around; we have given you the best models along with their buying links. Make use of it.

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DigiTronix 12v 1.5 amps– Best low cost car battery charger

1.5 Amps low cost battery charger under price 1000

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Digitronix 12v car/bike battery charger under 1000/-

Charger Properties and their specificationsSuitable battery types and their specifications
Operating voltage (V)12 VBattery typeWet / dry batteries
Rated output voltage (V)14.5 V (approx.)Ah CapacityUp to 40Ah
Maximum charging current (Ampere)1.5 AVoltage (V)Up to 12 V
Charging TimeApprox. up to 8 hours depends on the nature and the charging availability of the batteries
FeaturesSMPS based charger
Reverse polarity protection
CCCV technology
Less weight & portability
Charger materialABS plastic material
CompatibilityBest suitable for car, motorcycles up to 40ah capacity
WarrantyUp to 2 years
12 volt 4 wheeler battery charger review

12 volt 4 wheeler battery charger review

The charger is based on the SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) technology. It improves the efficiency of the charger and in the working nature of the battery charger.
CCCV technology is being used in the battery charging method. Constant current, constant voltage is an ideal method for the small sized batteries.
Initially constant current is supplied to the battery until it attains the maximum output voltage and then the constant voltage is maintained throughout the battery.
Digitronix 5 amps charger comes with the method of controlling the range of current with an excellent performance.
Connect the cables with the terminals properly without any confusion by following the placement order sequentially.
Don’t worry, even if you have connected the clamps with the opposite polarity terminals; because, the battery charger provided with the protection against the reverse connection.
Following are the protection systems that are provided with the digitronix car battery chargers:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Overvoltage protection

The material of the battery charger is of ABS plastic body which is having the insulating properties and is having low melting point that withstands the restricts the cables or units from get melted or damaging the units.

Suitable vehicles and ranges

– Battery types and capacity:
Wet, lead acid, AGM, VRLA/SMF batteries up to 12 volt & maximum 40ah capacities”
– Suitable Vehicles:
“Motorcycles, cars” which are provided with the above mentioned battery capacities.

  • Portability
  • Reverse polarity connection protection
  • Trickle charging mode
  • CCCV charging method
  • Low duty vehicles
Related FAQs for digitronix 1.5 A digital display charger

Digitronix 1.5 A Charger

Q.Does it can be used as a jump starter?

A. No, it cannot be used as a jump starter.

Q. What happens if I connect the cables with the opposite terminals?

A. To avoid these issues, you should be very conscious on the charging cable connection with the terminals along with their sequential orders. Moreover, for being in a safer side, you can buy the chargers featuring with the protection against reverse connection; so that the if you connected the wrong terminals by mistake, then the charger can protect against them.

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Digitronix D3A_DA 3 amps – Best car battery charger

3 Amps protable car battery under 1300

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3 amp bike/car battery charger under 1300/-

Charger Properties and their specificationsSuitable battery types and their specifications
Operating voltage (V)12 VBattery typeLead acid / dry batteries
Rated output voltage (V)14.5 V (approx.)Ah CapacityUp to 40ah
Maximum charging current (Ampere)3 AVoltage (V)Up to 12V
Charging TimeIt takes up to 8 – 10 hrs. approx. And it depends on the type and capacity of the batteries
FeaturesShort circuit protection
CCCV technology
Reverse polarity protection
LED display
Charger materialABS plastic body
CompatibilityBest for bike, car batteries up to 12V
12 volt 3 amps digitronix charger for battery review

12 volt 3 amps digitronix charger for battery review

The 3 ampere digitronix battery charger comes with all of the protection systems that work efficiently during the charging process for protecting the charger and the connected loads from the external disturbances.
The SMPS (switched mode power supply) based technology ensures the increased efficiency with respect to the car charger for charging the battery and its process.
The CCCV (constant current, constant voltage) charging method ensures the delivering of constant current to the battery and then constant voltage fed through the battery to compensate the charging current.
Connections have to be made properly following the instructions mentioned in this page with the same sequence because, the order matters in the connection process.
Various protections provided within the charger as follows:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Protection against reverse connection
  • Overvoltage and overheating protection

The material of the charger body is of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) which can able to withstanding the high temperature and protects the cable from melting because of the overheating condition.
The intelligent charger comes with the updated technology and facilities of improved digital display for the easy identification by the users.

Suitable vehicles and ranges

– Battery types and capacity:
Gel, wet, lead acid, AGM, VRLA/SMF batteries up to 12 volt & maximum 40ah capacities
– Suitable Vehicles:
“two wheelers, cars and light duty battery vehicles” which are provided with the above mentioned battery capacities.

  • ABS plastic body
  • CCCV charging method
  • Intelligent protection systems
  • Low range of batteries
  • Life time of the charger is less
Related FAQs for digitronix 1.5 A digital display charger

Digitronix 1.5 A Charger

Q. How much time does the charger takes for charging the battery full?

A. The charging time depends on the type and capacity of the battery you are planning to charge then. Approximate charging time is of 8 – 10 hours generally.

Q. Which is the best charger for my 150ah lead acid battery?

A. We recommend you with the bosch c7 battery charger for your 150ah lead acid battery.

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How to connect the charger to the battery?

There are few things you should be aware of factors with respect to the connection of the charger to the battery matters a lot.  It is necessary to know the instructions and follow them with utmost care; hence the system failures, short circuits, explosion of toxic gases from the battery chemicals, overheat or the manual connection faults can be avoided. Otherwise, it may result in the above mentioned risks. To avoid those critical things, you need to follow the certain protocols based on the connection process of the battery charger for the car to improve the life time of the battery and the related systems.

  • Choose the best suitable battery charger for recharging your car batteries with respect to all your requirements related to the ratings of the car battery.
  • Get well through the car battery chargers manual regarding all the terms and conditions related to working modes and all then proceed with the connection and charging process carefully.
  • Make sure that you are all-ready with the safety precaution accessories of goggles and hand gloves to avoid any uncertainty.
  • First of all, check the availability of batteries and locate the position of the battery inside the car. Generally, it will be available under the hood. But at little type of cars, it is being located at the trunk under the seats.
  • Make sure about both the signs of terminals in the batteries. So, that it would be very easy for the further connections. Now, follow the procedure in the following placement order:
    1. Remove the battery cables from the batter terminals: First disconnect the negative (black) cable and then remove the positive (red) cable from the battery.
    2. Kindly make sure that the battery charger is not in connection with the electric main power supply and turn off if anything.
    3. Now, hook the positive (red clamp) cable of the battery charger to the positive ((+) polarity) terminal of the battery.
    4. Hook up the negative (black clamp) cable of the car battery chargers to the negative ((-) polarity) terminal of the battery.
    5. Turn on the battery charger from the main socket and select the appropriate modes then.
  • Choose the charging mode according to your requirement. They are two modes of charging: trickle charging mode (slow charging) and the quick charging mode. Most importantly, apply the proper settings according to the selection of modes.
    1. Choose the option of low charging current and voltage for the trickle charging mode which gives the best output than the quick charging method.
    2. Else, choose the higher charging capacity and current rating for the quick charging mode.
  • Select the charging time settings if available or make the settings according to the battery if it is an automatic one. One thing is that, it has to be turned off once the battery gets fully charged.
  • Till then, the charger or charging cable or the battery of the car should be disturbed at any costs.

“For the safety measure you can make use of the goggles and gloves if needed.”

  • Now when the battery is full, turn off the main electrical socket.
  • At last, disconnect the cables from the battery terminals in the reverse order:
    1. Black cable from the negative (-) terminal of the battery.
    2. Red clamp from the positive (+) terminal of the battery.

How do the car/bike battery chargers work?

You guys know how does the bike/car battery chargers works at critical stages when you are unable to start up your vehicles. Here we will try to clear all your questions and doubts regarding the battery charger.

  • Basically a battery charger is the one which acts as a supplying unit of DC power. The battery charger circuit will clearly depicts the entire charging unit and the sub units available in the circuit.
  • An internal transformer unit steps down the input ac power supply to the appropriate levels as per the standard rating of the transformer. The transformer produces the high current output which is used for the lead acid batteries.
  • Then the bridge rectifier is there to rectify the standard level of stepped down AC voltage into the DC voltage and is then filtered with the help of capacitive filter in the charging circuit to reduce the noise from the source.
  • The filtered DC voltage is then fed to the circuit for regulating the voltage to the constant required rate and is then directly supplied to the battery for the storing the energy with the help of the chemical reactions within the system.
  • In case of the automatic one, the sensor is being inbuilt within charger for sensing the voltage range of the battery while in charge. Then the auto cut-off facility takes place and the charger shut down the power protecting the load from overcharging.

What are the features decides to choose the best battery charger?

To make sure whether you are buying the best battery charger for your vehicles which helps you traverse from one place to another at right times. So, it is very necessary for you to consider few of the facts cautiously.

Type of battery you are using –

The type of battery which you are having decides the type of charger that suits you to charge the battery. Hence the best suitable charger can be owned without any issues. Don’t worry about the variety of existing battery types. Generally, your car or heavy duty vehicle comes with the standard wet, lead acid, AGM, dry or gel type batteries. Make sure about the type of battery; whether it is rechargeable or not. According to that, you can buy the product.

Charger with respect to battery rating

  • Amperage –

    The ampere rating of the charger decides the ability of the charger whether it can able to charge the battery at faster rate. It is highly recommended that you can choose the lower ampere rated charger, only when you are using the vehicles less frequently. When you are using the vehicles frequently, then you can choose the higher rating charger for making it to charge immediately without any delay when you are in hurry to go out.

In case of jump starter, a higher rate of amperage is best suitable to jump start you vehicles when your car stops immediately.

  • Voltage rating –

    Voltage rating of the battery has been noted and it should be considered on buying the charger. Generally up to 12 volt battery systems is being employed in your cars. Hence, the charger can be selected according to the voltage rating. Batteries come with 6 volt / 12 volt / 24 volt systems on bikes, cars and trucks.

Special features with the chargers

The chargers will have the special credit only when they come with the special features whichever makes you to buy the product against others. Following are some of the key features that should be incorporated with the charger for car battery.

  • Compact and user-friendly –

    The charger should be of less weight, compact and easy to carry with you at any time within the car. So that it can be used whenever required. Moreover it should be easy for you to handle. Then only, you can able to use it properly without creating any damages to the systems.

  • Indicators –

    The charging level of the battery can be identified only with the indications. The auto shut-off facility is incorporated only with the fewer models which enable to notify when the charge is full and to activate the automatic turning off the charger from battery to prevent the system from overheating or overcharging.

  • Charger Type –

    There are three types of car battery chargers available and you need to select the right one according to your requirement.

    • Maintenance charger – It is used for the vehicles whichever is not in use often to maintain the battery fully topped. Best suitable for the small bike batteries (low ampere ratings).
    • Automatic charger – It is a simple type of charger and is very easy to use (user-friendly). Best suitable for 4*4 or AGM / regular car batteries.
    • Workshop charger – It is suitable for the commercial daily usage purposes. Best suitable for 4*4/AGM batteries.
  • If you have connected the cables in the reverse order of red cable to the negative terminal and the black cable to the positive terminal of the batteries; don’t worry about the wrong connection consequences. The reverse connection protection system safeguards the charger and the battery from the damages which has to be occurred due to the wrong connection of the cables.

Automatic vs manual car battery charger

Automatic car battery chargerManual car battery charger
Automatic charger which helps to charge the discharged batteries of various ranges according to the rating compatibility.Manual chargers do work of charging the drained/discharged batteries manually.
It reduces the manual work of monitoring the status of charging the battery and turning off the system at right time.It is completely based on the manual work. The charging status has to be monitored carefully and to be turned off periodically.
The auto shut-off system can be enables in case of the automatic car battery chargers. Whenever the battery attains fully charged, then the charger is switched off automaticallyThe auto cut-off mode cannot be activated here. To be done manually.
Automatic system will never fail to work imperfectly unless the system itself fails to do.There are chances of getting the manual issues at some cases.
More expensive than the manual battery charger for car.Comparatively less expensive.

Safety tips for using the car battery charger

First and foremost, before started to working with the car battery chargers; make sure that you are having enough knowledge on using the charger for car battery. Hence you will take good care of your charger and your car as well.

  • Make sure you know the connection process of the charger units and the power cord without any doubts.
  • For being in a safer side; use goggles, gloves for protecting your eyes and hands from the external sparks during the charging process.
  • Be conscious on the cable connections and be assuring that there are no cables overlapped on one another.
  • The placement order of the connection process matters a lot. Hence, it should be done carefully.
  • Always use the portable automatic chargers. So that can be used in lot many ways reducing the manual work burdens.

Hazards of battery charger

The chemical compositions of the car batteries supplies hydrogen gas during the process. Hence there are chances of getting the hydrogen gas explosion at any time round the clock during the charging process; especially when you are not making the connections and working process in a perfect manner. So, you should be very careful on using the car battery chargers.

Related FAQs for car battery charging

Car Battery Charging

Q. How to improve the life time of the battery?

A. Follow the following tips to improve the life time of the battery.

  • Periodical inspection has to be done to the batteries
  • Approximate life time of the battery has to be noticed in prior
  • If any issues noticed, then the battery should not be operated without any check-ups
  • Battery has to be tested regularly with the help of battery tester
  • Frequent long travels can be avoided to improve the battery life.

Q.What are the factors you should take care that decides the lifetime of the battery?

A. Following are the factors that decide the lifetime of the battery:

  • DOD effect (Depth of Discharge)
  • Cyclic life usage
  • Temperature of the battery
  • Rating of charge
  • Using of vehicles – frequency

Q. Is it safe to charge the battery of car overnight?

A. The charging of your car battery needs more attention and conscious. It should be charged in a right way; hence the hazards will not be affected. Overcharging of the battery will create sparks or overheating of the cable which leads to the melting of the cable. It is not advisable to charge the battery during the nights, unless the charger provided with the auto cut-off facilities.


  • So, now you would have come to know the detailed part of the battery chargers and their deep descriptions from our content. Battery charger helps you in a critical situation when you are in hurry to go out for a business meet.
  • But if you have stuck in between the busy roads at last minute, there the battery charger will not work at quicker rate. So, you can make use of the jumper cable. Here, you will be in need of another vehicle for borrowing the charge from that vehicle. It is a drawback for the user whoever is not available with the donor vehicles. In this case, definitely jump starter will help you the most.
  • But the efficient way of charging the battery is that using of battery charger. Not simply, charger; it should be of portable one. Hence you can take it anywhere according to your requirement.