Wet grinders are completely used by South Indian who always prefer traditional way of cooking.
wet grinding is our traditional way of cooking which is naturally healthier process of cooking. which gives delicious Indian taste. There is a huge controversy among Indians, whether to use mixer grinder or wet grinder. If you select taste as your first priority, Then you are the one who likes only wet grinding.
or If you are little bit lazy, I must say that you will like Mixer grinder. Both has its own features. Here in this topic I will definitely support “traditional wet grinding”.
So I have listed India’s best wet Grinder that’s going make your delicious food in your future. just go through my page and get a clear knowledge about your Wet grinder.

Bajaj Mixer Grinder grinds very smooth and nice with less noise which gives us a peace of mind and to know more information and best features visit Top 10 Bajaj Mixer grinder 2017 

“List of Best Wet Grinder in India 2017”


Best Butterfly table top wet grinder “rhino 2-litre”

Uniform grinding pressure | Capacity: 2 litres |  detachable stainless steel drum | roller stone assembly | Warranty: 5 years

“Butterfly table top wet grinder works good for smooth batter and you guys can enjoy soft idlis and dosa..you can feel so happy since it is not that much expensive”

Butterfly Table Top Wet Grinder

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Reviews and Features–>

“Have high wattage power for Dosa batter..work quality is too good”

Butterfly table top wet grinder is very easy to handle and it is perfectly made with high quality ABS material and will provides Uniform grinding pressure since it is most hygenic.It is designed with high torque single phase motor.Butterfly table top wet grinder has 2 litres of capacity.

Preethi mixer Grinder makes more voice in his brand quality so to get more information and features visit Top 10 Preethi 750 watts Mixer grinder [2017]

Best Elgi ultra table top wet grinder “grind gold 2-litre “

Rust proof materials | Conical grind stones | Noiseless and vibration free operation | powerful motor | Warranty: 5 years

“Elgi ultra top wet grinder prepare batter very fast  and quantity is more when comparing to mixer grinder and it also looks pretty…”

Elgi Ultra Table Top Wet Grinder

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Reviews and Features–>

“It will be very useful for working ladies since it is too faster and also available in cheap price”

Elgi ultra wet grider is Fitted with sturdy and durable motor and it is specially designed with stainless steel drum.It has a Patented Conical grinding stones and built with a capacity of 2 litres.

Philips one of the most best brand so just visit Top 7 Philips Mixer grinder 750 watts in India[2017] and get an best idea of purchasing best mixer grinder for your best home..  

Best Elgi ultra wet grinder “dura 1.25-litre “

Power: 85 watts | Patented conical stones |  rust resistant | Multi-utility drum | Lighter in weight | Warranty: 5 years

“If you have a less space then Elgi ultra wet grinder is most preferable since it consumes less space with attractive look,Control and handling capacity is  good..”

Elgi Ultra Wet Grinder

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Reviews and Features–>

“Elgi ultra wet grinder is one of the trustable brand that manufacture kitchen products which are useful in day to day use and will suits into any kitchen without any issue”

Elgi ultra wet grinder  designed with great look which has built with stainless steel and it has a capacity of 1.25 litres.Elgi ultra wet grinder has heavy duty motor so doesn’t heat up.Elgi ultra wet grinder is completely perfect for grinding since it contains batter cleaner which helps to remove the batter from conical stone.can also store the batter in drum after grinding so no need to worry about changing batter into another vessel.

If you guys facing problem to choose best Mixer Grinder look into Best Mixer grinder in india 2017  get a more information and best features and buy the best!!

Best Premier wonder – table top wet grinder

1.5 litres 230 v | Stainless Steel Material Of Drum | Fast &efficient | high quality stones | Easy to use and clean

“”If you are in love with Indian Food and like to have crunchy dosa, Slushy idlis or vada frequently in your breakfast then you need a wet grinder. The wet grinder will remove the problem of grinding and making a smooth batter..”

Premier Wonder - Table Top Wet Grinder 1.5 Litres 230 V

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Reviews and Features–>

“It grinds very smooth and noiseless so that you can work peacefully and can also feel so tastiest breakfast”

Premier Wonder Grinder – Table Top Wet Grinder designed with 1440 RPM and has a  rollers flexible wire chord .It is very simple to operate and has top lock with spring drum lid.Premier provides warranty for 1 year.

Best Premier table top wet grinder  ” tilting grinder”

2 litres | Stainless Steel Material Of Drum | safe, sturdy, and stable grinding | suit modern lifestyle

“Unique design, usage of right material, modern processes,elegant finish, faster and hygienic grinding and  low power consumption make the product highly efficient, reliable and safe to use…”

Premier Table top wet grinder 2 Litres

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Reviews and Features–>

Motor will not produce any heat and it is very reliable and can use this for different purpose”

Premier Tilting Grinder – Table Top Wet Grinder is top of the world table-top wet grinder built for life and lifestyle.It consists of vertical motor  and more comfortable to use.

Best Elgi ultra wet grinder

2-litre | Power: 150 watts | Multi-utility drum | Electronic timer and buzzer | Warranty: 10 years | Lighter  weight

“Main feature is that it contains Electronic timer so you can relax after setting time and light weight so that can handle very easier at reasonable price..”

Elgi Ultra Perfec Wet Grinder 2-Litre

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Reviews and Features–>

“Great worth for money paid and eat tastier & healthy breakfast with Elgi ultra wet grinder and live happily!!! “

Elgi ultra wet grinder is designed with rust resistant drum and can also used store batter for long time.The best feature of Elgi ultra wet grinder is doesn’t heat batter since it consists of conical stone.It will gives an beep alarm based on preset grinding time.wet grinder built with dish shaper drum which helps for perfect grinding and can make fluffy idlis.It also contains coconut scraper.

Best Prestige  wet grinder

200-watt | Stainless steel drum | High quality grinding stones | occupies less space | heavy-duty motor |  quick & effortless

“Prestige is a best product since it more durable..I\’m sure when you buy this and have experience in it u will recommend it to your friend and relatives..”

Prestige PWG 03 200-Watt Wet Grinder

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Reviews and Features–>

Prestige wet grinder is perfect choice for small family since it has high quality sure its lasts for long.Bring home this functional Prestige wet grinder for smooth and hassle-free grinding”

prestige wet grinder can help to make rotis and handy so can make grinding works so easy.It also comes with coconut scraper and has unique grinding stone and contains a dough kneader attachment.

Best Prestige  wet grinder

200-watt | Power: 200 watts | 2 Litre capacity | Stainless steel drum | Interlocking mechanism | High quality grinding stones

“space occupancy is the main criteria in todays time, this is a perfect solution for that..”

Prestige PWG 02 200-Watt Wet Grinder

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Reviews and Features–>

“It is good wet grinder since you can make tasty breakfast with smooth batter with less cost”

Prestige wet grinder has both coconut scraper and atta kneader and with 220-240 volts operating voltage.Prestige provides 1 year warranty on product and 2 years warranty on motor

Best Premier wonder – table top wet grinder  110 volts

1.5 lit 110V | High quality stones |  rollers Flexible |  Motor : 95 w |  1440 rpm motor  | Fast and efficient

“Batter will comes out from premier very smooth and its very easy to assemble and will have decent noise so that can make batter peacefully in less time..”

Premier Wonder - Table Top Wet Grinder 1.5 Litres 110 Volts

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Reviews and Features–>

“Very compact and easy to clean and gives perfect batter”

Premier Wonder – Table Top Wet Grinder is smaller so very easy to operate ,saves a lots of space and consistent grinding throughout the sleek and has a modern look design.Premier provides warranty of 1 year on product

Best Bajaj wet grinder without arm “wx 3”

150W| Motor overload protector | High performance induction motor | Efficient & durable | 2 Litre stainless drum

“Bajaj is wonderful grinder and will works great.when u buy it u will enjoy grinding always.”

Bajaj 150-Watt Wet Grinder without Arm

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Reviews and Features–>

“Even if you run it for 24 hrs .motor will not produce heat for sure”

Bajaj wet grinder has a drum with  poly carbonate lid and also consists of spatula which is for best mixing since it is very easy to clean batter.It also contains coconut scrapper and atta kneader.

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