“The first deciding factor for best water purifier and source of water should be observed carefully because this will decide whether your water needs removal of dissolved salts that are not required by the body or your water contains germs and viruses which will affect your health.”Best water purifier in India

There are some heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic etc. which needs to be removed from water because human body cannot get rid of these heavy metals and they keep on accumulating in the body causing health problems.

Here I have provided you a list of The best water purifier filtering system for home use in India, Take a look at this and buy the best water purifier that you like

“If you are living in metro cities then even air is not good to breathe. The amount Toxic levels of air are raised much higher and it is strongly advisable to install an air purifier in the home so you breathe fresh air and add more days to your life.”

Top 7 Kent Water Purifiers in India 2017

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HUL Pureit  Water Purifier (WPAD100 Advanced 23-Litre)         Buy On Amazon
HUL Pureit  Water Purifier (WPWS100 Classic 14-Litre)       Product Details Buy On Amazon
Tata Swach Non Electric  Water Purifier (Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based)       Buy On Amazon
HUL Pureit Ultima RO UV Water Purifier   Buy On Amazon
Ozean  RO UV UF TDS Controller Mineral Water Purifier(Gold 12L)    Product Details Buy On Amazon
Kent Gold Water Purifier( Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based)          Buy On Amazon
Kent Grand Plus RO UV Water Purifier(8-Litre Mineral )       Buy On Amazon
HUL Pureit  Water Purifier (WPWL100 Classic 23-Litre)          Buy On Amazon
Kent Maxx  UV Water Purifier(7-Litre)     Buy On Amazon

Water purifiers can give you the best of both worlds: clean, safe water on demand, without destroying the environment in the process. They’re a varied lot, though, and picking the wrong one can leave you with foul-tasting water and major stomach problems.

We have selected These best water Purifier available in the market depending upon their performance, maintenance, user rating and after sales support. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

Best Hul pureit water purifier (advanced) 

23-litre | quite effective filters | removing contaminants

“It’s a simple piece of equipment that’s easy to use, reasonably robust and lasts a long time without needing maintenance. “

#1 Best Seller #1 Excellent

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However, Hul pureit water purifier do not reduce VOCs or pesticides (unless a Carbon Block filter is included). They can take up to an hour to filter one gallon of water and the filters need to be replaced regularly.

Best Hul pureit classic water purifier

14-litre | doesn’t require any gas-electricity

“Impure water may cause diseases due to bacteria so the best solution is to have a Hul pureit classic water purifier which perfectly purifies water and removes all the bacteria and helps to maintain your body healthy.”

HUL Pureit Classic 14-Litre Water Purifier (White/Blue)

Low Cost

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Best Tata swach non electric  water purifier

15-litre | smart  gravity based

“sometimes water may contain heavy metals which affects heavily our body ,you guys can use Tata swach non electric purifier to remove heavy metals from water and gives us best pure water..Have a Healthy life!!!”

excellent device #1 very handy device

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That the LifeSaver functions just like a normal water bottle is also very handy. It lets you tip the water into something else to let you rinse out a cut, cook or brush your teeth with it.

Best Hul pureit ultima  water purifier

Attractive brand | ro uv |  10 litre storage

“This Water purifier performs both RO and UV Purification to provide best purified water”

excellent device #1 very handy device

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  1. RO (Reverse Osmosis) this is widely used technology to purify water containing a high level of salts in water and make it unfit for drinking. In this method water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure to remove dissolved impurities. RO purification is mainly used for Salty, Khara or Hard water. This technique requires electricity to purify water and produce lots of waste water.
  2. UV (Ultra-violet) is water purification method to removes germs, bacteria and viruses from water. This technique uses a Rod producing ultra-violet radiations which are made to pass through water so these radiations can kill germs and viruses present in water. This method also requires electricity but do not generate waste water.

Ozean gold water purifier

12 litre |  ro uv uf tds |   controller mineral

“Ozean gold water purifier follows Reverse osmosis,ulta violet protection and ultrafiltration process which removes salts and bacteria and provides perfect pure water.Buy Ozean gold water purifier and taste pure water!! “

Buy On Amazon

excellent device #1 very handy device

Reviews and Features–>

  • this water purifier provides good quality of water with reasonable price, It suites middle class people very well.
  • This water purifier has a long 13 Stage water filtration system.
  • It hasTank  capacity of 12 Liter.
  • It provides best Filtration Capacity around 14-15 Lph
  • I t has RO UV UF TDS Controller Purification Technology with Mineral.
  • we can install it with both Wall mount and Counter Top

Best Kent gold optima water purifier

10-litre | gravity based | ultra filtration membrane

“Kent gold optima water purifier is low cost purifier which has a capacity of 10 liter and dissolves impurities and gives 100 % pure water”

No Chemicals Used#1 Best Seller


Reviews and Features–>

Kent grand plus mineral water purifier

8-litre | ro uv |  non-breakable and durability feature

“Kent grand plus mineral water purifier is one of the safest and hygenic water purifier for all over family”

Certifications: NSF, WQA, ISI, CE, and RoHS

Reviews and Features–>

Best Hul pureit water purifier (classic  )

23-litre | ensures water purity |  Auto Shut off

“Hul pureit water purifier is the one who really cares for your health and gives pure water..so make Hul pureit water purifier as your one of the family member and taste every drop of a water and feel it.Have a good life!!”

#1 Excellent #1 Very handy device

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Kent maxx  water purifier

7-litre | uv protected | purifies twice

“Kent maxx water purifier has Sediment Filter and Activated Carbon Filter which is extremely effective in killing bacteria, viruses”

#1 Excellent #1 Very handy device

Reviews and Features–>

  • This water purifier has a Fully automatic UV purifier with storage tank
  • It performs Double purification by UV and UF removes even dead bacteria from purified water
  • It provides Computer controlled operation with filter change alarm and UV fail alarm
  • It has a LED indicator for power and purification display

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