Best UPS for PC/home/Wifi Routers/TV/businesses in India – 2020

“Do you want to have a solution for your power problems? – Use the best ups as a solution

– You as a home maker, student, employee or a playing kid; definitely electrical power is one of the basic requirements for all of you; for home makers in terms of kitchen electrical appliances for cooking or watching TV; for students as internet searching purposes; employee as working with PC / laptops, wifi routers/modems; kids playing at home with gaming consoles.

– Imagine that power supply has cut off suddenly. Frustrated from the frequent power cut issues? Are you in need of a solution for this problem and wanna get rid of it? Here we would give you the perfect solution for your problems.

“Yeah, UPS with certain period of backup time is the best solution for the frequent power cut issues. You can make use of the best ups – uninterruptible power supply to make the interrupted power to an uninterrupted one.”

You can use the best ups with batteries for your PC, Wifi routers, TV, all-purpose ups for your home, heavy duty ups for office purposes. Here in this page we will let you know the purpose of ups, how to choose the best ups, the best ups for home/gaming consoles, the best ups for pc/laptop/desktop computers, best ups for wifi routers/modems, best heavy duty ups for office/business in India currently and the detailed description of ups in terms of its working, types and the comparison of ups with inverter and ups with stabilizer for the better understanding purposes.

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A sudden collapse or an occurrence of electrical surge is more enough to corrupt the electrical interface of the electronic devices at our home or in a small office set up.

“Hence buying the best UPS for PC or home is the solution for all the electrical issues by assisting the backup support.”

UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply / Uninterruptible Power Source an electrical apparatus which supplies emergency power that is in the state of readiness for duty or immediate deployment of power to a load when the main power source fails to supply the power. As known to everyone, in recent days, it is a frequent issue of instant power failures.

So, whenever the power source fails to supply due to power shut-down, there won’t be the only problem of power cuts, there is also a problem of data loss due to the power failures.

However the UPS come up with variety of models as well as the specifications differ from one to another model. Among these models, some may have an extraordinary technical skill to withstand all your needs that fulfill the necessary user requirements. Even other models may come with several applications, the best one have to be chosen out among the existing to best fit your requirement.

The UPS source is also having the facility of surge protection with battery backup which helps to keep the connected electronic devices to work for a short duration even at the time of power blackout.

“In this content we will help you to choose the best one out of all the several models for various applications.”

After a brief review, we have listed the applications of UPS  for PC, home, Wifi Routers, TV and Office/business purposes with their buying guide.

How to select the best UPS for your requirement?

How to select the best UPS for your requirement

Appropriate Power requirement for backup

The UPS has to be chosen based on the power requirement. If you buy an UPS with large power than you require,

There will be an unnecessary power usages via UPS. On the other hand, if you buy an UPS with lesser power then you will be in the need of excess power for the precautions for your total load requirement.

Hence, you need to calculate the total number of devices that you are in need to make use when there is a power problem or power outages.

“We have listed below the approximate power consumption of the electrical home appliances for you to calculate the nearest approximation for the UPS which you need.”

Appliance Power Requirement
(Watts, W)
Appliance Power Requirement
(Watts, W)
Ceiling Fan 75 W Desktop Computer 200 W
Table Fan 50 W Laptop 100 W
Tube Light 40 W Refrigerator
(upto 200 L & 500 L)
300 W & 500 W
CFL 20 W Washing Machine 1000 W
LED Bulb 8 W Air Conditioner
(based on the capacity)
1100 – 2300 W
Television 70 – 250 W Gaming Console 200 W

Sum the total power with the requirement and choose the Best UPS for the required ratings. Click here to know the detailed calculation.

InbuiltLED IndicatorSelf-testRunTimePower ConditionAutomatic Voltage Regulation

Inbuilt and Replaceable Batteries

The inbuilt battery system is based on the UPS models that is designed according to the requirement of the brands.

– If it is chosen, then there will be no need to buy the battery separately.

“Hence it is economical as well.”

The replaceable battery is an essential feature that is available in some of the UPS. The replaceable battery can help us to extend the life of the UPS.

– In certain case, if the battery get damaged or then, there is not necessary to replace the entire unit of Uninterruptible Power Supply.

LED Indicators

The LED indicators helps us to know the status of the UPS,

whether it is in the running condition or not.

There are several indications available with the uninterruptible Power Supply system.

LED Indications for charging, battery-full, activity of UPS mode etc., are general available.

Batteries with Automatic Self-Test

– The battery should come with the periodical self-testing of the battery working conditions.

– Hence, a new one can be fixed when there is a need of replacement or a sudden damage of batteries can be avoided with the help of the automatic self-testing feature.

Runtime of the UPS

Runtime of the UPS is one of the noticeable points.

The period of time the required loads has to be worked after the power outages are to be assigned before.

Hence, the appropriate model and capacity of the battery will be chosen.

Generally, the UPS will come with the backup time of minimum 10 or 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

The runtime will also be noted based on the amount of load using during the power outages.

Power conditioning of the UPS

The power conditioning of the UPS has to be taken to an account of key features of protecting the connected devices from the unwanted disturbances of surges, spikes, lightning and other disturbances.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

It regulates the variations in the voltage either high or low in the power supply.

It regulates and supplies to the connected devices and hence it ensures the proper power supply to the equipment.

Which is the best UPS/ Inverter for Home use?

Best UPS Inverter for Home use

APC BX 600 (under price 3500/-)

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APC BR 1000 1 kva (under price 12500/-)

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Microtek with 1 kva (under price 15200/-)

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Best  ups price lists for home use

Best UPS models Charging Time
Backup Time
Features Price & Warranty
APC bx600 ups for home/pc 6 Hours 65 minutes at minimum load Line interactive & continuous alarm sounds
(2 years warranty )
APC ups under Price 3500/-
Suitable Loads:Home/PC
APC br 1000 1kva line interactive ups for home with batteries 7 to 8 Hours 40 minutes 6 sockets & genset compatibility
(1 year Warranty)
1kva ups under price 12500/-
Suitable Loads: Home use (TV, set top box, wifi, pc)
Microtek online ups up to 1kva with batteries 6 to 7 Hours 90 minutes Reliability, double conversion method
(1 year Warranty)
Ups under price 15200/-
Suitable Loads: home usage/small office
Features for upsBenefits of UPSWhy do you need a UPS in your home?

Salient Features for UPS

Home UPS eliminates the following inconvenience

  • The loss of mains power brings
  • Wastage of your precious time, energy & money that goes in electrical damage due to power disruption

It carries your daily routine without disruption with highly efficient UPS battery backup.

Designed particularly for India’s discordant power conditions, the Home UPS’s are created with innovative power circuitry that delivers instant backup power, and also quickly recharges the battery.

It converts DC voltage into AC voltage and this AC voltage is useful to run home appliances so you get the expanded possible battery life and longer reliable amusement.

Benefits of UPS for Home Use

Good protection to TV appliance/sensitive components and other home appliances

UPS for big home is a Convenient way to keep TV sets in extension to other electrical like lights, fans and sensitive devices running during power cuts

Easy notification of changing UPS power conditions and utility power

Provides temporary battery power when there is failure in utility power.

Why do you need a UPS in your home?

The electronic appliances we depend upon every day for entertainment, utility, security or communication are endangered because of the unforeseen outages, blackouts, voltage variations or other power disruptions.

A UPS that has best inverter battery for home use provides protection not only to our home electronics but also powers battery backup thus providing certain benefits including that are not limited.

“Calculate the power capacity based on your requirement, and then choose the best model of ups/ inverter systems accordingly.”

Related FAQ's UPS for home use

Q. How many batteries does the microtek ups require?

A. It requires about 2 number of batteries.

Q. Can I know the best ups for home under price 3500?

A. APC bx600 c 600va ups for home is the best product for home purpose among the all-purpose.

 UPS for Personal Computers/Desktop computers/Laptops

Electronic Brands in India are coming up with pioneering innovation, and technology-driven range of UPS battery backup that covers applications from computer rooms to huge data centres and offers comprehensive industrial plant protection. These are UPS with in-built battery or voltage conditioning mechanics for every need- from a few KW (1KW) applications of many MW and a sizeable variety of supply voltages.

The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for Computersare also designed in a user-friendly manner like UPS with Replaceable Battery that allows the user to change the battery of a UPS easily, without disassembling the monitor. Hence the best UPS brands and appropriate models have to be chosen for the better performance of your personal computer during the power outages.

UPS for Personal Computers Desktop computers Laptops use

APC BX 600 (under price 3500/-)

Buy On Amazon

iBall 621i ups (under price 2650/-)

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V guard sesto 600VA (under price 2900/-)

Buy On Amazon

Best 3 ups for PC/laptops with features and price list

Best UPS models Charging Time Backup Time Features Price & Warranty
APC bx600 ups for home/pc Approx. 6 hrs. Approx. 65 minutes at minimum load 3 sockets continuous alarm sounds APC ups under 3500/-
Up to 2 years warranty
Suitable Loads:PC/Laptop
iBall 621i ups for PC/home with battery Approx. 8 hrs. Approx. 40 minutes Generator compatibility & auto restart iBall 621i ups under price 2650/-
Warranty up to 1 year
Suitable Loads: PC/cctv cameras/wifi
V guard sesto 600VA ups for PC/laptop Approx. 5 hrs. Approx. 45 minutes for laptop/pc Off mode battery charging feature Vguard ups under price 2900/-
Warranty up to 2 years
Suitable Loads: PC/laptop/desktop

Are you looking for iball 621i ups for your PC?

It is best compatible with generator also, where the battery can be charged with the generator whenever there is an interruption in the input main power supply.

iBall ups available with automatic voltage regulator function with buck or boost operations and it provides green power function to enable the energy saving techniques.

Lithium battery is incorporated within the ups systems for 60 Watt hours capacities.

iBall 621 is the ups which comes with 600 VA/360W line interactive ups that is having the following features:

  • Protections against discharge, overcharge and overload natures.
  • Option of “No load shutdown” feature – can be enabled or disabled
  • Data loss can be protected
  • Operated at wide range of input supply

    LED & Alarm notifications

    • LED lighting or flashing intimations ensures the status of the ups at the right time.
    • Alarm sound beeps whenever the fault or overload issues happens.

Advantages of iball ups

  • Best suitable for the micro load systems
  • Provided with 3 sockets

Disadvantage of iball UPS

  • Not well suited for the heavy load systems.
Related FAQ's UPS for PC / Laptop

Q. How long will the iball 621i ups lasts for?

A. It lasts for about 2 – 3 hours for routers only.

Q. What are the micro-load systems?

A. PC, CCTV cameras, WiFi routers and security devices are meant to be micro load systems.

Q. List the Ups for PC/laptops /desktop computers under price 3000/-

A.  Iball 621i ups with battery for home
      – v guard sesto 600va line interactive ups
The best for pc/desktop computer with longer backup time.

Mini UPS price list for Wi-Fi router

“Are you doing work from home and suffering from frequent power cuts?

No more worries about power interruptions while working with internet for an official purpose from home!!!”

An UPS can able to power only a single router for just three hours. The reason behind is that a Wi-Fi router draws critically low current (120V at 0.2 amps), which majority of the UPS systems fail to inscribe and they switch themselves off contemplating lack of load. Therefore, you will be better off purchasing a portable Home UPS if all you want is powering a wireless router.

Now comes, if your PC computer is battery powered, your modem is battery powered, but your router is not: when there is an absence of electrical power network supply, the Wi-Fi dooms. Not to panic as we have listed the best UPS for your Wi-Fi routers, this can fit your device perfectly. The problems what you have ever imagined for your router in order to “fix” the Internet will be cleansed. The best UPS with 2-3hours backup does it automatically for you! It further

  • continuously monitor the health of the battery in your product
  • provides longevity of your devices to live longer than your router

Mini UPS for Wi-Fi router use

Resonate Router (under price 2200/-)

Buy On Amazon

iBall 622 for Wifi with battery (under price 2600/-)

Buy On Amazon

Intex protector 725 (under price 2600/-)

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Zebronics U-725 (under price 2500/-)

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Best 4 low cost Wifi ups list with features and suitable loads

Best UPS models Charging Time Backup Time Features Price & Warranty
Resonate Router UPS at low price Approx. 6 hrs. Approx. 4hrs. Specially designed for Wifi backup power Resonate router ups under 2200/-
Up to 1 year warranty
Suitable Load: for WiFi and adapter
iBall 622 ups for Wifi with battery Approx. 6 hrs. Approx. 40 minutes for lesser than half load Always on ready mode iBall ups under price Rs 2600/-
Warranty up to 1 year
Suitable Loads: Wifi router/ PC
Low price ups – Intex protector 725 ups Approx. 6 hrs. Approx. 65 minutes Alarm beep sounds Ups under price 2600/-
Warranty up to 2 years
Suitable Loads: Wifi modem/router/pc
Zebronics u725 ups with battery at low price Approx. 6 hrs. Approx. 45 minutes Generator compatible Ups under price Rs. 2500/-
Warranty up to 2 years
Suitable Loads: Wifi router/PC

Work from home Friendly wifi ups – Resonate router ups

Why should we use resonate router ups?

  • Best router ups are specially designed for the purpose of using with Wifi router and are all available in various models of 5 V/9 V/12 with heavy protection systems which includes the battery management systems for extending the battery life.
  • Automatic powering system enhances the device to get powered ON when the main supply and switches the power to battery for using the load during the power outages.

How to choose the best ups for wifi router?

  • Know the input supply rating of your wifi router. (Mentioned behind the WiFi/ASDL router)
  • Know the output range of your AC adapter and are mentioned in the adapter label.
  • Now choose the suitable resonate router ups model according to the ratings

Select the suitable router ups based on your wifi and adapter ratings

Router input rating Adapter output rating Router ups model Price Buy on Amazon
12 V <2 A Resonate router CRU 12V 2A ups Under price 2200/-

Check Price

9 V <1 A Resonate router ups CRU 9 V Under price 2200/-

Check Price

5 V <2 A Resonate router CRU 5 V ups Under price 2200/-

Check Price

  • Resonate router ups under price 2500/-
  • Warranty – up to 1 year

Backup time: The particular ups lasts for up to 4 hrs.

Advantages of router ups

  • Longer backup time
  • Portability and less weight
  • Very handy and is compact
  • Easily installed by the user itself

Disadvantage of router ups

  • Comes with less duration of warranty period
Related FAQs for Wi-Fi router

Q. How to install the ups?

A. It is very user friendly, and it can be installed by the user within 2 minutes with the reference of installation guide.

Q. What is the compatibility of the router ups?

A. It supports variety of ups ranges from 5V, 9V & 12V ratings of Wi-Fi, Wifi/ASDL router.

UPS for Business

A suitably best UPS comes out to be a crucial purchase for any business that relies on networks, servers or PCs and other gadgets being on power round the clock.

For many businesses (small or large), if there’s a power cut – even a brief one – loss of power can be disastrous. Power loss can cause the files as well as the servers to become unreachable – or even worse, distorted – by an abrupt shutdown.

For such catastrophic conditions that can occur, a UPS can be installed to avert the calamity commanding when the power is cut, by seamlessly switching to battery power to keep powering your electrical until either the main power is restored, or you’re able to securely shut down your gadget.

Downtime induced by power outages, even if it’s very brief, can be annoying for anyone, but at the same time can be back-breaking for a business or organization financially.

“Every year, business organizations lead to lose fortune just because of the interim downtime caused by power distortions.”

And because of limited ability to generate revenue during downtime, small to medium-sized businesses are likely to be at higher financial risk.

However, these power disruptions can easily be prevented by a UPS, especially using a UPS with auto shutdown. A UPS with auto shutdown feature allows you to sophisticatedly shut down your electrical during power outage. It’s a hands-down device protection strategy that not just saves your

  • IT infrastructures
  • desktop PC
  • office/home network
  • media server

By providing emergency power through battery, that further enables you in safely saving your data/files and power down your device appropriately.

UPS for Business use

APC BX 1100 (under price 3500/-)

Buy On Amazon

APC upto 6kva (under price 51000/-)

Buy On Amazon

Best 2 ups price list for office/business use

Best UPS models Charging Time Backup Time Features Price & Warranty
APC bx1100 line interactive ups for Office/ home use Approx. 6 hrs. Approx. 55 minutes at minimum load 5 sockets, continuous alarm sounds ups under 3500/-
Up to 2 years warranty
Suitable Loads:2 – 3 PC + 1 connected device
APC online ups for IT fields up to 6kva Approx. 8 hrs. Approx. 4 hrs. for less load Double conversion method, BMS tech 6kva  ups under price 51000/-
Warranty up to 1 year
Suitable Loads: PC/cctv cameras/wifi
Related FAQs for UPS (Business use)

Q. Which can be used as the multi purpose ups?

A. APC online 6kva ups can be used for many purposes such as personal computers, cctv, cameras or wifi routers.

Q. How many batteries required for apc 6kva online ups for office use?

A. 16 batteries of 12 V are used for the mentioned apc 6kva ups.

Q. Does the battery us included in the 6kva ups?

A. No, the battery is not included in the system from the amazon.. It should be bought separately near by shops or on amazon

 UPS for TV (Televisions)

“In India, especially during summers, we encounter a lot in terms of frequent power cuts and voltage variations.”

We really look forward finding a happy medium to avail our happy times, but sometimes gets trapped in devices not suitable as per needs. Therefore, Depending on how much each of that equipment is drawing in the power, for example an LCD TV consumes more power than LED TV but less than plasma. If you are running LCD or LED, we would recommend a 550-650 VA UPS unit, while if you have a plasma TV an 850-1000 VA UPS would be good for you.

“So, what you would be requiring more – a UPS or a voltage stabilizer for home entertainment or a UPS with Stabilizer? Let’s check below”

A top tier branded UPS will serve your purpose best and can provide better protection to your home entertainment and gaming consoles better than a normal stabilizer that too almost for a same price. A line interactive UPS for TV and cable box comes equipped with the

  • AVR( Automatic Voltage Regulator) that provides faster voltage correction speed
  • MOV based spike suppressor in the UPS for LED TV to ensure that the TV sets do not reboot during a brownout) such as in lightning strikes and also will have a line filter

A UPS with double battery or a UPS with inbuilt AVR, in addition to Spike Suppressor and Surge protector can take the load of your entire digital entertainment setup.

UPS for TV Televisions use

APC BR1000 G 1kva (under price 12500/-)

Buy On Amazon

APC BE700 420 W (under price 5800/-)

Buy On Amazon

Best 2 Low Cost UPS for TV

Best UPS models Charging Time Backup Time Features Price & Warranty
APC br1000 g 1kva ups with battery Approx. 7 – 8 hrs. Approx. 5-8 minutes for full load Genset compatible & green mode UPS under price 12500
Warranty up to 1 year
Suitable Loads: TV/set tob box/wifi
APC BE700 420 W ups for TV Approx. 5 – 6 hrs. Approx. 25 minutes for full load LED indication & alarms overload protection APC 420 W ups under price 5800/-
Warranty up to 1 year
Suitable Loads: TV + set top box / WiFi
APC UPSBackup TimeFeatures of APC 700va UPS Inbuilt batteryAlarm for UPS

Best APC back UPS – APC BE700 Y 420 W UPS

The best suitable sine wave ups for TV is that apc 700va / 420 W ups designed with battery within the system. It supports wide range of input operating voltages around 230 V. It supports the load appliances of about 390 Watts.

It comprises of 3-pin 6 A, four (4) sockets in which, 1 is just meant for the surge protection only and other three are available for battery backup and surge protection as well.

Automatic self-test is all provided with the battery for testing the battery regularly without any fail and ensures the battery status for the user and it comes with the notification for the early replacement of the battery.

The inverter ups system comes with the line-interactive technology and is designed with cold start capability of providing the battery power whenever the power outage happens.

Charging and backup time:

The system takes up to 5 – 6 hours approximately for it to get fully charged

Apc ups provides backup for about 25 minutes at full load conditions.

Features of apc 700va ups:

  • Intelligent LED indications
  • Alarm notifications
  • Auto self-test of the battery

Inbuilt battery system

The ups built with lithium battery of 2 Watt hours and is all provided with an intelligent features.

– Single battery system ensures the better performance of the system and increases the battery life.

Leak proofing model

The expected battery life is about 2 – 4 years

Alarm for UPS

  • When the battery is powered
  • Low battery notification
  • Continuous beep sound alarm for overload


  • Intelligent notifications
  • Ensures Battery management systems


  • Power cord length is short
  • Lesser warranty period

– Approximately, an 800VA UPS for LED TV will be sufficed for you to protect your Plasma TV, Smart TV during catalytic current supply conditions.

And if you do not mind spending some extra bugs for some additional advanced features, you can also go for the best brands of an UPS with better technologies.

The list of best UPS System for Home Entertainment is being explained with its features as well.

The Voltage Stabilizer is only recommended for places with very minimal power outages and where the steady power supply is required.”

How an UPS does differ from the voltage stabilizer?

UPS Vs Voltage Stabilizers

UPS Vs Voltage Stabilizers

UPS Voltage Stabilizer

What is the definition of UPS and Stabilizer?

UPS – an Uninterruptible Power Supply is an electrical equipment that supplies power to the load during the power failure conditions. Voltage Stabilizer is a device that protects the load from the variable fluctuating power supply.

What are the functions of UPS and Stabilizer?

Flywheel storage system that renders power when mains supply fails Stabilizes the mains supply and it supplies to the load

Electrical connection of UPS Vs Stabilizer

UPS – connected to the main power supply then to the load. Voltage Stabilizers – connected to the main power supply then to the load.

What are the protection systems in UPS & Stabilizer?

UPS protects the load from the unexpected shutdown of the load due to the power outages and it comes with an incorporated automatic voltage regulation (AVR) protection which protects against the voltage fluctuations and surges Voltage Stabilizer protects only from the variable power supplies and from the surges


Available in variable price ranges Comparatively low

Uses of UPS & Stabilizer

Used for almost all the electrical devices for home and small scale business purposes Generally used for AC, TV, fridge, washing machine, etc.,

List of best products of UPS & stabilizer

APC BX 600 C UPS for home/PC

iBall Nirantar 621V UPS for Wi-Fi / CCTV cameras

V guard sesto 600 UPS for PC

V Guard mini crystal Voltage stabilizer for 32” TV

Syspro Turbo Plus stabilizer for up to 75” TV

V Guard VG 500 stabilizer for 2 ton AC

V Guard VWI 400 stabilizer for 1.5 ton inverter AC

Does an UPS is same as an Inverter?

  • No, do not confuse UPS with inverter. Both of them are completely different and have so much in variation.
  • UPS is an electrical power solution device that supplies power to the required load, when the main power supply fails, whereas an inverter is the one which converts the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).
  • The main function of an UPS is to work as the flywheel storage systems and in terms of an inverter to convert AC power to DC power.
  • The UPS consists of an inverter and controller circuit for the storage and flow of power during power outages and the inverter contains only the battery for the power backup.
  • UPS can also protect against the voltage fluctuations, but an inverter cannot. Hence the voltage to the load from the inverter can be varied.
  • The battery backup period of an UPS is about 10 – 20 minutes and the instant switching action takes place during the power outages, whereas the backup period of an inverter is about 3 – 6 hours and it takes time for the switching action.
  • UPS is more affordable than an inverter.

Which is better UPS or Inverter?

Bottom Line: In comparison, the UPS monitor system is more efficient than an inverter and provides the electric backup needed to the appliances without delay and variation. While on contrary, an inverter is a channel between the battery and the primary power supply. The battery assists in preserving the energy storage and converts the store AC into DC during the power outages while rendering power to the electrical inverter.
Now, that we have made you aware about how different UPS are essential and can be used for different domestic and industrial purposes.

How the UPS does differ from Inverter?

UPS Vs Inverter

UPS Vs Inverter

UPS Inverter
Short Description
Electrical equipment that renders power to the load when the main power fails. Electrical equipment that converts the unidirectional current into bidirectional.
work as a flywheel storage system Convert AC power to DC power.
Best Application
For domestic and industrial use (Offices) Only for Domestic Use
Directly connected to the devices Connected to the battery and appliances.
Backup electricity
Electricity Electronic power
Backup Time
Shorter period of time

(10-40 minutes)

Longer period of time

(3-6 hours)

Standby offline, online, or line interactive. Stand alone and grid tie Inverter
Inverter and Controller Battery
Switch over
Instant Takes time
Supplying Power
Short Period Longer Period
Voltage Fluctuation
does not have since their input is independent of the output supply has voltage variation
Maintenance required?
No Need to refill water caps at regular intervals
Low High
Best models available in India
Apc 600va ups for home/pc Luminous zelio 1100 inverter for home
iball 621 ups for pc/cctv Microtek 24*7 hb 1125 va hybrid inverter for home

What are the common problems in the Electrical power lines?

What are the common problems in the electrical power lines
Image Source : signs

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) plays an ultimate role whenever the power shut downs takes place. If you want to know the whole concept of an UPS, there you should get to know the important factors, on which the problems tend to occur and the reason why they are occurring. Since we are facing a number of different power problems that tend to occur in the power lines safety, let us explain you the most common and important terms in detail here.

When the voltage sag occurs?

Decrease in the voltage – Whenever the problem of short circuit, overload or heavy load start-ups occur, there is a small period of reduction in the root mean square (rms) voltage. Hence voltage sag is occurred when the rms voltage reduces between 10 and 90 percent of nominal voltage range for one-half cycle to one cycle minute. Generally, the normal sag duration is from 0.5 cycle to a few seconds. Voltage sag is just an opposite condition of a voltage swell (voltage swell – increase in voltage).

Why surges are problem in electrical lines?

Surges are just an opposite to sag which is an increase in voltage above the normal voltage level. It may damage the electrical circuits of the device. Generally, it is being caused by lightning.

What voltage spikes?

Spikes are just a fast moving energy that occurs only a fraction of seconds in the electrical space in terms of electrical transients in voltage is called as voltage spikes. Voltage spikes can be referred to be known as the sustained over voltage.

How the blackout arises?

The scenario where the power shut down takes place for a momentary period of time to days, and then it is called power blackouts. Blackouts takes place during the condition of natural disasters like bad weather conditions, cyclones, electrical accidents, power failures in the station itself.

What are brownouts?

A sudden drop in voltage level for a certain period of time, whether it is planned or not, is meant to be brownout in terms of electrical power line problems. In case of an emergency need, it may be done by the electrical power stations to minimize the cause of a total sudden blackout.

What is electrical Transients and how it is minimized?

When there is a sudden change in the state of the normal flow of electrical signal, then it is said to be known as a transients otherwise known as oscillations which occurs only a short duration of time. Change in the electrical signal will create an unstable condition in the level of voltages. It results in the oscillation of the electrical power lines. Reasons for Electrical Transients – lightning strikes, power shut-down, tripping of circuit breakers, short circuits, heavy load powers, power problems in the main supply, etc.,

Importance of Harmonic distortions

Normally, harmonics is referred to as the frequency of the signal of a wave that is an integer multiple of the fundamental frequency. When there is an alteration (deviations in the wave form) in the harmonics, there occurs a harmonic distortion. It is measured in terms of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

“THD is the ratio of Sum of the Powers of all the Harmonic Components to the Power of the Fundamental Frequency”

(THD = Sum of the Powers of all the Harmonic Components / Power of the Frequent Frequency)

Why electrical noise should be avoided?

When there is an occurrence of an unusual disturbance in the electrical signal, then an unwanted sound is being produced by the electrical devices. It is said to be known as the electrical noise. It is considered to be known as the error or undesired disturbances in the communication systems.

When the frequency variation occurs?

The frequency of the main power supply has to be maintained in an appropriate level. It occurs while the load is supplied power with generator.

What are the alternate power supply solutions?

Sure, there are various alternative power supply solutions that keep your life going on brightly, shiningly.

Below are the alternate power supplies:-

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Inverter (DC Current Charge)
  • DG ( Generator Sets)
  • Voltage Stabilizer
  • Solar Power (Sunlight Charge)

Out of these solutions, the one that’s picking up the frenzy due to its affordable cost and compactness is the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

What is an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?

UPS— the abbreviated form of (Uninterruptible Power Supply) refers to an electronic device. As the name suggests, the UPS unit renders unceasing battery backup when the electrical power fails to an impermissible voltage volume.

A UPS monitors offers:-

  • Guaranteed power protection for connected devices
  • Immediate provision of clean battery back-up when power is interrupted,
  • Surge protection for plugged-in, sensitive devices in cases of frequent fluctuations
  • And most importantly your self-satisfaction

It depicts that not all UPS systems are produced equal or are created in a manner to provide adequate backup to different gadgets.

“Before having to buy a particular UPS unit, it’s crucial acquainting yourself with the various types of UPS products available and how they work.”

UPS differs in size from products created to protect a standalone computer system without a video monitor (about 200 VA rating) to bigger units powering whole of the data centres (>1MVA), premises (>300kVA), or production processes.

The size and configuration of a UPS identifies how long the system will supply power.

This means

  • Small UPS systems possess the power to provide power only for a few minutes; as much as necessary to power down a computer system in a systematic way
  • Larger UPS systems have as much as necessary battery to provide power for several hours
  • in goal-centric datacentres, UPS units are used to provide power for only a few minutes until electrical generators gain control

A UPS system is different from an emergency or supplementary power system or standby generator in that it will provide immediate or pretty quick protection from input power disturbances with the aid of one or more linked batteries and integrated electronic connections for low power users, and or by source of generators and flywheels for high power users.

The on-battery runtime of most UPS is comparatively short duration of 5–15 minutes being standard for smaller systems – but enough to sanction time to bring a supplementary power source online, or to appropriately shut down the safeguarded device.

Wherever the UPS system is used/applicable for?

Above we have listed the best UPS in general. Following are the purposes of UPS for specific applications and their best brands and models of UPS listed following the links. Uninterruptible Power Supply becomes an essential for both the commercial and industrial purposes as well. To avoid the unwanted and an unexpected power shutdowns of the electrical devices we are in need to of an UPS to be utilized.

How does an UPS system work?

The UPS device works by an electromagnetic mechanism of setting up to warn file servers to shut down in a systematic way when an outage happens, and the batteries are running out.Many of us who are engaged with emergency back-up power are usually been told to manage a number of complex systems that need particular attentiveness to parts, productivity and power Outage point

All said and told, there is been a lot to deal with, and it always helps to have some guidance for understanding the basics of these systems. While not just restricted to safeguard any specific kind of electrical device, a UPS is commonly incorporated to protect

  • Data centres
  • Wireless Networks (routers, modems)
  • Servers
  • Computers & Peripherals
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Mobile Devices
  • home appliances
  • business or telecommunication equipment
  • electrical equipment

where an unforeseen power disruption could cause seriously devastating injuries to business operations and/or data loss and of course make you unnecessarily sad for having to get the business mislay.

Different types of ups designs that work differently

Types of UPS design

In general, there are 3 classifications of modern UPS systems that are as follows:-

  • Standby/Off-Line
  • On-Line
  • Line Interactive

Now which type of UPS system is well-suited for your device will depend upon UPS Sizing calculation.

Thereby lets first get an idea how the different types of UPS vary from each other and how can they help your device to keep the working mode on in absence of electricity.

Standby/Offline UPS designLine interactive UPSOn-Line / Double Conversion UPS:

Standby/Offline UPS design

Ideal Application: Small home appliances

Also known as a break/fix type of UPS, with the standby/offline UPS, the load is straightaway powered by the input power while the backup power circuitry is only solicited when there is a failure in the utility power. Generally UPS under the electrical power of 1 kVA are of the standby/offline or the line-interactive variety which are generally less expensive.

It provides only the basic features of:

  • Battery Back-up
  • Surge Protection
  • isolation and disturbance depletion
  • converts AC to DC power that’s compatible with battery’s voltage and attributes

The Standby/Offline UPS (SPS) system turns on its internal DC-AC inverter circuitry when the incoming utility voltage drops down below an accepted level.

Powered from an internal storage battery, the SPS then mechanically switches the linked device on to its DC-AC inverter output with the maximum switch over time of 25 milliseconds. The switch over time directly depends on the time taken by the SPS to recognize the lost utility voltage.


  • Good Efficiency with the battery that’s not frequently used & provide short-term source of electrical power
  • maintained battery voltage with a rectifier/charger
  • Automatic switch to transfer load between utility and the inverter with least disturbance


  • Limited protection against spike and sag
  • Not always a reliable output
  • Takes a transfer time when main falls

Largely if you ask, the UPS is designed dependent on size of UPS connected load, sensitivity of the connected device to voltage fluctuations or specification to cover certain ranges of device, without any apparent drench or debilitation to that device.

Line interactive UPS

Ideal Application: Best for premises where you are not to safeguard mission critical devices and the utility power is passably clean. These can even be used for a smaller office.

Use: This type of UPS critically maintains the inverter in line and curves back the battery’s DC current track from the usual normal charging mode to supplying current when there is power loss.


  • Line-interactive UPS design has the capacity to tolerate continual over voltage surges and under voltage brownouts without even stuffing down the limited reserve battery power.
  • Changeable auto transformer tap
  • Usually Rated between 0.5 KVA and 5 KVA provide the main AC line to be clear from any transients and Trans pierces.
  • Have the superiority of low cost, compactness, and better output since it takes advantage of components already included
  • Efficiency of as much greater than as 97%,


  • Does not offer any voltage regulation during normal mode of operation.
  • Changing the auto transformer tap can induce a short, indeed very short output power disruption, so the UPS may make a canary critter for a moment, since shortly switches to the battery earlier than changing the selected power tap.

On-Line / Double Conversion UPS

Incorporating a “double conversion” strategy of undertaking AC input, amending to DC for transiting across the rechargeable battery, then inverting back to 120V/240V AC for powering the protected instruments.

Ideal Application:

  • arenas where electrical separation is required for appliances that are very sensitive to power fluctuations
  • common consumer equipment, supplying 500 watts or less
  • for massive installations of 10 kW or above

The basic technology of the online UPS monitor is similar to standby or Line-Interactive UPS, though it’s called Double-Conversion because of the rectifier directly driving the inverter to run continuously, even when charged from normal AC current.


  • During power loss, the rectifier just withdraws from the circuit and the batteries keep the power stable, thus preventing boiling off the electrolyte and overheating of the batteries
  • Highly reliable for protection against spike and sags, especially for sensitive electronic equipment.
  • provides long run times in a small space with the emergence of modern fuel cell UPS
  • Provides power with zero transfer time to the connected device, thereby most suitable for installations with mission critical devices, or in establishments with poor power conditions.
  • internal static bypass, that allows keeping critical loads online even if UPS has a major failure


  • Usually more expensive but may be inescapable during piercing power environment such as in factory settings, for devices with larger loads like data centres, or when functions from supplemented-run backup generator is required
  • costs much more than standby or Line-Interactive UPS
  • Overall declined efficiency since inverter always remains ON
  • More heat on UPS

“We also given you the best products of online/line-interactive ups based on their comparison.”

Q. What are the common electrical power problems occur?

A. Whenever the sag, surges, blackouts, brownouts, short circuits, wrong wirings, manual fault occurs, spike voltages or currents are some of the common electrical power problems that occurs in the power lines.

Q. How much backup time will I get for using the loads of 1 TV & set top box together?

A. While using the loads with apc be 700 y – 420 Watts, the inverter ups will provide the backup time of about approximately 25 – 35 minutes.