What is MainLine Stabilizer :

I am sure, most of us dont know what is Mainline stabilizer? and what is the need to use mainline stabilizer?. No worries let me explain with my best Mainline stabilizer samples. Most of the Indians suffer low voltage power. but here we face different situation. here the problem is power surge(increased power supply) to your electronic materials. This occurs due to mainline  power interference. This increased power supply severe problem then low voltage power supply. This is mandatory to be handled by us. Inorder to overcome this kind of issue we introduce this Mainline stabilizer. There are several types of Mainline stabilizer with different capacities. Here I have listed my mighty best mainline stabilizer brands in order to safeguard your valuable electronics.

We all know that air conditioners are one of the precious appliance to safe guard from voltage fluctuations, there are specialized stabilizers only of AC’s. I have a big list of best stabilizers for AC alone. If that is the case try The above page once

If you guys wants to look into best features for best voltage stabilizer for all home needs visit Top 10 Best Voltage Stabilizer for All Home Needs 2017

All Stabilizers for ACs also have Smart Time Delay feature, which gives breathing space & stabilizes the power supplying to the load, hence increases the Life of Appliances.

Just Have a look with my top rank holders of this category.

Even for LCD/LED TV voltage stabilizer to prevent from power fluctuation so no problem reviewsellers does the work for you to choose the best voltage stabilizer.

Best TV Stabilizers

The Best Mainline Stabilizer updated – Best Mainline stabilizer

Top 6 Mainline stabilizers in India 2018

Click Image to Zoom Product(Click to read reviews) PriceRange Where to Buy
Microtek Mainline Voltage Stabilizer  9000 – 11000 RS

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Spartan Microtek Eml3090 Mainline Voltage Stabilizer  6000 – 8000 Rs

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Spartan V-Guard VGMW 500 Voltage Stabilizer  for mainline 9000 – 11000 Rs

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V-Guard VGMW 800 Voltage Stabilizer  for mainline NA

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ZODIN Main Line Stabilizer upto 3 KVA  for mainline 10000 – 11000 Rs

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ZODIN Main Line Stabilizer for mainline 6000 – 8000 Rs

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Along with that voltage stabilizer for Air Conditioners for every home is more needed so you can choose best one by look into this  Voltage stabilizer for Air Conditioners 2017

Microtek EML 5090 Mainline Voltage Stabilizer (Best with 15 Amps) (90V ~ 300V)

Let us get into our top ranker brand Mircotek EML 5090 Mainline stabilizer. you will get to why I ranked this Stabilizer on top while reading the features.

“It has multiple bypass units to connect your electric appliances like tv, fridge, AC . so buy a single mainline stabilizer and protect all your electronic products with an ease. ..”

Microtek EML 5090 Voltage Stabilizer For Mainline (15 Amps) (90V ~ 300V)

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Price : 9000 to 11000 Rs

Reviews and Features–>

  • This energy efficient mainline stabilizer protects Air Conditioners against any type of voltage fluctuations that may occur daily. This comes with a power saver technology which reduces your power consumption there by reducing your daily expense.
  • Energy efficient Mainline stabilizer
  • this Mainline stabilizer comes with  power saver technology.
  • This stabilizer ensures high performance and better reliability during power cuts and fluctuations in voltage.
  • current overload and sudden spikes in currents are handled simply . even It does have any hard instalation procedures
  • It has a working range of 90-300V that offer optimally stabilized voltage to all equipment with the dimensions of 45 x 37 x 21 cm.

Spartan Microtek Eml3090  Mainline Voltage Stabilizer (90-300V for Best) (3Kva)

This is same as the previous mainline stabilizer but  comes with little less features.


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Price : 6000 Rs to  8000 Rs

Reviews and Features–>

  • This stabilizer has Intelli Microchip based Design.
  • This stabilizer has Silicon based Transistors
  • This stabilizer doesnt heat that much as it comes with Intelli Thermal Management.
  • This mainline stabilizer has 2 YEARS WARRANTY
  • Input Range: 170V to 270V /- 5V , 50hz

If you are looking out for TV – Best TV Stabilizers

All MICROTEK Digital Voltage Stabilizers are based on SAVE POWER Technology, and have many Unique Features which enabke them to give High Performance, Batter Reliability and SAVE Electricity. MICROTEK has complete Range of Energy Efficient Digital Voltage Stabilizers for Air-conditioners with various working Input Range, suitable for all kinds of Power and Voltage Conditions. 

Spartan V-Guard Best Mainline Voltage Stabilizer VGMW 500  (100-290 V )

This stabilizer was introduced by India’s top rated stabilizer manufacturer “V-Guard”. This stabilizer is a very tough competitor among all the listed mainline stabilizers..”

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Price : 9000 Rs to  11000 Rs

Reviews and Features–>

  • V-guard Mainline stabilizer has 500  Voltage Stabilizer (100-290 V)
  • V-guard stabilizers has a Input Range of  170V To 270V /- 5V , 50Hz
  • Mainline Stabilizer Input Range: 170V to 270V /- 5V , 50hz

V Guard  Mainline Voltage Stabilizer (100-290V)

VGMW 800 | 100-290V


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Price : NA

Reviews and Features–>

This pretty looking voltage stabilizer for mainline will be a good choice for an average sized family.

  • Input Range: 170V to 270V /- 5V , 50hz
  • Mainline Stabilizer Input Range: 170V to 270V /- 5V , 50hz

ZODIN Main Line Voltage Stabilizer upto 3 KVA  price below 11000 Rs

(50-280 V)- CVR-350


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Price : 10000 – 11000

Reviews and Features–>

Main line general purpose advanced features of this digital regulators withstands wide range of input voltage and comes with protections like input high/low voltage cut-off,over load and many other safety products.

Microtek Voltage Stabilizers provide protection to home appliances against voltage fluctuations, overload, and spike in currents. It is built on save power technology to give high performance during frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations. 

ZODIN Main Line voltage Stabilizer upto price 8000 rs

3 KVA (90-290 V)- DVR-390

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Price : 6000 – 8000 Rs

Reviews and Features–>

These voltage stabilizers provide protection against line noise, spike, thermal overload and voltage fluctuations. Made with superior quality material, these voltage stabilizers are highly durable

I hope you have got your kind of voltage stabilizer for mainline.  These are the best to my knowledge. please comment below if you have any suggestion and question to ask.

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