Best Stabilizer for 1.5 ton Inverter AC

“First-of-all, do you know why we need a stabilizer for Air Conditioners?”

Best Stabilizer for 1.5 ton Inverter AC

Power problems has become the most common and highly affected issue in our Country. It couldn’t be solved at once. A huge consequences will be created by this issue. Residentially you will suffer from the improper power supply, sudden switching on/off of the equipment, getting damaged of the devices, etc., It may lead to the permanent damage of the electrical equipment. There comes an economical loss for you.

“So there you will be in requirement of stabilizer for making the fluctuated voltage supply into the stabilized one.”

You may ask a question of why should I need to connect a stabilizer for a stabilizer free operation AC? Of course you don’t need to connect a stabilizer for this type of AC which comes with an inbuilt protection system. Air conditioners with this facility can able to withstand and rectify the fluctuating voltage supply from the mains and thus the stabilized voltage is given as an input to your AC. Though it comes with this facility, it can able to withstand only about a limited range that is specified by the Air Conditioners. However, beyond the range, it cannot work much effectively.

“Once you are decided to buy a stabilizer for your 1.5 ton Inverter AC, choose the one best suits your AC. Here I will let you know the best stabilizer for Inverter AC.”

V Guard VWI 400 Best stabilizer for 1.5 ton Inverter AC

v guard VWI 400 stabilizer for

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The ultimate requirement of stabilizer for 1.5 ton AC is that the model V Guard VWI 400 voltage stabilizer. The most commonly used by the Inverter AC users. It comes into the existence of usage only when the power supply reaches the worst case.

  • The V Guard inverter AC stabilizer comes with a heavy duty capacity up to 12 A with a smart digital display system. Thereby it is considered to be as the best single booster stabilizer for 1.5 ton AC.
  • Though the Inverter AC comes with an inbuilt protection system against the power problems; once if your AC withstanding voltage level crosses, then definitely you will be in need of stabilizer for making them to work properly and avoids the fluctuations as well.

“It is also best suitable for regular 1.5 ton AC.”

  • It has come up with a lot of features like wall mounting, digital display, utilization of microcontroller technology, specially designed IC is used, etc.,
  • ITDS – Intelligent Time Delay System protects the device from the sudden switching on after a power failure with leading a time delay system. It makes sure the proper balancing of time; thus prevents the equipment from permanent damages. (Time delay = 3 min +/- 20 sec)
  • The microcontroller, monitors the input voltage and acts instantly when there is a difference in the voltage or when the voltage fluctuates and stabilizes the voltage and gives input to the appliances.
  • It comes with the low/high voltage cut-off protection they protects the appliances from the sudden drops in the voltage or rise in the voltage. This prevents the AC by isolating the appliance during the hazardous voltage range.
  • The stabilizer comes up with the inbuilt thermal overload protection, which safeguards the AC from the rise in temperature due to an overload condition or due to the fault in the AC. There the stabilizer will cut-off to protect the equipment.
  • It is having an elegant cabinet design that well suits your interior. Also provided with wall mounting facility.

“Hereby we strongly recommend you to go for the option of V Guard VWI 400 voltage stabilizer for the 1.5 ton Inverter AC. It is also best single booster stabilizer that is available for Air Conditioners.”

Why we need a different stabilizer for 1.5 and 2 Ton AC?. All of us clearly know that 1.5 ton ac and and 2 ton AC are completed different, like wise we need a different stabilizer for both 1.5 and 2 AC. so That I have listed out the best AC stabilizers for 1.5 ton and 2 ton ac stabilizers.I will explain you clearly in coming topics.

1.5 Ton AC stabilizers-[Requires 4 Kva stabilizers]

2 Ton AC stabilizers-[Requires 5 Kva stabilizers]

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