Transform your lunchtime sarnie from so-so to soooo good with our pick of the best sandwich makers and grills. We tried out a selection of bread and panini with savoury and sweet fillings to find out which was the big cheese when it came to the crunch.

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that there are few things better to eat than the humble cheese toastie. Indulgent, satisfying and usually oozing, they really do make the best breakfast, lunch or dinner, come to thing of it. 

1.The Best Oster 2 slice sandwich

““Fits different sized breads and paninis, so easy to clean, just wipe over.”.Great panini maker, you can use it to do loads of things ie ciabatta, toasted sandwiches.”

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Automatic thermostat controlIndicator light

Reviews and Features–>

“Get a perfect grilling or sandwich making experience every time with Oster Sandwich Maker 2223”

  • Ostar sandwich maker is designed with Non-stick sandwich plate for easy clean-up
  • It is Vertical storage with non stick plate and it has locking latch for compact upright storage.
  • It has 700 watts and 220 volts operating voltage.
  • Ostar sandwich provides 2 years of warranty on product.. It has non-stick sandwich plate which gives you convenience of cleaning it everytime after you cook in it. To save space on your kitchen shelf . Automatic thermostat control for perfect sandwich recipe every time.

2. The Best Prestige sandwich toaster

“it’s nice to see that the original is still doing the business. This machine got our sandwiches just right – deliciously hot and crisp, with sealed edges meaning zero mess even with stuffed-full sarnies. ..”

“This device is and safe, making it the perfect kitchen appliance. You can use multiple varieties of breads to grill or toast in this device. To prevent your sandwich from getting overcooked or burnt, this device comes with a light indicator which informs you of the progress of your sandwich.”

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user-friendly and safeHeat Resistant Body

Reviews and Features–>

Make the most delicious grilled and toasted sandwiches with the Prestige sandwich maker.

  • Prestige sandwich toaster has Fixed grill plates and Non-stick heating plate
  • It has Elegant black finish body.
  • keeping the outer body cool and safe to touch.
  • It has Adjustable Height Control to Clean Plates and has 800W Power Consumption ,200-240V Operating voltage.

Its sleek, black body also comes with a lock to prevent it from opening while grilling. Also, you can buy sandwich maker online and make delicious sandwiches.

This kitchen appliance is safe and user-friendly. It is built with a sturdy, heat-resistant body, . Moreover, it also features an anti-skid base which prevents slipping and accidents. You can read the Prestige sandwich maker review to understand what it has to offer.

3.The Best Nova  2 slice sandwich

“Try a bread toastie for starters, grill a steak panini for main, then press up a golden waffle for pud – all with one machine. There’s a deep-fill toastie maker available in the range, which is also brilliant value…”

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Quick  Heat Resistant Body

Reviews and Features–>

“Make the most delicious grilled and toasted sandwiches with the Nova Panini Grill maker”

  • Nova sandwich has Grilling function and has Cool touch body with Non-stick coating
  • It also has a features of lid lock and it consumes up to 700 Watts of power.
  • Nova sandwic has a cord  cord length of 1.2 meters .
  • Nova provides 1 year of warranty on product2 Slice panni grill sandwich maker
    Warranty: 1 year on product
  •  This appliance has a cool-touch body and can easily accommodate up to two bread slices. Prepare a quick and healthy snack in the comfort of your home with the least effort. The toasting and grilling functions allow you to make an assorted variety of crisp and delicious sandwiches. This appliance has awhich lets you place at a distance from the power socket.
  •  This device is user-friendly and safe, making it the perfect kitchen appliance. You can use multiple varieties of breads to grill or toast in this device.
  • This is helpful in showing you the progress of your sandwiches, which prevents them from getting burnt.

4.The Best Prestige  sandwich toaster

You can easily prepare delicious sandwiches of varied fillings for your family and friends using this electronic sandwich maker.Along with being safe and easy to use, it is a welcome addition to your collection of kitchen appliances...”

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Convenient to use #1 Best Seller

Reviews and Features–>

“Make sandwich making simplified with the help prestige sandwich toaster”

  • Best sandwich toaster designed with Non-stick heating plate and with Elegant black finish body
  • It consumes 800 watts power and 220-240 volts operating voltage.
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  •  You can use this electric sandwich maker to quickly prepare toasted sandwiches. Non-stick coated plates in the Prestige sandwich maker allow you to use less oil or butter. This lets you prepare healthier sandwiches for breakfast and snack time.
  • Sleek Looking and Convenient to Use

5.The Best Hyundai  sandwich maker white

“The Hyundai Atom HTA02WSP-DBH Sandwich Maker requires very less power to operate, something as low as 750 watts. Thus, you need not worry about a soaring electricity bill as well…”

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Skid resistant feet Thermostatically controlled

Reviews and Features–>

If you are much into sandwiches and looking for a sandwich maker for those instant, tasty sandwiches, you must immediately consider of getting yourself a sandwich maker.

“Hyundai Atom HTA02WSP-DBH Sandwich Maker Lets you Enjoy Instant Sandwiches”

  • Hyundai sandwich maker is perfectly designed with Non-stick hi-grade coated baking plate
  • It has Light Indicators: Red for power/heater; green for grill ready or cut off
  • It consumes 750 watts power and 220-240 volts operating voltage.
  • Hyundai provides 6 months of warranty on product.

A sandwich maker is always the best option to save time while making your favourite food, as making a sandwich in a frying pan or any other utensil is not an easy task and may not end up well. So, grab this very useful Hyundai Atom HTA02WSP-DBH Sandwich Maker right now.

6.The Best Nova  2 slice sandwich

“The lid lock enables just the perfect grill for your sandwich. Includes: sandwich maker ,manual and Recipe booklet .Grill A Sandwich Make the most delicious grilled and toasted sandwiches with the Nova Panini Grill maker. ..”

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Consumes Less PowerSuperior quality

Reviews and Features–>

“Sandwiches make excellent mid-day meals and are great snacks to pack when going for picnics or short trips with family. So get this sandwich maker from Nova and make crispy and delicious sandwiches with ease. “

  • Nova designed with  non-stic coating.
  • Nova provides 2 years of warranty on product.
  • It has  1000 watts Power and  210-250 volts Operating voltage

7.The Best Philips  sandwich maker

“This is a good choice if you’d like to use the gadget for more than just toasted sandwiches. ..”

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Reviews and Features–>

  • Philips sandwich maker is designed with Easy push down lock system and specially non stick coating makes cleaning easier
  • Vertical, compact storage and high power for fast heating up, ready to cook light
  • Cord winding facility, cool touch handle and rubber fit ensure it stays in one place
  • It has  820 watts Power consumption,Non-stick Coating,Toasting Function,Cut and Seal Plate

8.The Best Tosaa non stick sandwich toaster

“This Sandwich toaster comes with an stylish handles which can be used very comfortably..”

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Reviews and Features–>

“Sandwich Toaster is great for fireplaces, firepits, BBQ and Campfires, Makes tasty hot roasted sandwiches”.

  • Tosaa sandwich toaster is designed with Non-stick coated surface ensures low fuel consumption.
  • Do not use on high flame, do not use sharp object for scrapping, do not use abrasive pads, use gentle or mild soap for cleaning, clean thoroughly after every use, streamlined handle for care free operation.
  • Handle if found loose can be fixed by removing and again by inserting handle by matching the thread of screw and handle.

Important: Clean your Tosaa Die-cast cookware with warm soapy water using plastic scrubber/ sponge after each use to prevent oil deposition.

9.The Best Prestige grill sandwich

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Easy to clean#1 Best Seller

Reviews and Features–>

  • Prestige Grill sandwich is designed with non-stick plates
  • It is very Easy to clean which makes your work simple
  • It has Comfortable front handle for convenience

10.The Best Bajaj majesty  toaster

“The Bajaj Majesty new SWX 4 grill toaster is designed keeping in mind the needs of a modern lifestyle. With a stylish white body that is cool to the touch and a black non-stick plating grill for toasting bread, it is very easy and convenient to use…”

” With multiple features and a reasonable price, this Bajaj grill toaster will be a functional addition to your kitchen.”

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Cool touch body Stable

Reviews and Features–>

  • Bajaj majesty toaster is designed with Non-stick coated cooking plates for easy cleaning
  • It Stands upright for compact storage and also has neon indicator.
  • It has power consumption of 750 watts.It is Modern design and easy to use.

With toasted brown breads becoming the staple breakfast for many nuclear families, the onus is on a good quality toaster that can work fast and effectively.  Due to the non-stick plated grill, cleaning is easy too.

Effective Heating and Compact Storage

This Bajaj grill toaster is fast and efficient. With power on and ready-to-cook neon indicators on the exterior top panel, you can easily find out the exact time to tuck your bread in to get that perfect crust on top.

11.The Best Oster  panini silver

“A more complete sandwich with which you can prepare not only sandwiches, but also cooking foods such as meat and vegetables, can be fully opened (180°) for use as a flat grill..”

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Heat resistant handleLong Lasting

Reviews and Features–>

  • Oster panini silver Opens upto 180 degree for a flat grill and Easy to use control dial
  • It has designed with 2 in 1 functionality – serves as both Panini Maker and Flat Grill
  • It has better option of Adjustable top height and LED ready light indicator
  • Oster has Drip Tray to collect extra oil and fats with non Stick grill surface
  • It has power consumption of 1500 watts and 220-240 volts operating voltage.
  • Oster provides 2 years of warranty on productIncludes

12.The Best Morphy richards  sandwich silver

“I also love the way the plates come out for easy washing. Takes the pain of cleaning out of having a toasted sandwich”..”

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Neon IndicatorComfortable front handling

Reviews and Features–>

  • Morphy sandwich maker has best option of Removable toast and grill plate with non-stick cook plates which is easy to clean.
  • It has power consumption of 750 watts and 230 volts operating voltage.
  • Morphy provides 2 years of warranty on product.

13.The Best Nova  sandwich

“With a fast heat-up time and non-stick plates, the Sandwich Press is ideal for a quick homemade snack on lazy days.You can also use the machine to whip up delicious omelettes and calzones. ..”

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Cool touch handle

Reviews and Features–>

  • Nova sandwich is designed with  cut and seal plates and Vertical storage with sandwich plate and teflon.
  • It provides 1 year of warranty on product.
  • It provides power consumption of 750 watts and 210-250 volts operating voltage

14.The Best Bajaj majesty  sandwich toaster

“A great choice for students on a budget, this interchangeable sandwich toaster can be used to make two toasties at once and features non-stick plates which are easy to clean..”

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Cool touch body

Reviews and Features–>

  • Bajaj Majesty is designed with Non-stick coated cooking plates for easy cleaning
  • It Stands upright for compact storage
  • It provides 2 years of warranty on product.
  •  They make the product effortless to use and ensure that you get the ideal toast.

“To ensure the safety of the user, the toaster comes with a handle to protect you from burns while opening and closing it. All in all, this Bajaj Swx 3 sandwich toaster comes across as a great choice.”

The Bajaj Toaster comes with a two year warranty and is available in the colour white. The Bajaj Sandwich Toaster, with its user-friendly features, is a hard-wearing product and can satisfy your hunger with a light toasted snack.

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