“There is no better way to keep a yourself cool than a fan. Air conditioners have their place, but they are loud and they suck down power at a frightening rate. Fans, on the other hand, work with our body’s built-in cooling mechanisms, can be nearly silent, and gently sip power, barely affecting our energy bills. So, whether you have air conditioning or not, you want to own a good desk fan.”

“to help you in your selection process, we have narrowed down the search to only models that we think are the best in terms of design, cost and performance. A lot of research has been done to come up with this list. Therefore be assured that any model you choose will be worth every penny you spent.”

The Best ceiling Fan Brand for Home 2017

Product(Click to read reviews)Click To Zoom Productbest place to purchase                                 >
Bajaj Ultima PT01 48 Watt Table Buy On Amazon
Usha Maxx Air 400mm Table Buy On Amazon
Usha Maxx Air 400mm Table Buy On Amazon
Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Buy On Amazon
Havells I Cool 175mm Personal Fan Buy On Amazon
SUPER 5590 Powerful Rechargeable lights   Buy On Amazon
Havells Sprint 400mm 55 Watt Pedestal Buy On Amazon
Havells Birdie 230mm Personal Black Buy On Amazon
Havells Swing Platina 400mm White Buy On Amazon
Usha Mist Air 400mm Pedestal Buy On Amazon
Orient Electric Wall Fan White Buy On Amazon
Usha Maxx Air Table Blue Buy On Amazon
ApeCases%C3%82 Powerful Rechargeable USB Fan Buy On Amazon
Havells Swing 300mm Wall White Buy On Amazon
Havells Platina 400mm Remote White Buy On Amazon
Eveready RF03 Table Fan Buy On Amazon
V Guard Finesta Remote Pedestal Yellow Buy On Amazon

“As this spring has revealed, you can never quite tell when an unexpected hot spell might come your way. So get prepared with one of our recommended cooling fans.”

Top 20 Best Air cooler for home use 2017

1. The Best Bajaj ultima table

“Bajaj Ultima PT01 200 mm Personal Fan comes equipped with a powerful motor for higher air delivery. This high speed fan is fitted with aerodynamically designed PP blades. “

Buy On Amazon

#1 Best SellerHigher Air Delivery

Reviews and Features–>

  • Bajaj table fan is a n elegant high speed fan with modern looks
  • Bajaj has Powerful motor for higher air delivery, specially designed for Indian conditions
  • It has Aerodynamically designed PP blades and Compact design with powder coated guards
  • It Sweeps  200mm and 2300 RPM ,50 CMM Air delivery.
  • Bajaj provides 1 year manufacturer warranty.

2.The Best Usha  table Fan

“With overactive heaters during the cold winter months and sweaty summers with oppressive heat, these fans will prove useful all year-round. This is an effective fan which comes with four wings providing excess air...”

Buy On Amazon

Decorative styleUniform oscillation

Reviews and Features–>

  • Usha Table fan has Novel base design and will have high air delivery.
  • It is Aerodynamically designed semi transparent PP blades.
  • It has 55 watts power consumption and 230 volts operating voltage.
  • Usha fan provides 1 year of warranty on product.

3.The Best Usha table Fan

“The Usha Maxx air table fan white has a wide set of features for delivering high performance. It has aerodynamically designed semi-transparent blades that enable better and faster airflow. This  The motor overheat protection feature prevents thermal overload so that it does not consume excessive power…”

Buy On Amazon

#1 Best Seller  Energy Saving

Reviews and Features–>

“Great features, low energy consumption and superb looks make this decorative table fan a great choice.”

  • It has the same features which mentioned above for usha table fan but it has some special advantage it driven by powerful motor that gives an impressive performance with 400mm sweep and air delivery of 85cmm,
  • The fan also features a pivot design that allows jerk-free and smooth oscillation for uniform air supply.
  • Exceptionally convenient as you can place them in any room for instant relief from the sweltering heat.
  • Usha Maxx air fan also has an oil reservoir lubrication feature, which ensures prolonged life of the components of the fan and keeps it performing flawlessly.

4.The Best Usha maxx air pedestal

” They have a number of features that make them desirable cooling tools, Every penny you spent for this makes sense. its worth of buying..”

Buy On Amazon

Consumes less powerFaster Air flow

Reviews and Features–>

  • Usha is Pedestal fan with high air delivery and Aerodynamically designed semi transparent PP blades
  • It has Unique oil reservoir lubrication for better reliability and longer life
  • It is specially designed with Jerk-free and uniform oscillation
  • It has power consumption of 55 watts and 230 volts operating voltage.
  • Usha provides 2 years of warranty on product from date of purchase.

5.The Best Havells i cool personal fan

“Havells is a great innovator in the world of fans. This table fan is one of its top models that utilizes the company’s tis best Technology to deliver maximum airflow…”

“you can mount it on the wall, fix it to the ceiling or place it on the table. Havells has designed a unique propeller that ensures that you get good air flow throughout the room.”

Buy On Amazon

Low Noisy levelUnique propeller

Reviews and Features–>

“If you have a small office or need better ventilation for your cabin, then you need a portable and powerful fan that delivers a powerful cooling effect with lesser power consumption. “

  • Havells has Built in handle for easy portability
  • It is designed with Two step speed control for any circulation needs
  • HAvells i cool fan has Unique multi-directional adjustment for desired wind flow
  • Universal fan which can be mounted on table/wall/ceiling
  • It has Unique propeller, deep pitched blades and power air through air guide and it Delivers Efficient Cooling

The Havells I Cool cabin fan is one of the most popular fans from Havells. It has two step speed controls and multidirectional adjustment for easy 90 degree rotation in the vertical plane and 360 degree rotation in the horizontal plane. At the same time, unlike most cabin fans, this Havells cabin fan has a silent operation that allows you to concentrate on your work minus the distracting noise.

6.The Best Super  powerful rechargeable lights

“The plug is fused to protect the fan against power surge. This fan features an easy tool-free assembly for added convenience…”

Buy On Amazon

Power FanLow Cost

Reviews and Features–>

“JY Super 5590 Rechargeable Fan with 21 Led is very useful in summer and will work as both Light and Fan.”

  • It has 21 LED bright white light and Works on AC-DC
  • Potable to carry and it Can keep on Floor or Hanged to wall
  •  It is easy to carry any ware. Best performance and comfort with very low cost.Needs to be charged properly at least for 6 hours to get full speed

7.The Best Havells sprint  pedestal Fan

” This Havells pedestal fan works on 55W of power, making it an efficient performer even even at a low voltage. With a speed of 1350rpm, this compact Havells blue pedestal fan is a good choice…”

Buy On Amazon

Strong MotorLow voltage Performance

Reviews and Features–>

” The Havells Sprint pedestal fan is a pure example of efficiency in performance and stylish looks along with rock steady balance and has faster air circulation”

  • Havells sprint has Smooth oscillation and has heavy base for stability
  • It has high power consumption of 55 watts and has Superior Motor for Steady Performance
  • Havells provides 2 years of warranty on product.It can be placed at anywhere whether it is the extreme end of a room or an outdoor lawn for a get together.

“Stylish Controls and Efficient Energy Saver”

8.The Best Havells birdie  personal black

” It can easily tilt to direct airflow where it is needed most. It is a light fan that comes with a carry handle to allow for easy transportation…”

” This personal fan can be easily carried to any of your rooms, or even on outdoor occasions such as picnics. The fan has 3 leaf blades made of tough ABS plastic with aerofoil section to provide you better air efficiency. “

Buy On Amazon

Energy EfficientLight weight Body

Reviews and Features–>

“Havells is a multi-purpose fan is the ideal way to stay stress free.If you are looking for a compact personal fan, then the Havells multiuse fan is definitely a good choice.”

  • Havells fan has Powerful energy efficient 2 pole capacitor type motor to deliver strong air blast at 2800 RPM with nominal power consumption.
  • HAvells provides you a strong blast of air at a speed of 2800rpm and also provides fast cooling.
  • It is Aerodynamically designed 3 leaf ABS blade with aerofoil section for maximum air efficiency
  • HAvells is a Unique rocker design to allow 360 degree rotation of fan head both in horizontal and vertical plane
  • Has Elegant spiral mesh guard with guard ring adorned with show cap gives a touch of grace
  • Havells provides 2 years of warranty on product from the date of purchase.

9. The Best Havells swing platina white

“This fan features a strong and sturdy build that . The Havells wall mounted fan has a stylish white design along with an eye catching control switch gives that would complement any décor…”

Buy On Amazon

#1 Best SellerJerk free oscillation

Reviews and Features–>

“this Havells Swing Platina wall fan white would provide greater and speedy air flow, making it an ideal choice for any home or office.This low power consumption would help reduce your energy bills while keeping you cool and comfortable.”

  • Havells has  smooth running capability with 1350 RPM and has Superior low voltage performance
  • It is Aerodynamically designed balanced heavy duty PP blades and delivers air at 72 CMM.
  • It also rates high in durability and has a combination of attractive features and performance.
  • Havells fan offers high performance even at low voltages. It consumes 50W of power and also reduces noise.

10.The Best Usha mist air  pedestal

“This pedestal fan comes with some cutting edge features like motor over-heating protection and a unique oil-reservoir lubrication, making it reliable and durable for long-term use…”

Buy On Amazon

over-heat auto protection longer life

Reviews and Features–>

“The Usha pedestal fan helps you bear soaring summer temperatures. With the powerful motor, this fan keeps your home well ventilated and cool”

” Usha Pedestal fan  also provides instant cooling. You can conveniently move this portable fan around your home and install it in any of your rooms. Featuring three broad blades, the fan increases the airflow in the room.

  • Pedestal fan is designed with  powerful motor for higher air delivery
  • Usha mist air pedestal specially designed with Unique oil reservoir lubrication for better reliability
  • It has special feature of Jerk-free and uniform oscillation
  • Usha fan provides 1 year of warranty on product from the date of purchase.
  • It has good power consumption capability of 55 watts and  230 volts Operating voltage

11.The Best Orient electric wall fan white

” Maximum airflow is guaranteed by its Technology. The fan has a pivoting head that facilitates multi-directional airflow. ..”

Buy On Amazon

#1 Best Seller Less Voltage Fluctuation

Reviews and Features–>

“When u buy Orient fan no need to  worry about the soaring electricity bills. You can buy the Orient fan online at an affordable price and enjoy cool breeze even on a hot summer\’s day.”

  • Orient Wall Fan 16″ white will provides cool air with 1330 RPM and has 3 Blade Wall Fan white Color
  • Orient fan provides 2 years of warranty on product.

12.The Best Usha maxx air table blue

” the Usha table fan will provide uniform and cool air circulation even over wider spaces, making it a useful pick for your living rooms. ..”

Buy On Amazon

Light Weight Funtions with silent operation

Reviews and Features–>

“Stay cool even during scorching summers with the Usha Maxx Air table fan”

  • Usha fan is specially designed to have best oscillation for air movement and has Wide air circulation.
  • It sweeps 400mm and has 17 watts power consumption and 230 volts operating voltage
  • Usha provides  1 year of Warranty on product

13.The Best Apecases powerful rechargeable usb fan

“This is one of the best selling fan because of  its trending factor, That it is an rechargable fan using USB..”

Buy On Amazon

High Quality  High winds and long life

Reviews and Features–>

  • It has Standard USB interface, can mix and match digital devices, such as: desktop computers, laptops, USB connector, car charger and so on, plug and play
  • With re-chargeable battery lasts upto 2-3 hours (depending upon the speed) Three speed settings, Extremely strong built
  • It is built withLength – 5.51 inches Breadth- 4.21 inches.
  • It has Intelligent control system,reliable performance,which is fully functional and easy operation.
  • Easy to replace USB connector easy to charge with any USB power outlet High efficiency and low loss.

14.The Best Havells swing  wall white

“This wall mounted fan has a sturdy and stylish base that consists of all the controls displayed on it and makes it convenient to use. Along with providing cool breeze, the Havells wall fan would also look attractive when installed in your house…”

Buy On Amazon

Good air flowCool breeze

Reviews and Features–>

“Havells Swing wall fan has a powerful motor, capable of delivering fast fan speeds that makes it an ideal choice for your homes as well as office”

  • Havells fan Elegantly designed fan base and has Pull cord control for speed and oscillation on-off
  • It is Aerodynamically designed and balanced blades with 1330 RPM speed and 45CMM air delivery.
  • Havells provides 2 years of warranty on product.

15.The Best Havells platina  remote white

“You can easily mount this fan on any wall in your home and fill the room with cool air. Install this fan in your kitchen and ensure that you are cool and comfortable while cooking. Its well known for its slim size..”

Buy On Amazon

Low voltage Performance/su_label]slim and sturdy design

Reviews and Features–>

“Enjoy some cool breeze with the Havells Platina wall fan.You can buy this oscillating wall fan with remote online and cool off during the hot season.”

  • Havells is an elegant white fan that is sure to add to the great looks of your room and it delivers air at a minimum speed of 72 cubic metre per minute.
  • It comes with a remote control that makes it convenient to use and sweeps a distance of 400mm and works at a high speed of 1360rpm to provide you with optimal air flow

16.The Best Eveready  table fan

” It has a powerful motor that can be set to low, medium and high speed. The fan head can easily tilt and oscillate through an 85-degree angle to guarantee maximum coverage…”

Buy On Amazon

Deep discharge protection

Reviews and Features–>

  • Eveready Table fan is the best fan which can work during power cuts as well
  • It has Maintenance free rechargeable solution and has SMPS Charging for faster charge
  • It is designed with Night glow switch and  4.5-8 hours Backup Fan

17.V guard finesta remote pedestal yellow

“It comes with a remote controlled technology, which is suitable for our parents and elders..”

Buy On Amazon

Reviews and Features–>

“This fan is sure to be a boon in the hot summers with the rising heat”

  • VGuard sweeps  400mm.
  • VGuard provides 1 year of warranty on product.


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