There is no doubt pressure cookers save you time and money. They allow meals to be cooked 70% faster than conventional cooking and when it comes to preparing healthy meals, this gadget is efficient and energy saving. It is no wonder they are growing in popularity. But where to start? There are so many choices out there. We have put together this shopping guide to help you navigate through the choices, making deciding much easier. Assisting you in finding the very best product to suite all your cooking needs.

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Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker Buy On Amazon
Pigeon Favourite Aluminium Pressure Cooker Buy On Amazon
Pigeon Belita Anodized Cooker 4 Pieces Buy On Amazon
Hawkins CB15 Anodised Pressure 1 5 Liter Buy On Amazon
Prestige Aluminium Pressure 2 Pieces Charcoal Buy On Amazon
Hawkins Aluminum Pressure Cooker Litres Buy On Amazon
Prestige Deluxe Induction Anodized Pressure Buy On Amazon
Prestige Nakshatra Aluminium Pressure Cooker Buy On Amazon
Hawkins Aluminium Pressure Cooker Litres Buy On Amazon
Prestige Deluxe Induction Anodized Pressure Buy On Amazon
Prestige Nakshatra Anodised Aluminium Pressure Buy On Amazon
Pigeon Deluxe Aluminium Pressure Cooker Buy On Amazon

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1.The Best Pigeon favourite induction aluminium pressure

” Great heat distribution meant that the steam regulated well so there’s no need to tend it too closely. This product has been designed with practical cooking in mind, even down to a larger veg basket with a handle on it…”

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High quality aluminium

Reviews and Features–>

This versatile cooking utensil is a must-have for all kitchens and will make cooking easier and faster.Owing to its size, it can be conveniently stored in your kitchen racks.

  •  Pigeon model is convenient to use and can be used for both boiling and slow cooking food.
  • The outer lid easily fit locks and covers the food while cooking.
  • The premium quality aluminium evenly distributes the heat and ensures that the food is cooked faster.
  • Pigeon provides 5 years of warranty on product.

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2. The Best Prestige popular aluminium pressure cooker

“Prestige get tops marks for thorough explanations, giving the cook a broad understanding of how different foods work so you don’t need to stick slavishly to a recipe. We liked the simplicity and sleekness of the design and its comparatively lightweight feel. It’s also available in stainless steel…”

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Durable Quality Material

Reviews and Features–>

virgin aluminium used in this pressure cooker ensures zero contamination so that you can cook and serve the tastiest and healthiest dishes to your loved ones

  • Cook delicious dishes in an instant with the Prestige Popular 3-litre aluminium pressure cooker.
  • Metallic safety plug,Gasket release system.
  • combined with the metallic safety plug which releases excess built-up steam.

3.The Best Pigeon favourite aluminium pressure cooker

“There’s no trivet or basket either which we think are essentials for vegetables and joints of meat. However at this price, you could buy these separately and still save money. A good, reliable pressure cooker…”

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Best Quality and Modern Design Bakelite handle for proper gripping

Reviews and Features–>

If you are looking for a high-quality pressure cooker to meet your daily cooking needs, here is a wonderful option from the house of Pigeon

  • Made from superior quality virgin aluminium and has four level of safety which is  Strong, sturdy and durable
  • Ergonomic Bakelite handle for ease of use.
  • Pigeon provides 5 years of warranty on product

4. The Best Pigeon belita anodized cooker

“The durable non-stick surface on this pan added extra versatility and we were able to make a surprisingly good risotto. It proved very easy to clean too…”

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scratch resistantCeramic coating

Reviews and Features–>

The Pigeon Belita super cooker set is a uniquely designed and highly functional version of an Indian handi, which can be used for cooking as well as serving.All-in-one cooker

  • Belita – a cook and serve pressure cooker made of toughened glass with stainless steel rim that adorns to serve-in-style .
  • The pressure cooking lid is made of food grade stainless steel considering hygiene, durability, ease of maintenance .
  • Unique pair of user-friendly short handles on either side made of bakelite, make up for a compact dine ware
  •  This set consists of a Pigeon 3 litre super cooker pot, a strainer lid, a pressure cooking lid and a serving lid.

5.Hawkins anodised pressure 1 5 liter

“This Hawkinfs microwave pressure cooker can still make enough food for 3-4 people. It’s so easy to use, from the instructions right through to completed dish. ..”

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Stylish and Highly DurableMore energy-efficient

Reviews and Features–>

” All in one super cooker, you can serve in style and with sureness as the lids and the pot have been manufactured using high-quality materials, which are reliable enough to be used every day.”

  • Hard anodised body with stainless steel lid and it  heats faster
  •  Does not corrode or react with food.
  • Its transparent serving lid is made of toughened glass with stainless steel rim, which preserves the aroma and heat in the dish

6.The Best Prestige aluminium pressure Cooker

” this set is ideal if you want to cook more than one thing in the pressure cooker or don’t feel like washing a big pot for smaller quantities…”

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Has pressure indicator 

Reviews and Features–>

Prestige  is the only cooker range your kitchen will ever need.

  • Unique laddle holder.
  • Induction and gas compatible with Unique pressure cooker lid.
  • lid comes with a  that also acts as a lock ensuring maximum safety while pressure cooking.
  • It has been manufactured using virgin aluminium and has been given a scratch-resistant ceramic coating.

7.The Best Hawkins aluminum pressure cooker

“A remarkable feature of this pressure cooker is that it enables users to save around 53 percent time and fuel. Food prepared in this Hawkins cooker is quite healthy as cooking takes place at a temperature of sterilization, and its cooking speed helps the food in retaining its nutritive value. ..”


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High-quality metalEnergy-efficient

Reviews and Features–>

“This pressure cooker features a leak-proof system that prevents liquids and food items like dal or curries from spilling out. With a capacity of 1.5 litres, this Hawkins aluminum pressure cooker is suitable while cooling for a small family. Moreover, a noteworthy feature of this cooker is that it saves around 53 percent cooking time and fuel, proving to be . By minimizing the cooking time this pressure cooker also retains the nutritive value of food. You can also use this convenient-to-clean cooker for sterilising baby bottles. This cooker comes with a manufacturer\’s warranty for five years.”

  • Reliable pressure cooker that will not leak.
  • Convenient and Comfortable to Use and it is highly reliable and leakproof
  • Hawkins pressure cooker is non-toxic also has sturdy handles and lets you regulate the pressure, ensuring the right amount of steam is released.

8.The Best Prestige deluxe induction anodized pressure

Very good pressure cooker, bought to replace old aluminium one. Works well on my induction hob too...”

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scratch resistant Low Cost

Reviews and Features–>

” Enables you to cook delicious dishes in a smart way at the highest level of safety through its Pressure Indicator and Comfortable handles

  • Deluxe Plus Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker gives you the convenience of aluminium cookers and   comes with induction base which can work on any heat source.
  • Pressure cooker giving a visible indication to safely open the cooker and has Induction bottom

9.The Best Prestige aluminium pressure cooker

“The quality it outstanding… The way it seals and the way you release it is straightforward and exceptionally well made. “

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#1 Best Seller highest level of safety

Reviews and Features–>

A pressure cooker is an essential equipment that you need for daily cooking needs

  • Faster and healthier cooking with compact size Prestige cooker.
  • Retains nutrients and flavors in cooked foods with Anti-bulge basePressure regulator This range of pressure cookers is designed to withstand the rigour of indian cooking for a long time making it ideal for cooking and serving. These pressure cookers offers the  in inner lid pressure cookers.

10.The Best Hawkins aluminium pressure cooker

“”It cooked my dish in the shortest time, which was impressive, but it was bulky…”

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Good Quality

Reviews and Features–>

  • Reliable pressure cooker that will not leak and Well-made by Hawkins
  • Trouble-free service and is totally safe
  • Hawkins aluminium pressure cooker provides 5 years of warranty on productMiss Mary is a well-made and reliable pressure cooker that will not leak. It will give trouble-free service and is totally safe. Miss Mary Pressure Cookers go through all the applicable rigorous checks and tests as are applied on other pressure cookers manufactured by Hawkins and are quality-certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (popularly known as ISI). Recommended for use on gas stoves. Please note that this model is only available in India.

11.The Best Prestige deluxe induction anodized pressure

“It comes with a steaming basket, I love the shape and one-hand operation,..”

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#1 Best Seller

Reviews and Features–>

  • Prestige designed with Pressure indicator and Induction bottom.
  • Has Comfortable handles and Heavier bodyDeluxe Plus Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker gives you the convenience of aluminium cookers and the strength of anodisation, making it scratch resistant, stain resistant and stick resistant.
  • This Pressure Cooker comes with induction base which can work on any heat source and enables you to cook delicious dishes in a

12.The Best Prestige  aluminium pressure

” smart way at the highest level of safety through its Pressure Indicator which rises above the lid under pressure and drops when the pressure inside falls to zero, giving a visible indication to safely open the cooker….”

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Low Cost

Reviews and Features–>

  • Prestige designed with Anti-bulge induction base and pressure regulator.
  • It has unique shape and Metallic safety plug.
  • It designed with a wide mouth for ease of cooking and offering the highest level of safety in inner lid pressure cookers.

13.The Best Pigeon aluminium pressure cooker

“it saves fuel and time giving you pleasant cooking experience in your kitchen. The cookware are designed for  and the long and short handles are for stay cool and comfortable cooking time…”

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Quick heating Saves Time

Reviews and Features–>

  • Made from best quality aluminium and Injection moulded, user friendly handles
  • Pigeon gaskets are made from superior quality, food grade nitrile rubber.
  • Pigeon provides 5 years of warranty on product.Pigeon cookware reduces normal cooking time without imparting the taste of food.

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