“Chimney is the Lungs of your Kitchen”


re you people are in a very confusing state for searching a best chimney for your kitchen use
Don’t feel this is not that much arduous task because you are in a right place that we are here to guide you to select the best kitchen chimney based upon your requirements.

Every kitchenette must includes chimney. That’s a basic need! Now a days in these modern world people cannot live without modern technology, so a ascendable kitchen without the best kitchen chimney is known as an insufficient kitchen. Right now India is manufacturing top most kitchen brands and also best kitchen chimneys that they provide New advanced features and functionalities, elegant design, royal look. If you put forth these chimneys, your kitchen looks more beautiful and stylish.

buying tips for chimney
Before you buy a chimney —> Let’s see what are the best brands, what are all the factors that you must look for, what is the best type of chimney is most comfortable for your kitchen.Our Buying tips to choose the best one according to your needs, and finally which is the best kitchen chimney at Affordable prices ranges.

kitchen chimney features

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Do we really need Kitchen Chimney?

    • A chimney is like a vertical structure or a pipe which is used to absorbs combustion gases, smoke, fumes from a boiler, gas stoves, furnace or fireplace to outside through the piped duct in the roof of a building.
    • Some chimneys are either vertical or almost vertical which is known as stack or chimney that easily flows the gases.
Kitchen chimney is an appliance which is used to —>Conducts, Filters & removes Smoke, Grease, Stains or Residues, Fumes, Odour, Accumulation of oil droplets that makes your kitchen clean, Fresh, Odour & Smoke free along with Good Ventilation and then the purified air is circulated throughout your home. Kitchen chimney is otherwise known as “Exhaust hood”.


Comparison on best Kitchen Chimney brands

Elica vs Hindware vs Faber vs Glen vs Sunflame vs Seavy vs Kaff vs Kutchina vs Eurodomo Kitchen Hoods

Elica auto clean chimney 60 cm(2-4 burner stove) 1200 m3/hr 1(for product)+
5(for motor) years
58 dB Curved glass,
wall mount
180 watts
and baffle filter
Touch panel control,
LED lamps
Hindware Cleo auto clean chimney


60 cm 1200 m3/hr 1(for product)+
57dB Curved glass,
Wall mounted hood
180 watts
and baffle filter
Push button control,
oil collector cup,
metallic blower,LED lamps
Faber Hood 3D Tenderauto clean chimney 60 cm 1295 m3/hr 1(for product)+
58 dB Pyramid, wall mounted hood 180 watts and baffle filter LED lights, 3D power suction, one touch control
Glen auto clean kitchen stack 60 cm 1000 m3/hr 1(for product)+
7(for motor)years
58 dB Curved glass, wall mounted hood 230 volts and baffle filter High RPM motor, LED lamps, stainless steel, upscale design
Sunflame auto clean cookery hood 90 cm(3-5 burner stove) 1100 m3/hr 2 years 48 dB Curved glass, wall mounted, ductless chimney 240 watts and baffle filter Stainless steel, feather touch control, LED lamps, best powerful filter
Seavy auto clean chimney 60 cm(2-4 burner stove) 1200m3/hr 1(for product)+
7(for motor)years
58 dB Wall mount 180 watts and baffle filter Stainles steel,
LED light
Kaff auto clean chimney Hood 60 cm 1200 m3/hr 1(for product)+ 7(motor)Years 62 dB Wall mounted, ductless chimney Cassette filter LED lamps,
best decor, circulate air
Kutchina auto clean kitchen hood 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Lifetime motor warranty Less noise Dry heat auto clean chimney 300 watts and filter-less technology oil collector cup,touch sensor
control, LED lamp
Eurodomo auto clean kitchen chimney 60 cm 1200 m3/hr 1(for product)+
58 dB Free-standing,curved glass, wall mounted 180 watts and 230 volts, baffle filter Touch control panel,LED lamp,

Best Filters in Chimney for your kitchenette

kitchen chimney filters

Mesh vs Baffle vs Charcoal vs Smokestack Filters 

made by aluminium  or stainless steel mesh filters with multiple layers made by stainless steel with multiple curved panel made by charcoal slate, holes are present inside within it
WORKING PRINCIPLE Multiple layers of aluminium mesh sucks oil and grease from burnts gases Curved panel of stainless steel absorbs oils and grease particles Holes in the middle of charcoal slate conducts fumes, oil and smoke particles
BEST MATCH FOR COOKERY OR NOT? No  Yes. best suitable for Indian masala spicy food items No
IS IT EASY & BEST TO CLEAN? Hard to clean Modest  to clean Unable to clean
BEST NOISELESS FILTER OR NOT? It produces more noise It produces less noise It produces more noise
LONGEVITY Moderate durability filter Best longevity filter It is very less  long-lasting filter. Within 3 to 4 months you have to replace the filter
COST & VALUE Low-priced filter Costly filter High-cost filter
Kaff ray chimney is the best mesh filter chimney Pigeon sterling chimney is the best baffle filter chimney Elica charcoal filter chimney is the best charcoal filter chimney

Best suitable Chimney size chart for your kitchenette

kitchen chimney 60cm 90cm size

Chimney size based on cooktop burners

2 to 4 gas stove 60 cm hood
3 to 5 burner stove 90 cm hood
  • Kitchen hood size should be the size of the stove or may be high but it should not be small. If it is small the kitchen chimney suction power can’t be able to suck the smokes and fumes which is completely spreader throughout the kitchen.
  • Whatever chimney you choose but it should not be higher than the stove or hob size then only the kitchen chimney can be able to sheath the entire stove or hob to suck the smoke effectively.
  • If you have 2 to 4 burner stove or hob then 60 cm is best size chimney for your cook house
  • If you have 3 to 5 burner stove or hob then 90 cm is the best suitable size hood for your kitchenette
    • Kitchen hood depends upon the size of the induction cooktop,hob and kitchen size also.
    • Most of the Indian kitchen hood sizes are available between 60 cm to 90 cm
    • The thumb rule is the best one to select the size of the chimney for your kitchen.

Duct vs Ductless Kitchen hoods

kitchen chimney Duct vs ductless

WORKING PRINCIPLE Eject, release smoke air to the outside home Filters the smoke and expel back into the cookery
FILTERS Cassette or baffle filter Carbon (charcoal) filter
EASY TO USE AND MAINTENANCE Easy to maintain You have to wash filter as well as need to replace the carbon filter periodically
COST & VALUE Cheap Costly
RE-POSITIONING Inappropriate Easy to done

Auto clean chimney vs Non-Auto clean chimney

Oil fetching Aluminium non-stick blower absorbs oil particles from cook house and stores it in oil collector or bowl Oil paricles gets stuck up on the filter because there is no oil depositor or bowl to suck oil in these chimneys
Longevity Auto-clean hood is the best lifespan chimney because oil collector sucks oil molecules and there is no chance to oil particles

gets stuck up onto the internal parts and filters.

Oil gets blocked, clog in the filters and interior parts because of this manual kitchen hood gets affected
Cleaning and maintaining aspects Once in a month you have to clean the filters and oil collector bowl Twice in a month you have to put lot of effort to clean the highly clogged filters because of the blockage of  oil particles
Suction capacity Suction power is high. Because of the oil collector, less amount of oil stuck onto the filter Suction power is low because of the oil particles sticks, clogged inside the filter
Cost and value Expensive Moderate
Example Elica auto clean chimney Butterfly Rhino kitchen hood

which is better chimney or Exhaust fan?


It absorbs only smoke It absorbs smoke, fumes,  heat, odor, greasy and oily particles
It is not that much effective compared to chimney It is very effective because one chimney is equal to 14 exhaust fans
It doesn’t keeps your kitchen clean and it can’t able to circulate the fresh air in your home It keeps your kitchen more clean, ventilated, oil & smoke free and circulates the fresh air throughout the home.

Different types of Chimney

There are two types of chimney. They are
—> Masonry chimney
—> Prefabricated metal chimney

Masonry Chimney

Whenever you people heard the word chimney, your first thing pop on your mind is this type of chimney.

  • Owing to the above fact that, Mansory chimneys are one of the most traditional type of chimneys.
  • These chimneys are made out of bricks, blocks, stone and mortor.

Prefabricated Metal Chimney

  • It is otherwise known as factory-built chimney.
  • Mostly new homes and factories are using this modern-day design chimneys and they have contemporary intended fireplace.
  • It is built from metals and other materials.

Best brand Chimneys in India

Here we done the best research about  top most 10 best brand chimneys that you must go through before you decide to buy.

  1. Elica
  2. Hindware
  3. Faber
  4. Glen
  5. Sunflame
  6. Seavy
  7. Prestige
  8. Pigeon
  9. Butterfly
  10. kaff

Best Philips Mixer Grinder in India

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Best Elica Chimney

  • Right now in India, the world’s no 1 cookhouse chimney is Elica
  • The Best auto clean Elica chimneys are
  • Elica–>Best suction power auto clean chimney with free installation kit
  • Elica–> Best suction power auto clean chimney
  • The best filterless auto clean Elica chimney is Elica 60 cm length with suction power1200 m3/hr filterless auto clean chimney.
  • If you have a cooking area with 4 burner gas stove having width between 60 to 70 cm then Elica chimney is best suitable for your bakehouse.
  • Elica chimney always uses baffle filter which removes the oil and grease particles from burnt gases that makes your cooking area clean, ventilated and smoke-free.

Best Hindware Chimney

  • You have to clean chimneys repeatedly which is difficult task for you and also it takes more time to clean
  • But Hindware chimneys has the special feature that is auto clean hood.
  • Once you touch the auto clean button it helps you to remove all dirt, grease and oil particles from your kitchen chimney itself without any human involvement.
  • Some chimneys has 2-D filter technology that also helps you to make your kitchen area free from smoke, gas, grease and residues.
  • The best Hindware auto clean chimney in India is Hindware Nevio 60 cm 1200 m3/hr stainless steel – Heating Auto Clean Chimney.

 Best Faber Chimney

  • Faber chimney is made up of stainless steel, especially smooth aesthetics and it gives best stylistic theme for your kitchenette.
  • It has best pipe chimneys and two conically formed channels they are oil and charcoal channels.
  • Faber assures best motor fitted with these chimneys which helps to suck the surrounding gases quickly.
  • The best faber chimney in India is Faber 60 cm 1295 m3/hr chimney.
  • The best auto clean chimney is Faber 90 cm 1500 m3/hr
  • The best filterless auto clean chimney is Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr
  • The best 90 cm Faber chimney is Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heating Auto clean chimney.

  Best Glen Chimney

  • Glen chimney is best suitable for everyone’s budget and it is very spacious for your cooking area.
  • Most of the Glen hood chimneys comes with dazzling features and specifications like best longevity Italian motors, touch sensor control, no noise, LED lighting, baffle filters,  
  • The best Glen chimney is Glen 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto clean chimney.
  • The best Auto clean Glen chimney is Glen Stainless Steel Auto Clean Chimney 6063 Ss 90 cm 1200m3/hr.

 Best Sunflame Chimney

  • Sunflame chimney has best quality and capacity that it is best suitable for any large-sized cookhouse.
  • The best performing chimney is sunflame and it is also inexpensive.
  • The sunflame chimney sizes are between 60 cm to 90
  • It is made up of stainless steel that cleans stains and dirt presents on chimney surface.
  • The best sunflame chimney is Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m3/hr
  • The best auto clean sunflame chimney is sunflame 90 cm 1100 m3/hr (ductless)

 Best Seavy Chimney

  • Seavy is the identification that means worth, faith and produces best quality.
  • Seavy is the best manufacturing brand in India that gives you all kitchen gadgets like induction cooktops, kitchen chimneys, microwave-ovens and reverse osmosis filters.
  • Seavy gives you nothing but the best and trust for you guys.
  • The best seavy auto clean chimneys are
  • Seavy –> Best auto clean chimney with free installation kit.
  • Seavy–> Best auto clean chimney with free installation kit
  • Seavy –> auto clean chimney with free installation kit.

Best Prestige Chimney

  • The best prestige chimney is Prestige GKH 90 cm 1000 m3/hr DLX wall mounted with baffle filter chimney.
  • The best 900 CB Prestige Auto-Clean Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Chimney with Baffle Filter is available in Flipkkart and Amazon.

Best  Pigeon  Chimney

The best pigeon chimney is Pigeon Ebony 60 cm 1100 m3/hr stainless steel hood with baffle filter chimney.

Best Butterfly Chimney

The best butterfly kitchen chimney is Butterfly auto clean touch control 90 cm, suction power 1200 m3/hr with baffle filter chimney.

Best Green Chef Chimney

The best Green Chef Chimney for your cookhouse is Greenchef Namco 90 cm with suction power 1300m3/hr comes along with baffle filter.

Best Kaff Chimney

  • Kaff is a best brand cooker hood chimney that provides wide range of kitchen hood products which keeps your cookery more clean, fresh and ventilated.
  • Kaff India products gives you elegance, smoothness and absolutely stylish look for your Indian cook houses.
  • The best kaff chimney hood is KAFF 90 cm 1250 m3/hr chimney
  • The best auto clean kaff chimney is KAFF kitchen dry heat Auto clean chimney 60 cm 1180 m3/hr with touch control and cassette filters.

Best Kutchina Chimney

  • Kutchina kitchenette chimneys have brilliant features which makes you easier to use, clean and maintain.
  • High output and durable electric motors are available in kutchina kitchen chimneys which is used to reduce noise levels, quickly catches fumes and combustion gases from your bakehouse.
  • Kutchina kitchen chimneys have special specifications like Dry Auto-Clean technology, High suction power, Elegant design decor and unique touch sensor control.
  • The kutchina cooker hood chimney average price is between 12000 to Rs.30000
  • The best Kutchina chimney for your kitchen is Kutchina Stainless steel curvy Auto-clean chimney with suction power 1000 m3/hr.
  • The best Auto-Clean Kutchina chimney is Kutchina Smartec BK Wall Mounted Electric Chimney with length 75 cm and suction power 1150 m3/hr.

 Best Eurodomo Chimney

  • Eurodomo chimney comes with different varieties, colors, designs and materials.
  • The best Eurodomo chimney for your cooker hood is Eurodomo 60 cm with suction power 1200 m3/hr Straight Glass chimney.
  • The best Auto-Clean Eurodomo chimney for your kitchen is Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m3/hr with baffle filters Auto-Clean chimney. 

Important factors that you must look before you select

kitchen chimney buying guide

  • Different types of kitchen hoods
  • Auto clean chimney
  • Suction capacity of the hoods
  • Kitchen Chimney size
  • Types of chimney filters
  • Duct vs ductless kitchen hoods
  • Kichten chimney design
  • Cost and value
  • Ease of use and clean

Types of Kitchen Hoods

Kitchen chimney mount type

Before you decide which kitchen hood that you are going to purchase you should think about which type of  hood is best fit for your cook house. Because every kitchenette structure, construction and size were different. The type of hood that you are going to buy which is completely depends on your cooking area, size and the locality of your hob and stove. Here we go for the 4 different types of kitchen hoods.

  • Wall mounted chimney
  • Island chimney
  • Built –in or integerated chimney
  • Corner chimney

Wall Mounted Chimney

  • Wall mounted hoods are most popular in India because most of the Indian kitchen houses have built their platforms adjacent to the walls
  • This can be fitted against the wall, above the cooktop and hob also placed near the wall.
  • These chimney removes the smoke and fumes to outside atmosphere through the piped duct.

Island Chimney

  • Your cooktop platform and hobs are placed at the centre of the kitchen away from the wall
  • Island kitchen hood is fixed on the top and it seems to exactly hanging on the ceiling above the cooktop and it best suitable for hobs with western style decor counters.

Built-in or Integrated Chimney

  • Integrated chimneys are placed against the wall and it is integrated inside the kitchen wood furniture exactly above the cooktop platform and hob.

Corner Chimney

  • These chimneys are very shiny, stylish and modifiable that you can adjust it wherever you want.
  • It is fitted in the corner of the kitchen where the cooktop, hobs are placed at the corner against the wall.
  • It comes over the gas stove when you want to use and if you don’t want to use with the touch of a button it backtracks itself.
  • The usage of corner hood is very rare in India.

 Suction Power of the Hoods

Kitchen chimney suction power

  • Suction power is nothing but the ability of the motor to suck the oil and grease particles from your cookery.
  • Suction capacity of the hoods are entirely depends upon your kitchen and home size
  • If you have a home with 1 to 3 rooms then the best suction power is in between 500 m3/hr to 650 m3/hr.
  • If you have a bigger cook house with 3 to 5 rooms then the best power suction is in between 650 m3/hr to 1000 m3/hr
  • So a chimney with higher suction power capacity is best for Indian kitchen homes.


Most of the people fail to notice this factor while buying a kitchen hood but this factor helps you to decide which hood is extremely ideal for mounting in your cook house. Here we see the different types of hood designs

  • Curved Glass chimney
  • Straight line chimney
  • Angular hood
  • Pyramid chimney
  • Box type hood

Curved Glass Chimney

  • Curved glass hood is best for both small and large Indian kitchen areas
  • It gives more suction capacity and coverage which is helpful when you do deep frying or grilling.
  • It produces less noise as they have interior and exterior modules.
  • It also gives extra lighting for cooking purposes.

Straight Line Chimney

  • Mostly Indian kitchen have less space In such circumstances, you might not be able to place wall mounted chimneys so alternatively straight line chimney can be perfect.
  • It is specially designed for your cook house because it is perfectly fit into rigid spaces
  • It has the powerful suction capacity which helps to suck the fumes directly from the cooktop as well as suck out the smoke from other parts of the kitchen
  • It comes with removable filters which is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • It has extra overhead space which is used for storing vessels, containers and other items.

Pyramid Chimney

  • If you are worrying about more power consumption then pyramid hood is the perfect choice for your kitchen area
  • It has baffle filters which helps to reduce power consumption.

Angular Chimney

  • If you have a stylish western type of kitchen and you are looking for a chimney then angular design is the best hood that suits your kitchen type and your Indian style of cooking.
  • Angular hood is specialist in expelling smoke, fumes, grease and oil particles.
  • Its gives stylish, elegant and royal look and it is fit well into any kitchen area type and sizes.
  • It has best efficieny and suction power.

 Box Type Chimney

  • It is otherwise known as ceiling mounted hoods
  • It is the best quality hood because it is made up of steel and glass.
  • You don’t have to clean regularly because the chimney body has dirt resistant.
  • It comes with special features like LED lamps and touch controls.

 Kitchen Chimney Price wise

  • Starting price of kitchen hood is from 14000
  • The branded kitchen hood available at a price from 4000 to Rs.5000
  • Cooker hood prices greatly varies depending upon the hood sizes, performance, lifespan and their features.
  • The price range of 60 cm size hood starts from 6000 in India.
  • The price range of 90 cm size hood starts from 12000 in India.
  • You don’t need to worry about installation payment amount because most of the chimney manufacturers in India issue free installation kit facilities.
  • If you are going to place your chimney away from the wall at a great distance or exterior to the exhaust point you need additional ducting/piping arrangement which increases your entire budget.

Chimney cleaning and maintaining aspects

  • Cleaning and maintaining your chimney is the most significant factor which helps to improve the performance and durability of your kitchen chimneys.
  • You work is to remove the imprints of soot, oil and grease particles on the surface of chimney. It is very difficult thing for you to clean the whole chimney.
  • But you don’t worry! nowadays, Indian kitchen chimneys comes with advanced features like auto clean functionalities and detachable filter facilities therefore it’s very easy to clean the filters so you don’t need any professional chimney cleaner to clean your cooker hood.


  • If you have a chimney with loud noise it makes you more uncomfortable and irritating right? So you don’t fail to notice the noise generation level while you purchasing a chimney

Do you know in Chimneys where the Noise comes from? and Why?

  • The presence of motors in chimney produces noise when the excess air circulation is done

Indicator / Buzzer :

  • Whenever filter needs cleaning or replacement instantly, it will show you through indicator lamps or it sounds an alarm.

Push Buttons :

  • It greatle varies from brand to brand and it depends upon the speed level of your chimneys
  • It is helpful to use at night times

Chimney Speed:         

  • If you want to ventilate the kitchen air and eliminate the smokes & fumes then prefer advanced level chimneys because it has various speed level that can’t imagine which is very helpful for you

Auto-heat Sensor:

  • Automatically it can able to switch ON/OFF when it detects the oil particles over heated.

Chimney service and warranty:

  • It is the most important factor that you must look into is the service and warranty information
  • Warranty period may vary from brand to brand. Mostly chimneys in india comes with warranty of 12 years and some has lifetime warranty
  • Within the particular time, you can repair the chimney for the free cost
  • Don’t forgot to check the availability of chimney repair services on your locality because sometimes you need a technician to clean the baffle filters on your hoods.

 Detachable oil collector:

  • If you have a chimney with removable oil collector you’re lucky! Because the oil particles gets collected in this and it is easy to detach and clean the filters used in your chimneys.

Frequently asked questions about Kitchen Chimney : (FAQs)

1.what is auto clean chimney and how it works?
Auto clean chimney comes with separate oil collector which is used to collect the oil particles without the help of human being. While cooking, smokes, fumes and oil particles are entered into the non-stick aluminium turbine blower which is already present in these auto clean chimneys. Once you switch ON the auto clean button it automatically cleans the detachable oil collector blowers.

2.what are the benefits of using auto clean chimney?

  • It improves the suction power of the chimneys
  • It doesn’t takes more time to clean the filters
  • It increases the durability of the filters and internal parts of the chimney
  • It prevents the oil and grease particles gets clogged onto the hood surface.

3.what are the best auto clean chimneys in India?

  • Elica-auto clean chimney with free installation kit
  • Faber-heat auto clean chimney with baffle filters
  • Seavy-auto clean chimney with free installation kit
  • Hindware-Nevio auto clean chimney
  • Kutchina-filterless auto clean chimney
  • Glen- Auto clean chimney with baffle filter.
  • Sunflame-ductless auto clean chimney

4.How to calculate the suction power of chimneys?

  • The thumb rule for the chimney suction capacity in your kitchen can be able to suck 10 times of air volume per hour.
  • If you have a kitchen with 4m length, 4m width and 3m height then you can calculate the volume of your kitchen with the formulae L X W X H = 4X4X3= 48 m3. Now you multiply the room volume by 48 X 10 = 480 m3 so your chimney suction power should be 480 m3 or may be high but never be small.

5.what are the best wall mounted chimneys?

  • Elica-wall mounted chimney
  • Faber-wall mounted chimney
  • Hindware-wall mounted chimney
  • Glen-wall mounted chimney
  • Kaff-wall mounted chimney
  • Sunflame Innova SS BF wall mounted chimney


  • Kitchen chimneys are mounted above the gas stoves or counter tops.
  • Inside the chimney you can see a powerful fan or motor which is used to suck the combustion gases/smokes directly from the gas stove to outside atmosphere through a piped duct is very effective method compared to exhaust fans.
  • All the oil and masala fumes, soot and grimes are sucked out immediately. it makes your kitchen work more comfortable and there is no breathing problems.


  1. Faber-Stainless steel Auto Clean chimney
  2. Hindware-Auto Clean Chimney
  3. Elica-Auto Clean Chimney with Installation Kit
  4. Eurodomo-chimney with Free Installation Kit
  5. Seavy-Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit


  • First thing it keeps your kitchen more clean and ventilated.
  • It helps to reduce your work to remove the grease, grime and stains in the tiles and walls.
  • The grease filter inside the chimney is used to traps the grease particles and the carbon filters which is used to absorbs the smoke, heat and odors and then it is released through the duct or PVC pipe.
  • It helps to remove the odors, purifies the air and gives back the fresh and purified air to your kitchen.


  • This is the most important factor that you should maintain because of your safety purpose
  • There is always some distance between chimney and induction cooktop
  • The best distance between chimney and cooktop should be between 26 inches to 30 inches.
  • If you reduce the distance there may be more chances to chimney caught fire
  • If the distance is high, the suction power can’t be able to suck the smoke.


  1. Detach the filters from the chimney
  2. Take a bucket and fill with hot water
  3. Pour ¼ cup of baking soda and de-greasing dish soap into the bucket
  4. Fizzle it around with a brush (don’t use hands because it is so hot)
  5. Submerge your oily, greasy filters into the water
  6. Don’t disturb. Allow them to smoke for 10 minutes.
  7. After that, take a smooth brush and gently scrub the filters
  8. Rinse the filters in hot water and dry with a clean cloth
  9. Replace back these filters into the hood and repeat this when you needed
  10. Montly once you have to clean the filters because it improves the performance and efficiency of your filters.


  • KAFF-Island chimney with cassette filters
  • Bosch Serie- Island Stainless Steel Hood
  • Bosch-Island Glass Box-Island Chimney
  • IFB-Silver Island Chimney
  • Glen-Island Chimney
  • Glen- Island SS Chimney
  1. What are the advantages of having chimneys in your kitchen?
  • First thing it makes you feel easy and comfortable while cooking food in your home.
  • You and your kitchen is free from smoke, dust, steam and fumes
  • It protects your cookery walls,tiles,glasses and surfaces instead of your kitchen from turning into black and greasy.
  • Reduces air pollution

13.How to install a kitchen hood?

  • Before you start the hood installation procedure first take out all the significant tools and equipments
  • Drill the holes carefully so as to place the chimney in the right location
  • Properly fit the screws and nuts in their appropriate position
  • If you have a electric chimneys don’t worry your work is very simple just connect the wires on the board and switch on the power supply
  • If you can’t fit, then contact the chimney service center or technician to install a chimney in your kitchen.

14.How to clean the chimney surface or body?

  • Use soft smooth moist cloth to clean the stainless steel hoods regularly
  • If the chimney body is too greasy or oily, use mild detergent soap to clean the hood.
  • Rinse and dry

15. Best Kitchen chimney brand wise

  • Faber–> Best wall mounted kitchen chimney
  • Hindware Nevlo–>  Best Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney
  • Hindware Cleo–> Best Auto Clean Hood wall Mounted Chimney.
  • Elica Nero–> Best kitchen chimney
  • Elica–> Best Auto Clean chimney
  • Faber –>Best wall mounted hood
  • Sunflame Innova –> Best Auto clean hood wall mounted chimney
  • Bosch–> Best Stainless Steel Hood Chimney
  • Kaff--> Best Auto Clean Ductless chimney
  • Glen Chimney–> Best Auto clean kitchen chimney
  • Prestige–>Best Auto clean kitchen hood