Are you looking for Best brand Geyser this Winter ?

Winter is setting in and need to have comfortable shower experience with hot water is inevitable. And are you thinking which is the best brand of Water heater or Geyser for bathroom to be installed soon?

In fast paced world, every morning we find people heading to various activities and all wants to get ready faster and head to their respective jobs and works. Cold weather and sometimes water quality like hard water may give a setback to have a relaxing shower with peace of mind.

Then comes, the Water Geysers as boon to solve the early morning shower problems and relax the minds and bodies of people using them to get freshen up. They save lot of your time and energy.

Before you invest your money , am sure you want to have all the information regarding best water geyser manufacturers and best type of  water geyser for your home .

This site is the most promising place to have your best decision for the best brand and best type of water geyser for your need !

Best Geysers in india

Table of Contents

How to decide the Best Water Geyser to purchase for you?

Now, as the water geysers are more than a necessity , you also need to have a clear understanding of what are the types of Geysers and the tips that we need to have checklist about in order to have the suitable option for best brand water heater.

And there will be a detailed and unbiased report about the best brands available for best Geysers or Water heaters in India 2019 in this page .

So , let’s go for it now :

Geyser or Water heater – Types and Classification

There are basically two types depending on the presence of Storage tank or not  :

  1. Storage Tank Water Heater – a) Gas Water Heater b) Electric Water Heater
  2. Instant or Tank less Water Heater –  a) Point of Use Instant Water Heater b) Instant Water Heater for whole house
  3. Solar Water heater
  4. Combination of Water Heater and Room Heater
Types of heating system

Types of heating systems , Boiler Set flat. Vector illustrations.Solar battery. Solar panel. Green energy.

source :

1) Storage Tank Water Heater or Geyser :

Storage Water heaters or Geysers are those with a storage tank in its main body where the hot water heated is stored. They are of two types in it and you can find the brief details about the two types of Storage water heaters

a) Electrical Storage Tank Water Heater or Geyser

b) Gas Storage Tank Water Heater or Geyser

Storage Electric Water Heater or Geyser Vs Storage Gas Water Heater or Geyser 

Feature Storage Electric Water Heater or Geyser Storage Gas Water Heater or Geyser
Mechanism Water is heated by Conduction method where the electricity passed through the heating elements and then to Thermostats which are connected to Heating Element. Water heated by convection method by the heating the gas (natural gas or propane). The combustion of the gases heats up the cold water to give hot water.
Usage Most Widely Used Water heaters Not much used when compare to Electric Water Heater.
Efficiency Electric Water Heaters heat water to much higher temperature. Gas water comparatively cannot heat water to very higher temperature.
Cost and Expenses Moderately expensive depending on the types or Brands and does not need extra expenses. Comparatively more Expensive since it needs continuous maintenance for the Gas supply.
Safety Much safer than the Gas Water heater. Precautions need to be taken for Gas Water Heater.
Installation Much easier process to Install in the need place. Requires more effort in installing safely.
Time to Heater Water Electric Water heater needs more time for hot water supply. Gas Water Heater produces continuous hot water twice faster than the Electric Water heater.

Electric water heater in india market

electric water heater in india market

2) Instant or Tank less Water Heater or Geyser :

An Instant water geyser or heater is one without a storage tank and gives you hot water in no time. It is quiet compact and occupies much less space. There is no wastage of electricity and water .

Hot water will be supplied as and when needed through heat exchange process. It works either with Electric or gas but electrical is more widely used.The water is heated only on demand , so no excess power or energy is consumed or wasted.

They is no storage of water for longer like in the Storage tank water heaters or geysers .Cold Water flows through the Unit which either runs on Electric power supply or the gas supply  and the heating of the water takes place to desired temperature.Hot water flows out through taps for usage. 

It is bit expensive and it takes a complicated procedure to fix or install at needed place.

There are two types in this

  1.  Point of Use Instant Water heaters
  2. Instant Water heater for whole house

Here is the brief details about both the types of Instant or Tank less water heaters or Geysers :

Point of Use Instant Water Heater Vs Instant Water Heater for Whole House 

Point  of Use Instant Water Heater Instant Water Heater for Whole House
These Point of Use water heaters are small in size and come up with single outlet. These Instant water heaters for the whole house need more outlets.
They can be used in Kitchen or in Bathroom as per need They are used for the needs of entire house .
These are good for small sized families or to bachelors for their daily needs. These are for large sized families and are preferred for bigger houses.
They are much easier to use and have no lag time. So no delay at all. They take lot of lag time and consume more energy while using.
Only electrical energy is needed to operate. Energy is derived from both Electricity and Gas .

3) Solar Water Heater or Solar Geysers 

best solar system

source :
If you are a person who is concerned about the environment around you, you would definitely want to check out about the most powerful energy saving Solar Geysers.

These Solar water heaters use Solar energy ( from Sun) to heat the water. Solar water heater is made up of Solar Collector which is a combination of so many solar panels to collect Solar energy to heat water and then an insulated tank to store the water that gets pumped or driven automatically in to the tank.

The hot water is then transferred to pipes for usage. It saves higher amounts of electricity usage and reduce the Green house gas emissions thus protecting Environment. These Solar Water Heaters are great option for the villages or places where there is regular power cut.

Electric Water Heater Vs Gas Water Heater Vs Solar Water Heater

Feature Electric Water Heater Gas Water Heater Solar Water Heater
Principle This Geyser can be both Storage or Instant Geyser

Electrical Energy is converted into Heat Energy by Conduction phenomenon.


This Water heater can be both storage or Instant type and the combustion of natural gas or LPG and the water gets heated through convection. This water heater has storage tank and the water gets heated by the solar radiations and sunlight collected through Solar collector.
Safety There are no harmful emissions like Carbon Monoxide gases.

There can be chances of short circuit

There are harmful emissions like CO gases which are dangerous to one’s health.

Possibility of danger with gas leakage.

No harmful gases emitted as it utilizes renewable source of solar energy.

No danger predicted with Solar water Heater.

Installation and Maintenance Easily installed both storage and Instant Water heaters.

Needs less maintenance.

Complicated procedure to install.

Needs lot of maintenance.

A sufficient roof top space is needed.

A good maintenance review is needed every year.

Energy Efficiency Highly Energy efficient nearly 95% with very less amount heat getting wasted. A lot of gas gets wasted during ignition. High energy efficient as 85% of the Solar radiation is used for heating.
Investment and Space It is of less investment to purchase and install.

It also occupies less space on wall for mounting.

It takes more investment to install and also needs extra space for gas units. It takes moderate or little extra money to install. An extra space needed for Solar collector on the roof top and then the pipes to connect to the home.
Heating Capacity It heats to higher temperature but needs a little time to wait. Heats faster and no extra waiting time needed. It heats efficiently but depends on the availability of sunlight. On cloudy days it uses diffusion energy to heat up the water.

Extra hot water is stored ahead of cloudy seasons.

Energy Efficiency Very much Highly energy efficient and very less amount of heat is wasted. Lot of gas is wasted during ignition. 85% of the Solar radiations are utilized for producing hot water.
Family Size Smaller and larger Families. Larger families Larger families

Best selling brands of geyser in india

Bajaj Geysers in dimensions

Model Size for family Usage Storage
Instant / storage Auto off / manual Time taken Warranty App. Rate
Calenta 4-8 For bath using bucket and shower 15 L Storage Both 15-20 m 2 yrs Under 7000/-
Flora 2-4 For kitchen 3 L Instant Both 1-2  m 2 yrs Under 7000/-
New shakti GC 2-4 For bath using bucket 10 L Storage Both 10 m 2 yrs Under 6500/-
Caldia 2-4 For bath using bucket 10 L Storage Both 10 m 2 yrs Under 6000/-
Shakti plus 4-8 For bath using bucket and shower 15 L Storage Manual 20-25 m 2 yrs Under 5500/-


Model Size for family usage Storage  capacity Instant / storage Auto off / manual Time taken warranty App. rate
 Victo 4-8 For bath using bucket and shower 15 L Storage Both 15-20 m 2 yrs Under 8000/-
Victo plus 4-8 For bath using shower 25 L Storage Both 20-25m 2-3 yrs Under 7000/-
Sprinhot 2-4 For bath using bucket 10 L Storage Manual 10 m 2 yrs Under 6000/-
Victo plus 4-8 For bath using bucket 10 L Storage Both 10 m 2 yrs Under 7500/-
Pebble 4-8 For bath using bucket and shower 15 L Storage Both 15-20 m 2 yrs Under 8000/-

Crompton Geysers in Dimensions

Model Size for family Usage Storage capacity Instant / storage Auto-off / manual Time taken Warranty App. Rate
Arno dlx 2-4 For bath using bucket 10 L Storage Both 10 m 2yrs Under 8500/-
Arno neo 4-8 For bath using shower 25 L Storage Both 15-20 m 2 yrs Under 9000/-
SWH1515 4-8 For bath using bucket and shower 15 L Storage Both 10-20      m 2 yrs Under 5500/-
SWH315E 4-8 For bath using bucket and shower 15 L Storage Both 10-20 m 2 yrs Under 7000/-
Bliss 2-4 For kitchen 3 L Instant Manual 1-2 m 2 yrs Under 3000/-

Geysers with installation & free installation

The installation of the geysers are usually done by the company itself. They provide free installation for the best geysers.The very next day after the product delivered, the company send worker for installation of the geysers. Both installation by paying amount and free installation are also available.

Best v-guard victo 15 litres geysers

Geysers with digital display:

Digital display was the best anad the most advantage for us as they provide us easy way to know the temperature of the heating. The temperature can be shown in the display.

Best V-Guard Victo Plus 25 L geyser

Geysers with pipe:

The pipe in the geysers are used to send and receive of water. There are two types of pipes.

  1. Inlet pipes
  2. Outlet pipes
  • Inlet pipes are used to send the cold water to the heater
  • Outlet pipes are used to receive the cold water from the heater

Best V-Guard Victo Plus 25 L geyser.

Geysers with ELCB:

                   Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) is a device connected to all geysers for safety purpose from any shock or electrical circuit. It automatically switch off  the power passing through the geysers if there is any passing of fault current.

Best Bajaj flora instant 3 L geyser

Geysers with temperature control:

                Temperature is the degree of heating of water in geyser. The temperature can  be controlled by using the control knob fixed in the geysers and also by using remote. The temperature can be shown in the display so it is very useful to control the temperature according to our need.

Best Bajaj new shakti GL 10 L geyser

Geysers with exchange:

             Exchange offer is provided for every geysers. Used geysers can be exchanged for discount of amount on buying the product with same category.

Buying Guide for the Best Water Geyser or Water Heater 

In this column, you get to find the details on factors and features to be considered for the Best Water Heater or Geyser to suit your need.

The factors to consider while buying best Water Heater or Geyser for your need ?

To ease your choosing options to buy best branded water heater or geyser for your home, the following factors will give much clarity while investing your money. after this , you can easily go and check the features of the Water Heater or Geyser to be bought.

Type of Water Heater or Geyser to choose

This is a primary factor to decide the Best Geyser to be installed at your home. Depending up on the type of energy used , the Water heaters or Geysers are classified as

a) Electrical Water Heater or Geyser ,
b) Gas Water Heat Geyser and
c) Solar Water heater or Geyser.

Like wise, based on the structure and time taken  , water heaters are classified into a) Storage Water Heater or Geyser and b) Instant or  Water Heater or Geyser . Storage Water Heaters have tank to store hot water where as Instant Geysers are tank less , supplying the hot water much faster.

So , you can opt the type of Water Heater or Geyser based on the pros and cons of all the various types of Water Heaters discussed.

Feature Instant Geyser or Water Heater Storage Geyser or Water Heater
Size and Space Occupied Small sized and occupies a very less space to install on wall. Bigger size and takes up more space.
Flow of Hot Water supply Gives hot water to a level of around 5-6 liters and takes another round to heat more water. Gives continuous supply of hot water as it stores the heated water in its tank.
Response Time Immediate usage like its name Instant Water heater. Takes time to heat but stores the hot water in more amounts in its tank for a considerable time.
Application Can be used in Kitchen, wash Basin and Bathroom for Bucket water bathing Can be used for bucket and shower bathing in bathrooms.
Expense for water heating Less expenditure as the water is used instantly. More when compared as the more amounts of water is heated up for storage in tank.
Geysers Cost Estimated cost for 5 liters Instant Geyser around Rs 7500/- Estimated Cost for 10 liters Storage Tank Geyser is around Rs 7,500 /-
Durability Lasts longer periods. Lesser durability depending on the type of Storage tank.
Ease of Installation Complicated with the fixing of pipes under the walls and floor. Easily Installed on the wall of usage.
Energy Efficiency Highly energy efficient with 85% energy efficiency A little less energy efficiency when compared.

Size of Family and the amount of Water Usage : You also need to consider the amount of water which can be used and how many persons are there in a house hold . Following is an approximate estimation of water that can be utilized in various house hold sizes :

Size of Family or the requirement of hot water Amount of Water that can be needed or Capacity Required  
Small family of 2 persons Nearly 5 liters to 10 liters
Small sized family of 2 persons in winter Nearly 15 liters
Medium sized family of 3 – 4 persons Nearly 15 liters
Medium sized family of 3 – 4 persons in winter Approximately 25 liters
A large family of more than 4 members 35 liters and more

Water Heater or Geyser’s Energy EfficiencyA good Water heater or geyser is one which is Eco friendly by consuming less power and uses it efficiently. A high energy efficient Water heater or Geyser saves the electricity bill as well.
High Star ratings like 4 or 5 shows the water heater is highly energy efficient and works efficiently using less power. Therefore, make sure you check for  5 star rating maximum while choosing your best brand of Geyser or Water Heater.

Type of Water/ Hard Water possibilitiesMost of the places may have hard water which contains large deposits of Calcium and Magnesium. These deposits in long run may damage the tanks in Storage type of Water heaters or Geysers, if not cleaned.

Therefore, Storage tanks made with anti corrosive material or corrosion resistant tank is to be preferred. You, can also install water softener for better performance. You can check for the apt and Best Geyser for Hard water.

High Pressure ToleranceThere are chances of developing high pressure in case of pipes at taller buildings. This increase in pressure leads to leakage often. So, also check for High Pressure Tolerance Capacity while choosing best water geyser for your home.You need to check the capacity of Pressure it can tolerate in Geyser for High rise building.

Finished Look and Space usage A good finish look and elegant design to fix in bathroom or other area at home is also a choosing to look at . You can also choose the best type of water heater with compact, elegant and well finished branded one for pleasant experiences.

Durability : Definitely, the Best Water Geyser or Water Heater is one that runs for longer periods without any major problem or breakdown. It should be worth investing your money.In general, Instant Water Heaters lasts longer around 20 years whereas Storage Water heaters or Geysers may have corrosion problems to work longer.

Service Provision : Also check for the brand or company that provides regular maintenance and services when as required . Best Branded water heater companies do have on site or off site service centers to care for the product.Warranty period which is of more than one year indicates Best Water heater you can opt for.

After considering the factors that help you narrow down your buying options , a buying guide helps you to choose the best water heater exactly catered for your need. For this, you need to look at the features of the water heater in detail.

The features to consider while buying the Best Water Heater or Geyser ?

Automatic Turn Off Feature : You need to make sure if this wonderful power saving feature is available or not for the Geyser or Water Heater. The Automatic Turn Off Feature enables the water heater to shut off on its own when kept idle for longer time and thus consumes less power in the process.

So, go for the brand that definitely has Auto turn off program to have your best of water geysers at your doorstep.

Amount of Power Consumption : A knowledge about the average amount of Electricity consumed while usage is a good parameter to have on checklist.Water heaters consume around 15% of the total Electricity bill and can be of higher value during winter times. So, in this check up for 5 star ratings which indicate highly energy efficient Water Heaters or Geysers.

Capacity of Water Heater : The amount of water that can be heated by the Geyser is also to be considered. Size of Storage tank water heaters can be chosen in accordance with the no of persons in a family. In case of small family with 2 persons and lesser needs, instant water heater or geyser can be a good option.

Anti corrosion Storage Tank : In case of Storage tank electric geysers or water heaters, it is advisable to check for Anti Corrosion Tank to avoid harm from hard water. Hard water cause the deposits of Calcium and Magnesium in the long run . This can damage the tank if is not Anti corrosion resistant. Copper is used for the tanks or Vitreous Enamel lining is used for protection from hard water. Hence, choose for Anti Corrosive Storage Tank for buying best Water heater or Geyser.

Safety Parameters : The Storage Tank Electric Geysers need to be carefully installed and used. Safety also must be ensured of how much temperature the water is going to be heated up . And also need to check the , Thermostat’s Coefficient of Energy i.e., at what temperature it is going to bend to break electric supply . ISI marked Water Heaters always ensure all the safety parameters for usage. Hence, Best brand for Water heater or Geyser would surely have ISI approved mark .

Warranty : The best Water Heaters or Geyser will run longer time without any major break down and cover 1 to 2 years of warranty period. So, choose Water Heater that have more than 1 or 2 year Warranty period .

FAQs regarding Best Water Geysers in India 

1.What is the working principle of Storage Electrical Water heater or Electrical Storage Geyser?

  • As you know, Storage tank water heater or Storage Geyser is made up of Tank where the hot water is stored. The working mechanism is understood by the following points :
  • The Principle involved in heating is Conduction . The Electrical energy is converted to heat energy which heats up the water in the tank.
  • The  tank contains 2 heating elements which are connected to 2 Thermostats. Thermostats are bimetallic strips with different Coefficient of Expansion. On reaching a particular temperature, The thermostat bend and break the connection to heating element.
  • The Heating elements get heated up one after the other , first the top and then the bottom one.
  • There are two pipes connected to the Tank, Inlet pipe for Cold water and an Outlet pipe for hot water .
  • The whole tank is insulated and is covered by a Metal Cast. The Tank is made up of steel
  •  The Thermostats regulate the heating elements and avoids the over heating of water beyond a certain limit.

2.What is the working principle of Storage Gas Water heater or Storage gas Geyser?

  • The main mechanism involved in Gas storage tank water heater or Geyser is convection method of heating the water.
  • Cold water is passed through Cold Water Supply line and has a shut off valve to control the flow of Cold water running in to the Storage tank.
  • Hot water outlet is to take the hot water to the connected sinks or tubs or the  material that needs hot water.
  • Tank is made of Steel and insulated . Sometimes tank is made of fiber glass insulation jacket which reduces the loss of heat from the hot water in storage tank. Anode rod made up of Magnesium or Aluminium is present to take up the corrosion in Glass lined storage tanks.
  • Dip tube is placed from the the top to release the cold water with cold water valve regulating the supply.
  • The cold water as it is dense remains at the bottom of the tank before it is heated  by the Gas burner present at the bottom and raises up into hot water outlet.( shorter than the cold water pipe line. )
  • Gas Burner unit or assembly has Gas burner and Pilot light . Natural Gas or Propane is supplied and Gas burner control regulates ignition of pilot light.
  • Flue Pipe is for exhaustion of gases formed due to combustion and also the pressure. It also assists in heating the water.
  • Drain Valve is helpful in removing any sediments settled in the tank and also helps in flushing out the water while cleaning the Storage tank occasionally.

4.What is the working principle of Instant Water Heater or Instant Electric Geyser?

  • The water is heated only on demand , so no excess power or energy is consumed or wasted.
  • They is no storage of water for longer like in the Storage tank water heaters or geysers .
  • Cold Water flows through the Unit which  runs on Electric power supply   and the heating of the water takes place to desired temperature.
  • Hot water flows out through taps for usage.
  • It is bit expensive and it takes a complicated procedure to fix or install at needed place.

5.How safe is Gas water heater or Gas geyser?

Gas Geyser or Gas Water Heater has its own potential dangers

  • Release of Carbon monoxide to the atmosphere leads to harm of the individual’s health .
  • There are many chances of gas leakage which may lead to dangerous explosion.

So, proper ventilation all round the room where Gas water heater is installed is needed.

  • The burners and flues undergo corrosion and physical damages in the long run too.

6.What is the cause of Gas Geyser Syndrome?

Gas geyser Syndrome is the phenomenon leading to coma because of lack of oxygen supply to Brain. This is because of Carbon monoxide produced by the combustion of gases ( LPG or natural gas and Oxygen ) . Carbon monoxide attaches with hemoglobin leading to fatal health conditions. This is the major drawback with Gas Water Heater or Gas geysers.

 How safe is Electric Water Heater or Electric Geyser?

Electric Geyser is safe but can have potential danger of Electric short circuit or shutting off of fuse . Therefore, Proper earthing and safety precautions need to be practiced when the installation and usage of Electric Geyser is done.

Does Instant Water Heater or Geyser burst ?

The Instant Water heaters are tank less geysers and hence there is no chance of bursting. But, there is a chance of mishap with the inefficient fixing of Instant Geysers or Water heaters.

7.How safe is Geyser water to drink ?

Geysers especially storage tank Geysers contain metal deposits or corrosive deposits . They may alos have microbes growing in the storage tank which may be dormant in hot water but can revive after the water is cooled. Water may also have metals melted from the geyser pipes by chance.

So, drinking from Geyser water is not advisable.

8.How safe is Geyser water to wash hair ?

Washing Hair with Geyser hot water is alright to certain extent to cleanse the oil and dirt but it should be followed with conditioner being applied which needs to be rinsed with cold water. More amount of warm water makes your scalp dry and increase the dandruff problems. Whereas, cold water locks in the opened pores and seal the smooth texture in the hair.

So, limited amount of warm water fro Geyser can be used for washing hair.

9.How does Hard water effect Geyser or Water Heater ?

Storage tank Geysers or Water heaters can face a problem with the hard water as the hot water disintegrates calcium from hard water and it deposits in the tank and these cause erosion of the inner lining of the tank.  Even, Instant Geysers or Water heaters are prone to harm with deposits of minerals due to hard water.

So, You need to choose Geyser for hard water which is made up of anti corrosive material tank lining. These Geysers for hard water need to be flushed time to time and a water softener needs to be installed. Vinegar proves to be a good solution as well to prevent chemical build up in the tank.

10.Why there is a sewage or rotten egg smell in the hot water from Geyser?

Certain areas have microbes especially anaerobic bacteria in the water.These bacteria react with the metals (Mg, S and Al) of the anode rod in the water heater producing stinking Hydrogen sulfide gas .this gas gives a very bad odor.

11.How is Storage tank is decontaminated from bacterial growth in Geyser ?

Chlorinating water heater is one of the best options to kill the bacteria that grow inside the tank. So chlorine treatment or adding bleach will make the difference.You need to follow certain procedure to do the chlorination for Geyser.

Firstly, you need to turn off both power and water supply . Drain all the water and remove the anode and replace with brand new anode rod if possible. you need to pour bleach into hot water outlet and let it remain around 3 hours through all the Geyser pipes till the faucets and inside the tank as well.

Chlorine smell indicates bleach has been set well to all the needed places. After the considerable amount of Chlorination has been allowed, you can release the water flow and allow the power supply till all the chlorinated water is removed.

Thus, Chlorination decontaminates the Geyser  and  Geyser pipes from bacteria and foul smell as well.

12.How do you remove mineral deposits in Storage Geyser tank and Geyser pipes?

The mineral deposits that occur because of hard water in Geyser tank and Geyser pipes can be removed by treating with Vinegar.  This also needs a systematic procedure to clean the deposits.

Firstly, turn off power and water supply to the Geyser tank. Drain the water through a hose connected to drain valve of Geyser and also by opening the hot water faucet at home. Now, you need to turn off the cold water supply to the storage geyser tank and remove the anode rod. You have to add Vinegar to some extent in the tank whereas you place a funnel across anode rod opening. Also, dilute with water and let it sit for 6 hours.

After this drain the vinegar solution through drain valve and also through any hot water faucet at home. Once all the Vinegar solution has been removed, you can close the drain valve and hot water faucet. Now, the Geyser hot water is ready to be filled again. All you need to do is turn on the power and cold water supply.

13.How often do you need to flush the Geyser tank ?

You tend to overlook Flushing but flushing the Geyser tank is necessary  as it helps the water heater to last longer duration. Flushing depends on each company brand model, it generally takes around yearly or more than one year of maintenance.

It is so simple , Turn off the power supply in case of Electric geyser or Gas supply valve in case of Gas Geyser. Also turn off cold water supply to the geyser tank. In case of Gas geysers you need to turn off the pressure valve. Now, connect a hose pipe to drain valve and remove the water. And remove all the water by turning on the hot water faucet at home.

After all the water has been removed. now turn on the cold water supply to the tank and leave the water to flush out till there is no appearance of mineral deposits or dirt. Thus flushing is important to clear your Storage tank from bacterial contamination and mineral deposits to an extent.

14.Why does the hot water run out sooner than it used to be in Geyser?

If your Geyser water is not hot like it used to be earlier, than the probable reason is sediment build up at the bottom of the storage tank allowing an insulating effect . The sediment build also causes lesser space for the heating of hot water. So, check out if you need to clear way all the mineral deposits in the storage tank if you are not getting enough hot water like it used to be earlier.

15.What is the energy  efficiency of Water heaters or Geysers ?

The energy efficiency of Electric water heater is high where only 1% of heat gets wasted. So most of the energy is used in heating the water . In Gas geysers , lot of gas gets wasted during ignition and also needs time to time filling of gas for continuity. Solar water heaters are highly energy efficient too . They utilize 85 % of the solar radiations for the working of Solar water heater.

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