It’s hard to imagine a time before refrigerators. Whether it’s for your home or business, fridges are one of those things we can’t manage without. But what exactly are we looking for when it comes to buying a new one?

samsung is also one of the best and most popular brands in refrigerator so to know best features have a look into  Top 10 Samsung Refrigerators in India 2017

Refrigerators are one of those purchases that you should only need to make a few times in your lifetime. An average fridge is usually expected to run for 10 years or so before it needs replacing – depending on the model. Replacing your cooling companion can be costly, so when the times does come to buy a new fridge, you need to make sure it will suit your needs for several years to come.

To know and get an clarity on best one among whirlpool refrigerator visit Top 10 whirlpool refrigerators in India 2017

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Whirlpool Pro 355 ELT Refrigerator           Buy On Amazon
Haier HRF 618 Frost free Refrigerator Buy On Amazon
Whirlpool Fp 313D Multi door Refrigerator           Buy On Amazon
Bosch KDN30VR30I Frost free Double door Refrigerator Buy On Amazon
LG GL I 302RPZL Double door Refrigerator Buy On Amazon
LG GL B201AMLN Direct cool Single door Refrigerator Buy On Amazon
LG GL I322RPZL Frost free Double door Refrigerator Buy On Amazon
Whirlpool Fp 263D Royal Refrigerator             Buy On Amazon
LG GL I292RPZL Frost free Double door Refrigerator Buy On Amazon

Your fridge door is the most used door in your home and, every time it is opened, the temperature changes around your food. When it comes to your fridge, ActiveSmart™ controls the weather to deliver better food care.

While choosing the right size is a key consideration, it’s not the only one – you’ll also need to think about maintenance, flexibility and energy efficiency too.

To choose the best LG refrigerator by best features and reviews look into Best LG Fridge in India 2017

1.The Best Whirlpool  refrigerator

“Double door fridges have full-width fridge shelves and can hold large platters with ease – perfect if you entertain regularly. ..”

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Frost-free stabilizer free operation

Reviews and Features–>

“To meet the modern refrigerating demands, the Whirlpool Pro 355 ELT 3S Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator is the ideal option as it comes with useful features like intelligent sensors on the display panel and Fresh Flow system that gives better refrigerating and keeps your food cold and fresh for a longer duration. “

  • Whirlpool is designed with 3 intellisensors on display panel, on FC and on RC
  • It has Deep freezer, tower cooling, everyday fresh tray, freshflow flexi-vents and active deo.
  • It has vents which are equipped with anti-bacterial filters which prevent the aerial bacteria from entering the internal portion of the refrigerator thus keeping it clean

2.The Best Haier  frost free refrigerator

“With an impressive 710 or 650 Litres this range is ideal for those that value a large organised fridge. Inverter Technology maximises power savings whilst minimising noise, and the Vitalight Humidity Bin keeps produce fresher for longer…”

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Reviews and Features–>

  • Haier is designed with Frost-free Side-by-Side Inverter Refrigerator and built wtih toughened glass.
  • It has Reciprocatory Compressor with 565L capacity.

“A great fridge freezer will hold all of your fresh and frozen groceries, chilling and freezing food quickly to help keep it fresher for longer. Buying a fridge freezer is typically cheaper than forking out for a separate fridge and freezer for your kitchen. It will take up less space, too.”

3.The Best Whirlpool  multi door refrigerator

“multi door refrigerators are designed specifically for those that care about preserving the quality and freshness of all kinds of food. Sleek aesthetics are combined with advanced food storage technology keeping your food fresher for longer..”

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Moisture Retention TechnologyFresh keeper

Reviews and Features–>

  • Whirlpool is designed to maintain the natural moisture to keep fruits and veggies fresher for longer
  • It helps to  Prevent microbial growth to keep fruits and veggies in the best of health
  • Whirlpool  Creates customized cooling zones to maintain optimum freshness levels and also  Prevents odour mixing to keep the flavors intact.

4.The Best Bosch  frost free double door refrigerator

“The fridge door in any family home is opened all the time, so one of the best family friendly features to look for is intelligent temperature control, which automatically adjusts the temperature of your fridge and freezer so that it remains constant whatever the conditions…”

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#1 Best Seller Low Cost

Reviews and Features–>

“Super cooling quickly chills food and beverages with a touch of a button”

  • Bosch has 3 Star Energy Rating and Vita fresh reduces wastage as vegetables, fruits and milk are kept fresh for longer.
  • Bosch has a special feature of Cooling retention ensures food stays fresh and beverages stay chilled for up to 14 hours during a power cut.
  • It provides Door airflow with multi airflow help keep masala sauce, bottled water at the door fresh and chilled for longer.

5.The Best Lg  double door refrigerator

“Lg classic frost-free upright freezer is 160 litres of convenience. Designed with energy efficiency in mind, transparent drawers, slim upright stature and rapid freeze function, it is the perfect addition to any home. It contains an anti-fingerprint steel coating and contains four digital sensors inside, which also aid in energy-efficiency…”

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Toughened GlassStabilizer free

Reviews and Features–>

  • LG is designed with Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator and has 4 Star Rating Energy Rating/Energy Consumption
  • Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive on refrigerator and 9 Years on the Smart Inverter Compressor from LG

6.The Best Lg frost free double door refrigerator

“This classic refrigeration range will suit any home, large or small. Combining functionality with style, innovative surround cooling is coupled with a choice of white or stainless steel facade, an ideal addition to any kitchen…”

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Reviews and Features–>

  • Frost-free double-door refrigerator; 308 litres capacity
  • It has 4 Star Energy Rating and provides 1 year of warranty on product
  • It consists of Smart Inverter 3, ice beam door cooling, automatic smart connect and premium florid finish

7.The Best Whirlpool  royal refrigerator

“With a Topmounted freezer drawer, these fridges are a modern take on the typical fridge freezer. Available in stainless steel or white with tempered glass shelves, they are sleek inside and out, the perfect addition to any home…”

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Fresh Keeper Mininmizes Oxidation

Reviews and Features–>

  • whirlpool refrigerator consists of  Air booster system, quick chill bottle zone, RC lamp, ice twister and collector
  • Whirlpool provides 1 year warranty on the product; 5 years warranty on the compressor
  • It has 6th sense active fresh, moisture retention technology, micro block, fresh keeper, air boosters, 3 door format and separate vegetable drawer.

8.The Best Lg  frost free double door refrigerator

” This family-friendly refrigerator has a door alarm, which will alert you when the fridge has been left open…”

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Reviews and Features–>

  • LG designed with Frost-free double-door refrigerator; 260 litres capacity
  • It has 4 Star Energy Rating and provides 1 year warranty  on product.
  • It consists of Smart Inverter 3, ice beam door cooling, automatic smart connect and premium florid finish

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