Best double booster stabilizer for AC

double booster stabilizer
The ultimate aim of this concept is to eliminate the usage of stabilizers for refrigerators/deep freezers Double Booster Stabilizer for AC The one you require when you need to increase the voltage by your own at the time when your stabilizer failed to work properly. It ensures trouble free operation of the AC.

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Why do you require  double booster for your AC?

best double booster stabilizer

The process of double booster stabilizer is similar to that of the step up transformer. But the main difference is that the size of the step up transformer is larger when compared to the stabilizer. Hence we suggest you to prefer the stabilizer with double booster technology. The Electrical appliances which require constant / stable voltages without any disturbances or fluctuations will require a double booster voltage stabilizer.

“Here let us suggest you the best double booster stabilizer here available in the electrical industry.”

Microtek EM4150+ Double booster AC stabilizer for 1.5 ton Inverter AC

microtek em4150+ double ac stabilizer for 1.5 ton inverter ac

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It is the best double booster stabilizer for up to 1.5 ton AC. It is being designed with the concept of “Save Power Technology” with the technique of auto start mode. It is best suited for your 1.5 ton AC under the condition of stabilizer failure. You can able to set the voltage range range or rise the voltage supply whenever the device is failed to work. This makes your AC to work continuously without any fail.

For the frequent power failures double booster can be used and it will be the only choice for you to go for compensating the power supply. Microtek EM4150+ boosts up to 30 V.

It won’t produce any noise. It comes with an intelligent time delay system and other low/high voltage cut-off protection system. It ensures the features of;

  • Intelli microchip design
  • Silver caked relay
  • Intelli Thermal Management system
  • Transistors based on Silicon
  • Digital displaying system is available

The winding material comes with copper or aluminium material. However both of them are equal in their electrical properties. Acts as a good conductors, that saves power and improves the power factor.

At the time of frequent power cut issues, you can utilize the double booster AC stabilizer which doubles your low voltage supply to meet the required power supply. This will be the best choice for your 1.5 ton AC if you are in need of double booster stabilizer.

Why we need a different stabilizer for 1.5 and 2 Ton AC?. All of us clearly know that 1.5 ton ac and and 2 ton AC are completed different, like wise we need a different stabilizer for both 1.5 and 2 AC. so That I have listed out the best AC stabilizers for 1.5 ton and 2 ton ac stabilizers.I will explain you clearly in coming topics.

1.5 Ton AC stabilizers-[Requires 4 Kva stabilizers]

2 Ton AC stabilizers-[Requires 5 Kva stabilizers]

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