Best copper stabilizer for 1.5 ton & 2 ton AC

Best copper stabilizer for 1.5 ton & 2 ton AC
Whenever things come across regarding the electrical devices or components, usually we would like to buy the best one among the devices with the assurance of the internal components and wiring. According to the stabilizer, the winding material plays an important role in the operation. The material used for winding in the stabilizer is usually copper or aluminium.

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Why do we prefer copper over aluminium?

“Guys, you know why we prefer copper over aluminium? Following are the reasons:”

Why required copper stabilizer & aluminium stabilizer

  • In electrical terms, the copper is having higher conductive nature when compared to aluminium.
  • Copper is more ductile which can be stretched or molded easily according to your requirements. Which could not be done with an aluminium.
  • It has very high thermal and electrical conductivity than an aluminium
  • Copper is having higher tensile strength, so that it can be stretched to any extent.
  • Copper can be easily soldered with perfection in the electrical devices. So, that the short circuiting could be avoided.
  • When compared to copper & aluminium is having potential obstacle; the reactivity of aluminium with oxygen in air will cause connection to overheat and happens to fail at times, chances of getting fired. Hence, copper is strongly recommended to be used.

“The one factor which makes you to prefer aluminium over copper is that, the price. The price of aluminium is very less than the copper.”

The best stabilizer for you AC can be preferred based on the tonnage of the required AC. Even the stabilizers are designed according to the tonnage factor too. The internal circuits and its design are based on the capacity of the best Air conditioners. Selecting a stabilizer for your AC capacity will be a tedious process for you. So, here we worked and researched for you and listed the best stabilizer based on your requirement.

Both the Copper and Aluminium is having their own properties that is suitable for the applications. At the same time, both come up with the pros and cons at their own characteristics. “Here is the comparison properties of copper with aluminium along with their benefits and drawbacks.”

Comparison of Copper winding stabilizer Vs Aluminium winding stabilizer

Copper winding Stabilizer Aluminium winding stabilizer
Conductivity 1. High conductive in nature

2. Very high thermal and electrical conductivity

1. Nearly as same as the copper conductivity

2. Comparatively less

Properties 1. Copper is more ductile

2. High tensile strength and thus stretching can be done

1. Aluminium is not ductile

2. Aluminium could not be stretched

Advantages 1. The very good conductivity of copper plays an important role in
the power consumption and thereby improving the power factor2. Ductility, conductivity and tensile strength are added advantage
for choosing the copper over aluminium
1. Good conductivity will helps to stand in equal with copper

2. The cost is less and hence it is affordable (pocket-friendly)

Disadvantages 1. Cost is very high compared to aluminium 1. It doesn’t have any added properties that leads to buy other than affordability

“For better results, we would suggest you to get the copper stabilizer. It makes the connected load works in a better way that results in the proper functioning of the appliances. We suggest you to buy the best copper stabilizer for your 1.5 & 2 ton AC.”

V Guard copper stabilizer for 1.5 ton Inverter AC’s

This is the best suitable single booster stabilizer for your Inverter AC’s up to 1.5 ton. It comes with a heavy duty capacity withstanding capability. The output from the stabilizer which is turned as an input to the AC’s will be more accurate. This is the one, which is specially designed for the Inverter AC. So, if you are having an idea of buying a stabilizer, obviously, you can prefer this model as your top most option.

It performs under the intelligent time delay system (3 min +/-20 sec delay). The withstanding capacity is up to 12 A. The wide range of fluctuating input voltage can be easily handled by this stabilizer.

It comes with the copper winding , which best suits for the conductivity by consuming less power thereby improving the power factor. It works in either single phase or three phase power supply.

The capacity and features should be increased according to the increase in the tonnage of the AC’s. Comparatively, 2 ton AC’s needs the stabilizer with more withstanding capacity. So, here is the best copper stabilizer for 2 ton AC is that V Guard VG 500 voltage stabilizer.

“In case if your stabilizer failed to work properly, then you can go for the option of using double booster stabilizer for your 1.5 ton Inverter AC.”

V Guard VG 500, the best copper stabilizer for 2 ton AC 

V Guard VG 500, the best copper stabilizer for 2 ton AC

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It is the one best for your 2 ton AC that works with zero cross detector technology. It comes with an intelligent time delay system (3 min +/-20 sec delay).

The copper winding best suits with the stabilizer and ensures the conductivity that consumes power (power saving concept) which in turn results in better power factor improvement.

Lot of protection system enables the model to occupy the place of best stabilizer for 2 ton AC. Comes with the feature of wall mounting facility and the cabinet material is ABS which suits well for the stabilizer. It is available at an affordable price.

Why we need a different stabilizer for 1.5 and 2 Ton AC?. All of us clearly know that 1.5 ton ac and and 2 ton AC are completed different, like wise we need a different stabilizer for both 1.5 and 2 AC. so That I have listed out the best AC stabilizers for 1.5 ton and 2 ton ac stabilizers.I will explain you clearly in coming topics.

1.5 Ton AC stabilizers-[Requires 4 Kva stabilizers]

2 Ton AC stabilizers-[Requires 5 Kva stabilizers]

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