Best Home Tool Kits & Hand Set [Bosch] 2017Whether you\’re looking for the perfect housewarming gift for the new homeowner in your life, or you\’re a first-time home buyer looking for a starter toolkit, there\’s no easier way to begin DIY-ing basic repairs than with a simple all-in-one kit.

After searching for a week, we found that these following three materials will full fill all your daily requirement in home tools. Purchase all the 3 and make use of its best.

Best Drilling machine brands for home and Industries[Bosch]

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Bosch Metal Piece Silver Black Buy On Amazon
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A well-stocked toolbox is indispensable for DIY projects and home repairs. Use this guide to select versatile and dependable tools that will help you with a lifetime of projects.

For starters, Popular Mechanics has put together a great guide to stocking a toolbox. You can check out the list here right away or watch the video below to see Roy Berendsohn show off the contents of his well-stocked box:

“Do you need to deal with household repair work frequently? Be it for your house or for your vehicle, for regular maintenance and repair, it is best if one can do it by oneself”

1.The Best Bosch  professional accessories

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Lightweight drill  Robust and powerful Motor

More than any other kit, the bosch tool set delivers on the basics, providing the necessary items without the useless filler that inflates the total tool count—and the price tag—on the other kits we tried. The HDX kit includes a perfectly adequate hammer, tape measure, utility knife, screwdriver, and hex wrenches, just to name a few. It also has one of the best adjustable wrenches that we saw in any kit. The tools come organized in a case that’s cheap-feeling but basically okay, and also one of the most compact cases we’ve encountered.

You can find plenty of kits that offer a lesser selection of tools and cost twice as much—and you can also find some that cost a bit less but fail to match this set’s overall quality. The HDX set was among the lowest-priced products we tested,  it’s a steal. This kit wouldn’t last long on a construction site, but for simple home upgrades and repairs, you could keep it around for years.

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“Often the size and weight of drills weighs one down, but not with the Bosch GSB 10 RE. It has been built in a way that optimises working in difficult situations such as small spaces or overhead tasks, making it less tiring for you and getting the job done perfectly.”

  • Bosch home tool kit is designed with MS and Plastic material 1/2 inch drill spindle connecting thread and 0 to 2600 rpm speed with 1 to 10 mm chuck capacity
  • The multi function drilling machine can be used to make holes on walls, concrete, metal, wood and plastic. Fix your picture frames, paintings, hangers, lightings etc. without any hassles.
  • Drilling diameter: 10 millimeters for concrete and masonry; 8 millimeters for steel; 20 millimeters for wood
  • Warranty – 6 months from the date of invoice (provide invoice copy to claim warranty)

2.Bosch metal piece silver black

“A complete handtool kit with all requirement for household and office maintainance. Stylist, compact and light weight. This all-in-one kit is a must have for all modern homes.”

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Longlasting materialExcellent Elasticity

“A good multi-purpose hammer, a nice screwdriver with interchangeable bits, a meaty pair of medium weight pliers, and other tools like that are handy for so many projects you should never wait around to purchase them.”

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  • Pecision bits for mobiles and laptops, screwdriver bit for all household work.
  • Allen Key for all maintaianace work, hammer and electrical tester is must have for your home
  • Handy storage kit for all handtools and bits, comes in a compact suitcase for easy carriage and handling
  • Bosch provides 6 months of warranty on product.

3.The Best Visko tools

“Perfect Kit for Home and Professional Use.”

“Home tool kit for daily purpose use at home.will let you fix furniture legs, tighten screws of electrical boxes or hang picture frames on walls. The items in this kit come neatly wrapped in a folder with slots for holding them safely.”

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Reviews and Features–>

“If you purchase tools when they\’re needed for projects and take your time to select high quality tools, you\’ll slowly but surely build up a home tool box that has a dependable and lifelong set of tools in it.”


  • It has Sturdy and ergonomically designed tools for fixing and repair jobs at home.
  • Professionals like carpenters and electricians can use it for construction and electrical repair jobs.
  • Home Hand Tool Kit from VISKO TOOLS, With a claw hammer, eight screwdriver blades and a pair of combination pliers  This folder lets you store them together safely or take them around without dropping any of them.


Hammer: This tool is a must for hanging pictures, pounding in the irritating sock-ripping nail that keeps working its way up, or “persuading” the gate latch to line up.

Tape measure: You’ll need this item for measuring for window blinds, figuring the square footage for painting a room, or spacing pictures on a wall.

Screwdriver and bits: Use these pieces for tightening hinges and door knobs, straightening electrical plates, fixing loose chair legs, or assembling furniture and toys. For bits, you’ll want at minimum a well-rounded selection of Phillips, slotted, square-drive, and Torx, all of which are useful around the house. It’s also good to have an extra supply of Phillips #2, as those are the most common.

Allen wrenches (SAE and metric): As Clement told me, “Allen keys are critical for the modern world we’ve built up of knock-down furniture. The more choices you have in Imperial and metric, the better off you’ll be. They’re must-haves for anyone with a bike, too. Adjust your seat, rack your handlebars straight after the crash, even fix your Baby Jogger. They’re also key for various home upgrades with set screws like toilet paper and towel holders.”

Needle-nose pliers: Grab a pair for small and delicate tasks like repairing jewelry or gluing tiny pieces of a broken coffee mug. This tool is also helpful when you’re working in tight places such as the inside of a motorized toy or getting melted crayons out of the floor register ducts.

Utility knife: Keep this item handy for breaking down boxes, slicing into packaging, or opening caulk.

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