Best Drilling machine brands for home and Industries[Bosch]Need a power tool that can withstand some heavy-duty DIY? We put these through a powerful line up…

It can be confusing and frustrating choosing the best power tool to meet your jobsite needs. The power tool manufacturers love to bamboozle us with various brand new features and benefits, higher speed and torque ratings, bigger capacities and new cordless batteries.

Best Home Tool Kits & Hand Set [Bosch] 2017

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Black Decker KR554RE 550 Watt Reversible Buy On Amazon
Bosch GSB 10 Professional accessories Buy On Amazon
Bosch GSB RE 450 Watt Carton Buy On Amazon
Electrical Simple Drill Masonry Combo     Buy On Amazon
Black Decker HD400IN 500 Watt Impact Buy On Amazon
Bosch Professional Impact Drill watts Buy On Amazon
Bosch X30Ti piece Drill Driver Buy On Amazon
Skil 6513 13mm Drill Bits Buy On Amazon
Bosch GSB 600 Smart Drill Buy On Amazon
Impact Imhdm14 Hand Drill Machine Buy On Amazon
Jonbhandari Tools Chinese Masonary Drill Buy On Amazon
Bosch GSB 500 RE 500 Watt      Buy On Amazon
Skil 6513 variable hammering function      Buy On Amazon
Skil 6513 Variable Hammering Function Buy On Amazon
Black Decker Battery Powered Screwdriver Buy On Amazon
Bosch Metal Piece Silver Black Buy On Amazon
Black Decker KC4815 15 Screwdriver Buy On Amazon

Take a walk through our guide where we outline some of the tools available in each category, the basic spec you’ll need to consider, and some of their best features. We selected four from each category to give you a quick, helpful overview of what’s available to match your budget.

When choosing a drill driver, take note of the capacity of holes it will allow you to drill and also the top torque setting as this will affect the sort of materials you can effectively drill screws into.

Pay attention, too, to the battery supplied with the machine; the higher rated the Ah of the battery the longer the drill driver will run between charges. And the less charges you subject your battery to, the longer it’ll last.

1.The Best Black reversible

“The “hammer” action, where the drill bit vibrates, means it can get through tougher surfaces. On a rotary hammer drill, a more powerful option, the rotary action can be turned off, leaving the hammer function to work alone breaking up the likes of concrete. ..”

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Quite versatile Easy and Convenient

“Auxiliary handle & soft rubber grip has provide fatigue free comfortable usage. Ergonomic Design with Optimal grip positions, light weight and Insulated shock proof plastic body Powerful motor and high impact rate for fast, effortless masonry drilling Easy to change bits. Standard Accessories Chuck key Auxiliary Handle Depth Gauge”

Reviews and Features–>

Drilling / Hammering mode provides the power and speed to drill into masonry, steel and wood

  • Black and Decker has 550-Watt power and 13mm Chuck capacity.
  • Impact Rate: 0 – 47,600 BPM and Speed: 0 – 2,800 RPM
  • Max Drilling Capacity: Wood – 20 mm, Steel – 13 mm, Masonry: 13 mm
  • Cable: 2m|550-Watt Suitable for Home drilling
  • Variable speed for ultimate finger tip control for all drilling applications
  • Reverse Brush System for full torque and power in forward and reverse
  • Lock on button for continuous use
  • Ergonomic design with optimal grip positions, light weight and Insulated shock proof plastic body
    Black&Decker provides 6 months of warranty,Product description

” There is also a reverse option which can be used for screwing application. So, buy this multipurpose drill machine and make your work more easy and convenient.”

2.The Best Bosch  professional accessories

“Cordless drills, in all forms, are in the main, less powerful than corded drills although some of the very expensive cordless combination drills can match a basic corded drill for power…”

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light weight#1 Best Seller

Reviews and Features–>

  • Bosch has 0 to 2600 rpm No-load speed and Drilling diameter: 10 millimeters for concrete and masonry; 8 millimeters for steel; 20 millimeters for wood.
  • It has  1 to 10 millimeters Chuck capacity and 0 to 41600 bpm impact rate.
  • 1/2 inch drill spindle connecting thread and 500 watts (Input) and 250 watts (Output) power
  • Warranty – 6 months from the date of invoice (provide invoice copy to claim warranty

3.The Best Bosch  carton

“This is another versatile, battery-operated tool that combines the qualities of a rotary hammer drill with the benefits of a drill driver. To put up a shelf, for example, it can be turned to hammer action to drill the holes in the wall, then the hammer turned off to drill the bracket holes in the shelf, and then finally used as a screwdriver for fixing the brackets to the shelf and the wall. ..”

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saves energy Multipurpose Drilling Machine

They will generally double as a normal power drill – you can turn off most hammer functions – and some combination drills have settings for the likes of impact-driving and screw-driving.

Reviews and Features–>

  • Bosch driller Used for minor plumbing or repairing tasks and mounting photo frame or paintings.
  • It has 450 watts power and 10 millimeters drilling diameter.
  • Bosch driller  is designed with MS and Plastic material
  • It has 0-41600 bpm Impact Rate ,10 mm concrete ,8 mm Meteal and 20 mm wood
  • Bosch provides 6 months of warranty on product. Bosch has been a lifeline to many builders, technicians and architects for the kind of tools it produces that cater to diverse industrial sectors like automotive, construction, manufacturing, and home-interiors.

4.The Best Electrical simple drill masonry combo

“Bosch power tools are designed to save energy, yet deliver highest levels of performance. It has won many awards at international level for its perfection and innovation in power tools and accessories segment. ..”

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compact and powerful Electrical Simple Drill

Reviews and Features–>

you can put up your precious painting collection, murals, hangings and wall decoratives on your wall, using this drilling tool, for an effortless masonry dealing in your household

  • It is a Combo of a simple drill 10mm 6hss bits 1 masonry bit, power: 300watts, rpm: 2300rpm, voltage-220, motor: copper, outer body: pvc and metal,
  • domestic drilling machine which you can operate single handedly,
  • it has a safe and insulated shock proof plastic make, ergonomic design for easy grip,

Multi-Purpose Electrical Drill for a Variety of Uses. Perform drilling tasks at home with ease using the compact and powerful Electrical Simple Drill. Featuring 10mm and 6Hss bits, with this drill you no longer have to rely on your local electrician or plumber to perform basic drilling functions at home. With an outer body made from shock-proof PVC and plastic.

5. The Best Black decker

“It’s a great drill for the beginner and one which should last you a good while for doing general DIY…”

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#1 Best Seller  Ease of Handling

Reviews and Features–>

Can be used for drilling on any kind of surface like concrete, wood and metal

  • Black&Decker 500 watts power with 220 volts ideal for all domestic and semi professional tasks
  • It is Ergonomically designed for ease of handling and e efficient cooling system
  • It has 10mm chuck ideal for all types of domestic tasks and designed with Lock on button for ease of operation.

6.The Best Bosch professional impact drill

” The battery changeover is super-quick, too. We tested this drill on hanging pictures, fitting a blind and a curtain rail, as well as some flat-pack furniture assembly. It was light and easy to use, with plenty of power…”

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Powerful motorLow Cost

Designed by experts, this tool will never disappoint with its cushioned grip and highly compact body. While most drills weigh a lot, Bosch’s GSB 10 RE weighs only 1.5 kg which works perfectly when working in difficult situations. You don’t have to wait for the carpenter anymore, as this drill serves all purposes of working on projects both at work and home without any difficulty.

Reviews and Features–>

“This tool comes in handy while pilot drilling owing to its speed control feature. Now work according to your comfort and ease while accomplishing tasks without the help of a technician.”

  • Bosch professional impact driller has 0-2600 rpm No Load Speed and impact rate at 41600 bpm no load speed

Important features:

  1. Ergonomic design and easy to use
  2. Reverse rotation feature
  3. Speed control function
  4. Usage of the product

7.The Best Bosch  drill driver

“The best feature we love is the small (but very bright) LED bulb in the handle, which points at the drill bit so when you are drilling in a cupboard or under the stairs you can see what you are doing perfectly. ..”

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Best Brand

Reviews and Features–>

  • 11 metal drill bits diameter 1.5-6.5mm with titanium nitride coating for faster drilling and long service life (not suitable for use in aluminium)
  • 4 robust carbide-tipped masonry drill bits diameter 4-7mm that impress with their long service life, fast stock removal, low heat development and precision
  • 4 sharp wood drill bits diameter 4-8mm with centring tip and shoulder cutter for precise, tear-free hole drilling
  • 10 extra-hard screwdriver bits for use with the most commonly used screws with Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx and longitudinal slot heads
  • Warranty – 6 months from the date of invoice (provide invoice copy to claim warranty)

8.Skil  drill bits

“When drawing up this list, we looked for performance for the price, ease-of-use, ergonomics and durability to find the best drill for the job, so that we choosed this driller..”

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Robust and Reliable DesignUser Friendly

Reviews and Features–>

  • Skill drill Offers a speed rate up to 0/3000 rpm and helps to drill concrete, wooden and metal surfaces accurately
  • Pistol like grip provides a smart drilling experience
  • This high quality drill machine features a comfortable pistol like grip. This helps the user to access it comfortably while looking for creating holes on the walls or doors.
  •  The user friendly feature of this drilling machine enables anyone to get a premium quality drilling experience in a short time. The robust and reliable structure of this drilling tool makes it more convenient for the user. Buy drill machine online to make your drilling job easier.

9.The Best Bosch  smart drill

“When drawing up this list, we looked for performance for the price, ease-of-use, ergonomics and durability to find the best drill for the job…”

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Good Quality#1 Best Seller

” Fabricated with a user-friendly design, it adds an aesthetic value to your repair and mending tasks. From drilling to screwing and unscrewing, this drill is long-lasting owing to its powerful 600 W motor. So get started with your 600 RE drill and experience quality output while working with your machine”

Reviews and Features–>

  • Multi-function Drilling machine, to make holes on the wall, concrete, metal, wood, plastic
  • Suitable for professionals & Do-It-Yourself at home and Technicians.
  • Forward / Reverse switch for screw driving work and  has two way Hammering/drilling mode selector switch.
  • Double insulation for high safety
  • Speed trigger with electronic control for exact pilot drilling
  • Rotating brush plate for constant power in reverse and forward rotation
  • Auxiliary handle with depth stop for better control

10.The Best Impact  hand drill machine

“This is an Hand driller you can use it  for smaller work. you can use it for personal home use purpose, not suitable for construction purpose..”

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twin metal gears

Reviews and Features–>

Best for all Small Home, Office & Industrial Uses

  • Drill Bit Upto 6mm or 1/4″ can be used which is used to drill in Wood, Plastic, Mild Steel, depending on the drill bit used.
  • Hand Drill Machine is best where precision, accuracy and control is required.
  •  This is a really handy tool to have when you have to drill a hole and an electrical socket is not readily available.
  • Smooth-acting, hand-cranked drill employs stout,, heavy-duty 1/4 inch chuck, and comfortable wood knobs for long-term durability.

11.The Best Jonbhandari tools chinese masonary drill

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Low Cost

Reviews and Features–>

  • Mansory drill bits are used for wall drilling and also suitable for iron,wood,plastic.
  • 5 pcs masonary bits for drilling on wall & 13 pcs has drill bits for drilling on metal, wood & plastic

12.  The Best Bosch

“You can feel the Bosch quality when you hold the drill and as well as the usual torque settings protecting the motor, it also has further, built-in motor protection so the little chap will keep you going, and going. The set is completed with a very strong carry case…”

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Easy to use

Reviews and Features–>

“Are you looking for a tool kit to manage a variety of repair jobs on a day to day basis? Then get this Bosch GSB 500 RE 500-Watt Tool Set which is really going to prove handy.”

  • Bosch driller has  10 millimeters drilling diameter with 500 watts power.
  • It Used for minor plumbing or repairing tasks and mounting photo frame or paintings
  • Bosch provides 6 months of warranty on product.


“if you want to get rid of the hassle of calling over a carpenter every time to fix little things in your house, then buy online this Bosch GSB 500 RE 500-Watt Tool Set and add it to your existing collection of home improvement products.”

13.The Best Skil  hammering function

“It’s a very strong drill indeed. The extended body makes it easy to hold and we felt completely in charge despite the obvious power. Comes very highly recommended…”

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No strain to handle

Reviews and Features–>

Looking for a good drilling machine to do some drilling or repairing job at home? Brace yourself with the Skil 6513 550w 13mm Impact Drill that comes with a unique hammering function and variable speed for better usage.

Impact drill with variable speed and clockwise and anticlockwise rotation for screwdriver function.

  • Its Drilling Capacity 13mm Metal, 16mm walls, 35mm wood. Impact rate 48000.
  • Warranty – 6 months from the date of invoice (provide invoice copy to claim warranty)
    Product description

It comes with a pistol grip handle that allow users to hold it with much comfort while working. The grip also offers better stability when you need to drill holes without any kind of strain in your hands during work.

14.The Best Skil variable hammering function

“These drills have overload protection, bright LED work lights and handy battery “fuel gauges”. It comes with two 4Ah batteries…”

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Convenient ToolEfficient Performance

Reviews and Features–>

  • Skil hammer has Up to 3000RPM variable speed and Up to 48000 bpm Impact Rate
  • Drilling Diameter: 13mm (concrete); 13mm (steel); 35mm (wood); 16mm (masonry ) and it weighs  1.5kg (without the cable)
  • It is 138 pcs accessories and has Reliable motor of 550 W with strong ball and needle bearing system
  • Very glad about this is that has Forward/reverse switch for screw driving application
  • Lock-on button for continuous application

You can adjust the speed of the drill using the trigger and you can also instantly switch between impact and drilling modes using the dedicated knob. The handy tool box also contains a hammer, pliers, various screwdrivers and over 130 other accessories in its different compartments.

15.The Best Black decker battery powered screwdriver

“There’s a non-slip chuck and also LED indicators on the battery to tell you when it needs charging. Flex has its own tool box system where each box locks together to make transportation easy. ..”

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Comfortable and Easy to UseAlkaline Battery

Reviews and Features–>

  • Black&Decker has Voltage: 6 Volts, Max. Torque: 2.9 Nm, No Load Speed: 130 RPM, Weight: 0.24 Kg.
  • It contains 14 Pieces Accessory Bits: PH 1, PH2, PH3, PZ1, PZ2, PZ3, SL6, SL8, SL10, T10, T20, S1, S2, S3
  • It can be used for Forward / Reverse Switch for Easy Screwdriving and Screw Removal
  • Includes: Alkaline Battery Powered Screwdriver, 14 Pieces Accessory Bits, 4 Alkaline Batteries.

You can even use the product manually as it has a spindle lock that allows you to carry out the screwing operation without any trouble. Handy to have around the house, the Black & Decker alkaline powered screwdriver set lets you use it freely and flexibly without worrying about any power cables connected to it.

16.The Best Bosch metal piece silver black

“It has  Screwdrivers, 8 Allen Keys, 3 Masonry Drill Bits, 30 S-Plugs, 30 Screws, Flat-nose Pliers, Combination Pliers, 1 Tester, 1 Hammer, Cutter, Measuring Tape 3m, 1 Insulation Tape, 1 Torch, 1 Wrench, 1 Handsaw..”

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Lightweight and stylist looksBosch Quality

Reviews and Features–>

A complete handtool kit with all requirement for household and office maintainance.

  • Pecision bits for mobiles and laptops, screwdriver bit for all household work
  • Allen Key for all maintaianace work, hammer and electrical tester is must have for your home
  • Handy storage kit for all handtools and bits, comes in a compact suitcase for easy carriage and handling
  • low risk of breakage thanks to excellent elasticity

17. The Best Black decker  screwdriver

“the screwdriver function makes short work of putting together furniture and fitting flooring. You get a good quality set of bits and the battery life is fantastic…”

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LED light and Spindle Lock

Reviews and Features–>

  • It is 15 piece screwdriver set and No load speed of 200 and maximum torque is 3.5 nano meters
  • On board led light illuminates dark work areas such as under tables and cupboards
  • 2 position twist handle mechanism for full versatility and accessibility
  • Forward and reverse slide switch for easy screw driving and screw removal
  • Torque adjustment and rubber over mold grip provides comfort and avoids slipping

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