Now-a-days everyone loves to eat fried and delicious foods. But many of you refusing for taking up these foods, in order to keep your body from excess fat, because of the presence of large amount of oil in it. Here we suggest you the best way to rejoice you with your lovable recipes by utilizing an appliance called an Air Fryer.
Best Air fryer in India

Cooking is not an Option; instead, it’s an Obligation’

Air Fryer – for the traditional method of cooking the most delicious fried items with the layers of crispy, fluffy, soft and moist textures. The more efficient and precise method of cooking the fried items being achieved by this product.

‘Heat the food to the right degree, to make it healthy and germ free’

Hence, when it is handled properly, the effect of deep – frying can be minimized (i.e. spoiling of food can be minimized) with the help of the updated version of temperature and timer adjustments techniques, while using a little bit of oil in it. With comparison of traditional method of preparing fried items, to kind of Air Fried food consumes 70% to 80% less amount of oil.

The less you consume; the more you bloom’

Thus the consumption of reduced amount of oil will take you to lead a better and healthy life. It is the best option for the diet followers, who are refusing to take up with fried foods in the ubiquity of fatty contents.

However, most importantly, the Air Fried foods can’t really give the taste and texture of traditional food does, but can still deliver a crispy golden-brown outer-layer and soft, fluffy moist inner-layer without consuming large amount of oil.

The other broadly noticed features of Air Fryers – safe cooking (avoidance of fire/heating injuries), reduced manual process on cooking, compact design and portability, user-friendly, pocket-friendly, usage of gas cooking is minimized thence reducing the money on the expenses for LPG.

Buying the best Air Fryer among the existing variety of brands will be a tedious process for you. So, here we are taking you to the clear position of content after making a lot of research by our team considering for you to save more time for searching on your own. 

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Best Air Fryer

Before going into the variety of products available in the market, We will let you know 1. What actually an Air Fryer is? 2. How does it work? 3. What are the types of Air Fryers available.

Air Fryer:

It was developed using a patented technology called “Rapid Air Technology” and was introduced by ‘Philips’. It is a new kitchen appliance for cooking, that enables you to prepare the food in a healthy way. This in turn, reduces the usage of oil for the recipes. Different ways of cooking with the help of Air Fryer – fry, grill, bake and roast.

Working of Air Fryer:

A high speed mechanical fan circulates the hot air inside the Fryer that heats up the food from all sides of appliance simultaneously results in the cooking of food evenly. Hence your meal with crispy and soft layers at your loved tastes.

Types of Air Fryers:

Air fryer is generally differentiated by their controller operating methods.

Manually Operated Air Fryer:

The operating mode of time and temperatures are manually controlled by the knobs available on it. Since it is operated mechanically, it can also be mentioned as an Analog model of an air fryer.

Digitally Operated Air Fryer:

Timer and temperatures are adjusted by the touch screen on it. It is available with the digital display, so that the exact temperature and time are monitored. Even the preset cooking modes are available in some of the brands.

Guidance for Buying the Best Air Fryers in India

Once you have decided to buy this product, definitely, you will get stuck in the brand which you should choose among the existing larger number of brands and thereby you will arrive at another confusion of how to choose one among them. Here there is a list of important factors to be focused before purchasing your product.

Factors to be Noticed Description
Capacity The capacity of an Air fryer should meet the quantity of food does your family members require. Usually it comes with a capacity range of 2 L – 5 L (3 or 4 to 7 or 8 members which varies with every individual).
Power Consumption Consuming less power will save electrical energy draining in your house, thereby saving energy of our Nation. Even you can save your money for Electrical bills.
Size It is decided mainly by the size of your kitchen. It should be taken to an account, so that it fits your kitchen perfectly. In addition to it, consider compact and portability of the products.
Features Availability of additional features will always worth it. Some special features are – dual food basket, food separator, detachable trays, provisions for additional accessory usages, No. of heating elements
Controller Settings Generally it comes with the controllers of timer and temperature. Noticed facts: Range of the controllers, their level of accuracy & alarm indications for the expiry of time
Cost Considering all the factors with unaffordable price if of no use. So it must be affordable. It is available with various price ranges.
Settings The available settings should be of safe and user-friendly. So it is operated easily with full of safe, and hence you will arrive at preparing a variety of dishes.


Comparisons with other similar Gadgets

On account of making the method of cooking to an extent of simplest form, there are many more kitchen gadgets available. You may get confused about the thing that, How the Air Fryers differs from others? Don’t be worried. We are here to clarify all your confusions by comparing many of the available gadgets (similar to Air Fryers) with the Air Fryers.

Air Fryer (Vs.) Deep Fryer (Vs.) Microwave Oven (Vs.) Convection Oven (Vs.) Toaster Oven

Factors Air Fryer Deep Fryer Microwave Oven Convection Oven Toaster Oven
Cooking Methodology Rapid Air Technology is used for heating the food to be cooked evenly Food is completely immersed into the oil at high heat  for cooking Radiation Process: Food molecules gets heat energy directly by radiation in this appliance Fan in the oven, circulates the hot air inside the appliance and cooks the food quicker than microwave oven The radiation produced from the heating coils helps to cook the food in the oven
Cooking Time Less More time taken Less comparatively lesser than microwave Less
Capacity (2 – 5) L 2L to approx. 12L Max. approximation is 32L Approx. (12 – 30) L approx. up to 60L
Power Consumption Low Comparatively high High Low low
Purpose fry, grill, roast, bake, stew only for deep frying grill, bake, reheat cooking for beginners cook, reheat, roast, bake, rethermalize bake, grill, toast for professional use
User’s Opinion Friendly and easy to use Little difficult and risk of usage easy to configure recipes user-friendly very difficult mechanical controllers

Best Deep Fryer

By the name itself you may come to understand that this method used to fry the food in-depth. Hence the quantity of oil used is large here, so that the food gets its original flavour.

If you are a taste lover irrespective of health consciousness, definitely deep fryer would be your first choice. Rather, if you are in need of all kinds of food in a healthy way, then Air Fryer should be your choice.

Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven uses the radiation for cooking the dishes. Since the food molecules get the heat energy directly from the appliance, quick heating process is achieved.

Convection Oven

It consists of fan with heating element inside the oven. It makes use of the hot air which is being produced by the fan inside the oven. Thus results in cooking the food even on all sides.

Toaster Oven

These are the smaller version of conventional oven. The heating coils in it, produces the radiation and hence it is used for cooking the food. But it is exactly suits for the industrial and professional purposes.

Best Brands of Air Fryers in India at present

There are a number of brands available in our Indian market with respect to Air Fryer. They are quite similar with their features and specifications except few differences in them. By the way, you will get confused in the selection of brands. Here we will let you go with the clear edge of knowing about the different brands especially for saving your precious time, energy and more importantly reducing chances of getting false information.

After a long research, here we concluded about the features of few brands and their specifications with the following tabulation.

Philips (Vs.) Prestige (Vs.) Bright Flame (Vs.) Havells (Vs.) Stok (Vs.) American Micronic

Brand Philips Prestige Bright Flame Havells Stok American Micronic
Capacity (in Litres) 1 L – 2.2 L 2 L – 2.2 L 3 L – 3.5 L 2 L – 4 L standard 2.6 L 3 L – 3.5 L
Power Consumption (in Watts) 1425 W 1200 W to 1400 W 1250 W – 1350 W 1200W – 1350 W – 1500 W under 1500 W
Length of power Cord (in meters) 0.8 m to 1 m approx. 1 m approx. 1 m approx. 0.8 m approx. 0.8 m to 1 m 1 m – 1.2 m
Mass of the gadget (in Kilogram) 6 kg – 8 kg 3 kg – 5 kg 5 kg – 6 kg under 4 kg 5 kg – 6.2 kg 6 kg – 7 kg
Warranty Period (in year/s) 2 years 1 year 1 year 2 years 1 year 2 years
Approx. Price (₹) 7000/- to 16000/- 4000/- to 5500/- 5000/- to 6000/- 7000/- to 12000/- 3000/- to 5500/- 6000/- to 7000/-
General Features
  • Timer adjustments up to 30 minutes (few up to 60 minutes)
  • Temperature (thermostat adjustments) controller available from 80 °C to 200 °C
  • Auto shut-off facility with alarm indicator is available
  • Oil free fried foods can be prepared with it. Thereby reducing almost 80% of oil consumption and you can be healthy all the time.
  • Materials are dishwasher safe and cleaning makes easy.
  • Cool touch facility for handle is ensured
  • Gadgets provided with non-slip feet for avoiding the displacement.
  • Cooking modes – fry, bake, roast, steam, stew and re-heat
Added Features/ Benefits instant heating,60mins time controller in digital air fryer toughened glass door, 8 preset cooking menus presence of 5 heating coils, air-outlet vent & in-built power stabilizer air-filtration system for odourless kitchen 8 preset modes for cooking-in digital air fryer & can make double layer grill Turbo-Tunnel fresh air technology-for healthy cooking
Draw backs high cost & lack of temperature accuracy in digital air fryer not suitable for joint family because of its capacity till now digitally operated air fryer is not in the market comparatively high cost in the market high power is consumed power consumption is relatively high

Inalsa (Vs.) Agaro (Vs.) Glen (Vs.) GoWise USA (Vs.) Hilton (Vs.) Bajaj

Brand Inalsa Agaro Glen GoWise USA Hilton Bajaj
Capacity (in Litres) 2.6 L – 4.2 L 3 L – 3.5 L 2.8 L – 3.2 L 3.5 Q – 4 Q


3 L – 4 L 2 L – 3 L
Power Consumption (in Watts) 1200 W – 1400 W 1250 W – 1350 W 1350 W around 1500W under 1500 W 1230 W – 1300 W
Approx. Length of power Cord (in meters) 1 m 1 m 1 m 1 m 1 m 1 m
Mass of the gadget (in Kilogram) 2.6 kg – 5.27 kg approx. 4 kg – 6 kg 4 kg – 6 kg approx. approx. 5 kg – 6 kg 4 kg – 6 kg approx. 5 kg – 6 kg
Warranty Period (in year/s) 2 years 1 year 1 – 2 years 1 – 2 years 1 year 2 years
Approx. Price (₹) 3000/- to 5500/- 3000/- to 4000/- 3500/- to 9000/- 15000/- to 23000/- 5000/- to6000/- 5000/- to 8000/-


General Features

  • Timer adjustments up to 30 minutes (few up to 60 minutes)
  • Temperature (thermostat adjustments) controller available from 80 °C to 200 °C
  • Auto shut-off facility with alarm indicator is available
  • Oil free fried foods can be prepared with it. Thereby reducing almost 80% of oil consumption and you can be healthy all the time.
  • Materials are dishwasher safe and cleaning makes easy.
  • Gadgets provided with non-slip feet for avoiding the displacement.
  • Cool touch facility for handle is ensured
  • Cooking modes – fry, bake, roast, steam, stew and re-heat
Added Features/ Benefits affordable price with low power consuming product 3D Uniform heating & Overheating protection pocket-friendly and cooking made easy with it 8 preset modes for cooking-in digital air fryer & is ETL certified Teflon coated basket is best suited for frying dual fan-ensures the efficiency and adorable design
Drawbacks the whole chicken cannot be cooked grilling cannot be done with it comparatively high cost for the product with better expectations Cost is too high. But irrespective of cost, the product is worth it. high power consumption is done only a less capacity pan is offered

*The range varies according to the models available in that particular brand


*The following table describes that, the quantity of food being prepared by air fryer for a particular number of family members. The numbers are approximated here:

Capacity Range (in Litres, L) No. of family members  (No.)
2-3 4/5
4-5 7/8

*The tabulation mentioned here is for the equivalent range of litres (L) for the quantity in terms of quartz (Q).

Capacity (Quartz, Q) Capacity (in Litres, L)
1 0.9463
4 3.785

Interesting Facts to be known about the Air Fryer

Even after analysing with this site, you might have some other general queries about using this product. We just gone with your point of view and added a few things over here.

Healthy part of an Air Fryer

When you are in the habit of taking the fried foods, snacks or dishes you can go with the option of an Air Fryer. Since, it reduces 70% – 80% of oil content in the foods. You can enjoy your dishes without taking the calories and fat content with your loved foods. Enjoy it happily..

What actually you can and cannot do with an air fryer?

Do’s with an air fryer Don’ts with an air fryer
Inserts can be used – i.e. pan inserts for cakes,

banana bread, metal skewers for spit roasting, breakfast sausages,
Baking of bread, boiling of egg, cook dried beans, Vegetable roasting,
make risotto, Spray(sprinkle) the ingredient with small amount of oil

don’t dumping of large amount of food in the basket

don’t use of wet batter for cooking

don’t use grains for cooking

Though everything got to clear for you, you may rise up confusion about what kind/type of Oil should be used for your dishes with air fryer? Here you are in the right place to get clear cut idea about it.

Type of oils used

Oils having high smoke point are better suitable for use in air fryer. Generally, smoke point is mentioned to be known as the burning point of oil or fat. Here we mentioned some of the oil with high smoke points: Avocado oil, almond oil, corn oil, canola oil, grape seed oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, sesame oil and sunflower oil are better for withstanding the higher temperature cooking ranges.

Food Separator

It is an amazing thing in air fryer that makes your time being saved extraordinarily. Though air fryer makes your cooking reduced, the separator will do it even quicker. Because two different dishes can be prepared simultaneously without wasting your time. We strongly recommend you have the fryer with food separator.

Cleaning of air fryer

Many of you will wonder about how you are going to clean an air fryer? The cleaning process of air fryers will get differs with each brand. The similarity is that the removable food basket should be soaked in the soap water for a minimum of 10 minutes before starting the cleaning process. It is advisable not to use steel or rough scrubber for washing it. Because it may scratch the appliance and the material will get damaged. Remove the oil grease gently, then again soak it for another 10 minutes in warm water and then place it in the dishwasher.

Commercial purpose

Air fryer is the best suitable for commercial purpose. Because only less amount of food can be prepared. So it works effectively in your house. Of course it is designed for making guilt-free less oil fried foods in your house – Home usage only. Not suitable for industrial purposes.

Accessories used in air fryer

Generally, the in-built food basket or tray comes up with the material of plastic, stainless steel or with non-stick, which will not get rust easily on them

Accessories will ensure your safety and efficient ways of preparing dishes for your favourites. Though they are safe for you, it’s your option of using them. The additional accessories will not be suitable for all available brands. We are happy to share some of the different accessories among them: cake pan, pizza pan, a metal holder rack for maximizing the surface of cooking, multi-purpose cooking rack with the options of kebab skewers or a silicon mat for protecting your countertops, dehydrator tray, oil sprayers, instant thermometer, baking pan.

Grill pan

All fryers cannot grill your dish. In that case, you can prefer to use this pan. It is available in the markets for different varieties of brands with different sizes. Grilling of meats, fish, vegetables and many more can be achieved.

The materials or accessories that are used safely in the oven or microwave ovens can be used in your air fryer without any hesitations. Accessories like, corningware, refilling sprayer for oil.

But, while using pyrex bowls, you should be very conscious about the temperature set up. Because, the rapid variation of temperature in the air fryer may lead to damage the walls of the pyrex glass bowl. It is advisable not to use it.


The compact instant thermometer is used for letting you know the level of temperature of your dish inside the gadget. Insert the probe of meter in the food inside the fryer, within a few seconds it will display the temperature of the dish. So that preventing it from over-cooking (used for meat, casseroles, cakes, candies etc.,).

Safety Accessories

Hand Gloves 

Hand gloves a type of cut resistant glove, that ensures your safety from the unexpected cuts in your hand. They are available in three different sizes for your convenience.


Tongs is to handle the hot foods. Since the basket or pan inside the fryer is hot after cooking, tongs will help us to hold the pan and take out safely. It is soft and slip-resistant grip. It is soft and slip-resistant grip.

Best Cooking Tips

Necessary of per – heating

Some of the brands actually don’t require this preheating process. Because, it will go for an instant heating options at once the kit is turned on. But in some cases, you will need to pre-heat, only just because to save your own time on the cooking process.

  • Turn on the air fryer
  • Set the temperature range of 350 °F – 400 °F for just 3-4 minutes (max. 5 minutes)
  • Now add your ingredients for dishes and set the timer and temperature accordingly

The similar way is followed in the process of Reheating .

Using of aluminium foil or Baking Paper for cooking in air fryer

If the basket is placed on the top, you can use either the aluminium foil or baking paper around the food for cooking in air fryer. But it is not recommended because the gadget works on the principle of circulating hot air inside the appliance thus tends the food get cooked evenly. If you wrap the food with foil or baking paper, the cooking cannot be done evenly. Unevenly cooked food is been prepared if happened. Else, cooking process may take more time.

Similarly, you can use the parchment paper.

Preset modes

In some of the digital air fryer model, the inbuilt settings are available. The preset modes are: warm, fries/chips, chicken, steak, shrimp, lamb, cake and fish

Frozen meat cooking

In general, the frozen meats will take a longer period of time for you to cook in the normal preparation method. However, the emergence of air fryer, made it easy for you to cook it in a faster way and tasty as well.

You can also make the vegetables in the same way. No matter, if the food is fresh or frozen. Both can be cooked effectively in your air fryer. Even the frozen food stuffing can also be cooked.

By the way, you can also prepare nuggets, fries etc., within a minimum period of time.

Varieties of foods prepared in air fryer

The different kinds of dishes that are prepared in convection oven or conventional oven can be prepared using air fryer. Air fryers can able to fry, bake, roast and cook the frozen foods, stew and steam. Even some of the brands of air fryers can be used for grilling.

Cooking of Battered food

Here, the dishes are cooked with the help of hot air in the appliance. Hence, the wet battered foods cannot be cooked effectively in this method. Even the crispy layer of the dishes cannot be obtained.

Preparation of Steak

Place the steak inside the food basket of an air fryer; set the timer about 7-10 minutes and the temperature at a 200 °F so that the steak is prepared in it medium heat. Then, open the basket and flip the steak about half-way through cooking (for cooking the food on the other side) to ensure the even cooking on both sides of the steak. Again make the timer and temperature settings same as before for this side too. Finally leave the preparation of steak undisturbed for a certain period of time (approx. 10 minutes). Hence it will be easy for you to slice and serve.


Air fryer can be used as a dehydrator. But it takes a long period of time for 8 hours. Place the fruits/meats/fish/vegetables that have to be dehydrated in fryer racks/dehydrator trays and set the temperature of about 130 °F for 8 hours. But in convection oven it takes only about 4 hours since having the settings in it internally. Dehydrators like, candied bacon, Beef jerky can be prepared using a similar method.

Frying Recipes

French fries, bread, fish fries, fried chicken, egg fry, Thai peanut chicken egg rolls, etc.

Baking Recipes

You can bake dishes like potatoes, cakes, cookies, chicken, etc,


Vegetables, asparagus, potatoes, beets/whole beets, garlic, chicken/whole chicken roast, etc.

Here, let us share a few recipes, so that you will get an overall idea about using and cooking in your favourite healthy air fryer.

French Fries

  • Peel the potatoes and cut them into pieces for frying
  • Leave the potatoes in warm for minimum of 30 minutes, for removing the starch from the potatoes
  • Then dry the potatoes (because the wet potatoes will not give better result on cooking in air fryer) and add a drop of oil on them. For better result, you can use grape seed oil or olive oil in it
  • Put them in food basket, bake the fries for about 30 minutes at 190 °C-200 °C, once in between open the fryer and mix the fries. So that an exact fries will be delivered for you
  • Then, add salt, pepper or sauce with it for your taste.

Rotisserie Chicken

  • Keep ready with your whole chicken
  • Season your chicken with all your favourite spicy ingredients for your taste with little sprinkle of oil
  • Let it be un-disturbed for a few hours, so that the chicken will get the ingredients mixed well in it and will give an excellent output there
  • Then place the chicken in the cooking pan of air fryer and set the time for 30 minutes at 360 degrees.
  • After that, flip the chicken and set the same time and temperature as before.
  • Your chicken is now perfectly cooked evenly, crispy brown and super juicy inside it.
  • Finally, rest it for 10 minutes for better carving.
  • Here is your Rotisserie Chicken. Happy Enjoying it.

Keto with Chicken Parmesan

  • Preheat the air fryer at 350 °F for 3-4 minutes.
  • Mix the breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese in a separate bowl
  • Coat the chicken with melted butter for an additional taste and flavour and dip it in the breadcrumbs mixture.
  • Once the fryer preheated, place the chicken in the food basket and spray a little oil on the top. Cook for 6 minutes, then turn the chicken piece upside down (add sauce or cheese for your taste) and cook for 3 more minutes.
  • Repeated till the cheese is melted.
  • Set aside for 5-10 minutes before serving

In a very similar way, there are many more recipes can be prepared with the help of an air fryer. Here is the list of few recipes that can be prepared with an air fryer. Only thing is that, the quantity of food is prepared according to your air fryer’s capacity.

List of Recipes

French fries




frozen fruits/vegetables




eggplant cooking




grilled vegetables

grilled cheese / cheese sandwich

garlic bread

bread pakora/rolls/pizza

chicken fries

beef stew

rotisserie chicken

keto diet chicken

chicken kebabs

chicken wings

whole chicken fry

chicken tikka

chicken tandoori

chicken lollipop

chicken 65

grilled shrimp

pork rind chicken

gerd chicken

meat balls

turkey wings/burgers/bacon/chops etc.

fish fries

steak bites

steak and mushroom

grilled chicken / chicken tenders


grilled fish

grilled pork chops

Low carb fried mac

Let us conclude here all about an Air Fryer – the modernized emergence for traditional method of cooking is helpful in all aspects.Happy using it and stay healthy.” Coming to an end, Hope that, our review on air fryer is clear and helpful for you. At last, we just prepared a short note for the benefits and drawbacks of an air fryer in general irrespective of the brands.

Benefits Drawbacks
Cooking time is saved

70% – 80% of oil content is reduced

Reduces toll in your health deficiency

To prepare healthy dishes

Precise and efficient cooking is achieved

Effortless and safe cooking

Saves money on LPG expenses

User-friendly and as well affordable

Compact for your kitchen

Best kitchen gadget for commercial purpose

Only a lesser quantity can be prepared

Not suitable for joint family or get-together parties

Not applicable for south indian full-meals

No air fryer for industrial purposes

If you are looking for more capacity, hence the cost is high

Not suitable for industrial purpose

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