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Get hands-on Real Time Training for an Excellent Job Opportunity on Angular

  • Feeling unemployed?
  • Want to be employed? 
  • Worried about not having the job?  
  • Want to get IT job?
  • Need employment opportunity
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Yes… You are in the right place to get freshers job opportunity with professional hands-on real time training for all your queries and worries,

Freshers Job Opportunity Digital Marketing Business Ideas

Get professional training for Angular from scratch to the master level of real time experience during the training period from our institute.

We assure for the 100% job placement from our end for you.

We help you out through the placement training and let you be placed in the well versed reputed companies.

Want to learn Angular technologies from the well trained professionals with 100% job assurance?

Here we offer you the best training institute which provides you with the hands-on real time training which leads you take up the freshers job opportunity in one of the Top MNC companies.

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Why Angular?

Why Angular

Angular – structural framework for dynamic web applications. The users can able to use HTML as the template language and hence used to convey the application’s easily with angular.

It is an open source licenses where you can able to run the codes of angular framework which is used to execute the application in an easier way. There is no charge available for this angular.

Angular is one of the framework and development tool for creating the simple or complex single page applications. It is used to create desktop-installed applications across MAC, windows and linux.

The angular provides the way for the sites that optimizes for SEO states. It splits the code automatically and hence the users can able to make over the output which is being expected by the users.

Angular can create the user interface views with strong template quickly. The tool can be built quickly, components addition and testing and then the code can be deployed instantly without any difficulties when you are well versed with angular modules.

With angular it is very easy and simple to create high performance, complex choreographies and animations with simple coding. It is enabled with built-in a11y testing details.

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Courses offered

  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS5 5
  • NodeJS
  • reactjs
  • PHO
  • Mysql
  • CSS
  • Ajax
  • Jquery

– Angular will help you work with user interface by learning the CSS framework and various jquery frameworks with angular js.

– Java can help you sustain in the server side coding alone.

– For becoming a well versed personality then try to learn and get to know about everything.

Angular related technologies

There are some of the technologies that are necessary to get full-fledged training on angular framework:

Javascript programming utilized for gaining the knowledge in front-end technologies.

It is necessary and easy to gain knowledge on PHP programming and web development after knowing the angular.

You can get to know about the Node JS easily when you understand the angular from the professional experts.

There are a lot of opportunities to gain knowledge about the JQuery programming from our institution.

Perl scripting is one of the parts of Angular course.

Angular and React are the most popular technologies and helps to learn Javascript programming easily.

Why Allu group software solutions for learning?

Real Time Training for an Excellent Job Opportunity on Angular

The Allu group software solution for training the angular on real time based projects on banking, insurance, e-commerce, healthcare domains at Bangalore.

We recommend the fresher whoever searching for the freshers job opportunity in IT fields by having knowledge on computer related software can contact us and get ready to start your career with an excellent opportunity from the top MNCs.

We are here to create the friendly environment for the candidates whoever wants to take up the opportunity and to be placed in the reputed companies.

The classes are being taken by the well experienced professionals working in today’s IT environment with upgraded practical and real time knowledge.

The trainers are well qualified in lot of web applications using the advanced frameworks such as angular and react.

Get the hands-on real time experience by learning from the experienced professionals from the Top MNC’s.

Provides guidance for attending the interview and help you out preparing the resume for the interview professionally.

The institute has not been started to make money; instead to make the unemployed to be employed.

We strongly assure you with 100% freshers job opportunity of placement within 75 working days from the day you enrolled in our institute with respect to your knowledge and field in which you are interested.

Don’t worry even if you cannot spend the full amount for the course initially or at the end.We are here to give a way for you and your passion to let you learn the software and get eligibility for the job.The course fee is negotiable if it is not affordable for you economically.

Whoever can take up the training and get the job offers? – Eligibility criteria

job offers for allu group software solution

The candidates whoever is having the passionate on starting their career on web designing and developing based fields can take up the opportunity of getting trained on Angular from our institution with the help of the professional trainers working in the top MNC’s.

The eligibility criteria of the candidates for joining the training and can take up the freshers job opportunity on the software fields of the best IT companies are as follows:

free demo class for angular

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The candidate can be student or the fresher who are searching for the freshers job opportunity in software development and designing.

The candidates should be good in English communication in both verbal and fluency and it is mandatory.

The candidates whoever completed B.E. (CSE, EEE, ECE), B.Sc. (Computer), BCA, M.E., MCA, M.Sc. (Computer) and B.Tech.IT with 65% of academic results.

Even B.E. graduates of Civil or Mechanical departments can able to join the institute for learning the course in the field of angular.

If you are interested in civil and mechanical field we will help you study the civil and mechanical related designing course and will guide you get job in that field.

The candidates whoever not belonging to the computer science subjects but having the strong passionate on starting up the career in the IT field, but having strong academic result of above 65% on 10th standard, 12th standard and graduation.

Even when you are not able to afford the money for the course joining in the institute; No need to worry about it.

We are here to help you out get trained in our training institute and get knowledge on angular and make your career to be assured.

Job opportunities and offers you can expect

Once you got knowledge on the above software then you can expect job offers from top MNC companies.

Course duration is of about 45 days and the placement will be provided within 65 days from the date of joining the course.

  • The job location can be expected at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and other metropolitan cities.
  • Job offers provided at various IT fields in angular front end and back end domains.
  • Non–IT with civil and mechanical software jobs are also offered from our institution.

If we failed to get new job for you, then we would commence freshers  job opportunity in our premises in the software or the related fields. There you can able to enter the career as expected by you.

Course Duration

Course Duration

– Course duration is of 45 days

– 2 hours per day for 45 days (morning)

– Real time projects will be provided

– Weekend classes duration of 4 hours (Saturday and Sunday)

– Location – Bangalore

– Free demo classes will be scheduled for the trainee for confirmation

– Classes has been scheduled for the angular and node by the professional experts

– Timing will be scheduled based on the timing of both the trainer and trainee

– Placement assistance will be given for the candidates whoever taking up the classes

– Updated courses is being offered

– Best course fee is allocated in our all group institution

Course Details

Course Details

– Angular JS

– Node.js

– Advanced java script

– PHP, Mysql, HTML5 & CSS

– Bootstrap, JS Frame Works

– Jquery, Ajax

– WordPress

– UI Website development

– Full Stack Mean Stack Developer


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Benefits from Allu group

Training the course is not only the service we provide you but also we will help you get placed in a well reputed company with reasonable salary.

If you are interested to join the software field and not having knowledge on computer software;

No need to worry, we are here to help you out through the appropriate course for you career.

Having arrear? That’s alright

Do you have arrear in the academic notes? Chill out… We will get you through the best options for starting your career with reasonable salary amount.

How to start you career?

Even if you don’t know what to study and how to start your career in which field; we will guide you with proper and clear suggestion from our end according to your knowledge.

Want to be independent?

Do have qualification up to 10th or 12th standard? But eager to work and earn to avoid dependency? You will be having great opportunity for getting employed and start up your career.

Interested in digital marketing?

digital marketing

We will get you through the digital marketing for various fields

E-commerce, blogs, social media, mobile applications, web applications, search engines, E-mail Marketing, websites or any new digital channel based on your knowledge and expectations.

You can make use of the digital marketing knowledge which we are giving as an input for your career build up on your own for the nearby small shops which need the marketing based requirements.


Dear business startersGet ideas for starting new business at low budget

Get ideas for starting new business at low budget

Apart from getting employed, do you want to start a business on your own? You are in the right place to get a numerous suggestions from our team and get to start your business and make others being employed from your end.

Become an entrepreneur by investing minimum amount for the becoming the owner of the business and make others to be employed from your company.

About the trainer – Our self-experience

We, are started this institute as a service initially at low level. But as days gone, we planned to start this institute at higher level by noticing the survey of unemployed graduates. It is necessary to get employed once graduated. Hence the independency and self-confidence arises.

We are very much worried about the unemployed graduated statuses. So we have decided to start up this institute on our own with full of our self-efforts. We decided to give full support from our end to the candidate who wants to be placed in the reputed companies and get settled in a job.

We are all having the experience of about 10+ years with professionalized real time training knowledge and hence we will help you out with best upgraded software for the current scenario.

After a long research, we made a final protocol and following the concept of IIT student’s learning format of training and getting through the IT world easily.

We don’t mind in the way of financial aspects. Even if you cannot afford the money for the course and getting employed since we are not in the state of money minded.

Courses offered from Allu group – Angular Syllabus

Class 1: Basic of Javascript

Introduction of Javascript

Control structures

Loops in Javascript

Operators in Javascript

Handling functions

Objects and Functions in Javascript

Javascript DOM

Javascript Events and Event Handling

Class 2: Introduction to Angular

Angular advantages

Opportunities for Angular

Angular Versions

Angular JS to Angular 6

Semantic Versioning

Class 3: Typescript Basics

Basic to Typescript

Basic types

Operation of Variables

Operation with Arrays

Operation with Classes

Operation with Objects

Operation with Interfaces

Operation with Constructors

Type Definitions

Compiling TypeScript


Class 4: ES2015 Primer

Basics Let and Const

Working with Template Strings

Mastering Lambda Functions

Working with Generics

Working with Modules

Class 5: Environment Setup

Node / NPM




Module Bundler (Webpack)

Code Linting

Test Setup

Application File Structure


Code Editors

Class 6: Modules

Why and when to use Modules

Understanding NgModule

Working with Declarations in Modules

Using Providers

Managing Imports

How to use Bootstrapping

The Core Module

Shared Modules

Class 7: Components

Basic to Components

Working with Component Architecture Patterns

Decorator Metadata

State & Behaviour in Angular

Inputs and Outputs

Class 8: Templates

Inline Vs External

Mastering Template Expressions

Data Bindings

Data Bindings Syntax

Working with Data & Event Bindings

Working with Built-in Structural Directives

Working with Built-in Attribute Directives

Class 9: Custom Directives

Directives Overview

Types of Directive

Create your own Attribute Directive

Writing Attribute Directive Code

Respond to User Initiated Events

Pass values into the directive with an @Input data binding

Binding to an @Input property

Binding to an @Inputalias

Write a harness to try it

Create your own Structural Directive

Nglf case study

Inside *ngFor

Inside NgSwitch directives

The <ng-template>

Working with <ng-container>

TemplateRef and ViewContainerRef

Class 10: Pipes

Using Pipes

Built-in pipes

Parameterizing a pipe

Chaining pipes

Custom pipes

The Pipe Transform interface

Power Boost Calculator

Pipes and change detection

Pure and impure pipes

Next steps

Class 11: Services & Dependency Injection

Getting familiar with Services

Building a Service

Getting familiar with Services

Building a Service

Getting familiar with Dependency Injection

Working Injectors

Working with Providers

Registering Providers with real time examples

Class 12: Lifecycle hooks & Change Detection

Understanding Component LifeCycle

Using ngOnlnit

All lifecycle Hooks

Understanding Change Detection

Working with Zone.js

Class 13: Routing & Advanced Routing

The Component Router

Defining Routes

Working with Navigation

Understanding Route Params

Child Routes

Route Guards

Route Resolves

Class 14: Mastering Template-Driven forms & Model-driven forms

Basics of forms

Overview of Template-driven forms

Understanding Validations

Introduction to ‘Reactive’ forms

Form Group & Form Control Class

Validators Class

Class 15: Asynchronous operations & advanced HTTP

Basics of Async


Working with Observables


Async Pipes

Handling HTTP Request / Response

Headers & Request Settings

Providing HTTP

Class 16: Component Styling

Basics to Angular Styling

Using Component Styling

Style Scope

Shadow DOM

Loading Component Styles

Class 17: Working with Animations

Basics to Animations

Animations Setup

Understanding States & Transitions

Entering and Leaving from States

Animatable Units

Automatic property calculation

Understanding Animation Timing

Multistep Animation using Keyframes

Class 18: Testing Angular Applications

Basics to Testing

Unit Testing

E2E Testing & Protractor

Setup Jasmine Framework

Component Test Basics

Component Test Scenarios


Class 19: Security & Internationalization

Importance if Security

Security in Angular

Sanitize the Dangerous Values

Trusting Values






Cross-site Request Forgery

Pre-compiled and runtime

Using ng2-Translate

Class 20: Performance, Optimization & Deployment

Change Detection Strategy

Running outside the Zone

Production Mode

Understanding Web Workers

Precompiling (AoT)

Lazy Loading

Deployment Best Practices

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